Sussex HealthCare, UK based care, and support home

Established in the year 1985, Sussex HealthCare is an independent company that focuses on providing care and support for not only older people but also the young adults. Sussex HealthCare has expanded its care services to more than 20 homes located in the southeastern region of UK.

It is managed by two professionals; Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, who have dedicated their full potential in positively impacting the company’s operations. The company has managed to employ professionals who offer intensive care services associated with hydrotherapy, reflexology, and aromatherapy.

Sussex has been highly beneficial to many residents since it extensively examines adequate activities that are beneficial to its members. The increase in demand for more healthcare personnel and the shortage of nurses gives Sussex an upper hand in providing their care services. The firm offers individuals the opportunity to utilize their full potential in their various fields of expertise and enable them to add value to the society.

They ensure that this is met by intensively training staff and giving them the platform to exercise their professionalism. Their staff members are indeed caregivers who provide that their members live their desired lives by offering efficient care.

The staff includes professional chefs who prepare standard meals for individuals with diet problems. The facility rolls out beneficial programs to its members that ensure that they are actively engaged in the society. This includes a state of the art gym, daycare facilities and full care in their residential houses. They ensure that individuals are provided with physical, spiritual, social and even emotional support. Sussex HealthCare has a core belief that even the elderly should be given an opportunity to participate in community services actively.

The company, therefore, has experts who provide intensive care to people who have dementia and offer informal care to the elderly. The firm has also expanded its care to people with neurological issues such as brain injury and spinal cord injuries. This care is offered by expert therapists and physiotherapists employed by Sussex.

Sussex HealthCare group also has various facilities which include numerous residential areas for the elderly, Sussex Healthcare’s Audiology and the Treehouse Educare. These facilities act as relaxing homes and educational centers for multiple individuals based either on their age groups or even their medical conditions. The firme is, therefore, a specialized organization with administration and staff working at their best to ensure that their members live a proactive life.

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