What is Organo Gold?

Every adult has dreamed of a world where drinking coffee helps burn fat. Most people drink it every day for a morning boost, but no one has ever promised weight loss from it before, or marketed it as a diet supplement. Until Organo Gold hit the market it was just a dream, but why not give the concept a try? The coffee/weight loss supplement says it offers improved health and weight loss, which sounds like a win-win to a lot of people out there.

What is Organo Gold

Organo Gold is the name of a coffee sold commercially. The primary ingredient linked to improved health and weight loss is a fungus known as Ganoderma lucidum, which has been used for over 4,000 years to improve the health and vitality in Chinese culture.

Who is Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company that has set out to educate people about the health benefits of Ganoderma lucidum. The company’s history includes creating a cost-effective distribution to save people money, while they are educating people and providing wonderful product.

Their cost-effective distribution process ensures that more money goes into providing customers with a state of the art product instead of just providing them with order shipping.

They pride themselves in being able to give their customers a brand that cares about their health and well-being.

History of the Company

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, who has a strong reputation in network marketing, and Shane Morand, who provides supervision to their network selling platform. They make sure that the company has medical consultants, biologists, and researchers on staff and that their products are tested regularly for quality assurance and the safety of their customers.

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Hussain Sajwani Is The DAMAC Owner and Founder

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties and Global Logistics Services. He is an influential businessman in the Middle East and is said to be worth over 4 billion dollars. Forbes Magazine named Sajwani as one of the richest Arabs in the world. He has used his business savvy and intelligence to develop working relationships with major organizations such as the United States military and President Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is the son of an entrepreneur. His father was a salesman who imported goods from outside of the country and sold them on the market. Sajwani would follow in his father’s business footsteps. He attended college on a government scholarship and completed a bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington. Sajwani majored in engineering before moving into the energy industry. Hussain worked at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for a brief period of time before deciding that he would rather venture out on his own.

Hussain Sajwani spent two years with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries before forming Global Logistics Services. As per albayan.ae, Global Logistics Services is a catering company that has grown into an international enterprise. It is currently in business and holds contracts with the United States military and other large organizations.

Hussain Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties after Global Logistics Services. DAMAC Properties is a real estate firm that has been involved in some of the most glamorous projects in the Middle East. It is credited with developing 19,000 apartment complexes that feature over 44,000 units. DAMAC Properties also built the Paramount Hotel and Resort, as well as the Versace Fendi houses. The Italian style Bugatti Villas are also a product of the Middle Eastern real estate firm.

Hussain Sajwani came in contact with Donald Trump when he was contracted to build a golf course designed by Tiger Woods. The Trump Organization was hired to run the establishment. Mr. Trump and Sajwani became working partners as well as good friends.

Hussain Sajwani was invited to Donald Trump’s celebration for being selected to the office of President of the United States. The President-elect acknowledged the Sajwani family and declared that the Trump Organization would continue to work with DAMAC Properties. Mr. Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr will be running the family business.

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Organo Gold: A Coffee Distributor With A Unique Edge

Pioneered by Bernardo Chua in 2008, Organo Gold is a novel company striving to turn the coffee culture on its ear. With the undeniable popularity of coffee, Chua felt compelled to develop an enterprise that sold nothing less than world-class cups of joe. However, Chua formulated a revolutionary concept that would give Organo Gold a distinct edge: allowing consumers to promote Organo’s products. As such, Organo Gold evolved into a coffee distributor and multilevel marketing organization. Given Chua’s background in the network marketing industry, crafting a corporation that embodied multilevel marketing structures proved a cinch.

Unlike traditional coffee shops, Organo Gold doesn’t sell products via coffee houses and retail stores. Instead, Organo Gold operates as a wholesale company, allowing their individual distributors to purchase products and promote them at their leisure while using their personal promotional tactics. Using the “domino effect” paradigm, Organo Gold allocates 50 percent of the sales to the distributors. This commission model bodes well for success as it urges promoters to sell as many products as possible in the hopes of reaping substantial rewards. Some of Organo Gold’s highest-paid distributors have received $4,000,000 in one year.

No doubt a unique business model, Organo Gold is a standout in the coffee community. While their operations inspire intrigue, Organo Gold’s top-tier products are ultimately what lure consumers. Some of their most raved about products include King Of Coffee, Black Ice, Cafe Latte, and Cafe Mocha. Organo Gold’s garnered such success that they’ve transcended their java roots to offer teas and body management supplements as well. Organo Gold’s ability to diversify bespeaks their far-reaching appeal. A few items they offer in their other lines include Spore Powder, Grapeseed Supplement, Fenix DM, Fenix XT, and OG Smile.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: A Shift in Perspective, from Medicine to Tires

In João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a Chairman and Director at the board of the company CAOA, which he founded. The talented physician was born in that same city.

Despite being an experienced medical professional with years in the profession, he decided to become an entrepreneur and found his own business in a completely different industry than you would expect.

“Excellent attendance and exceptional vehicles!” was one of the many reviews from Brazilians that have bought their cars in the locale created by Dr. Carlos.

From a deal between Hyundai and the new owner and founder of the CAOA brand, named after the owner’s initials, the reception from citizens in Paraiba was terrific. There are countless positive reviews online, and the firm goes by the name Hyundai CAOA do Brasil Ltda.

The foundation of the brand, however, was something out of nowhere, as he acquired the Ford Landau from a dealership who ended up declaring bankruptcy. By passing on the dealership to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the new owner was able to create his own firm, which is now the most prominent Ford dealership in the country.

Brazil has always been an outstanding market for car manufacturers, as, in the nineties, all of the most important manufacturers started installing their industries in the Brazilian territory because of the growing economy of the country and the tendency for citizens to have their own vehicles.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade embraced the opportunity and developed the first Hyundai factory in his homeland. Everything was ideal, from the moment of creation to the chosen place for the factory, as well as the right manufacturer.

It was a dream coming true according to the entrepreneur, who had dreamed with such a moment since he was a child. Being a big fan of cars, opening such a business meant mixing passion with purpose and occupation.

Throughout the years, the prominent businessman won his fair share of awards, recognizing the success of his business, including the “Distributor of the Year” nomination, from Hyundai Motor Group, and the “Most Admired” prize from the Brazilian magazine Carta Capital.

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Gareth Henry, A Jamaican Male Badminton Player, And Gay Rights Activists.

Gareth Henry whose full name is Gareth Andre Theodore Henry was born on 10 August 1991 in St Mary’s located in the northern coast of Jamaica. He is a male Jamaican badminton player.

He spent his early childhood years in the hands of his grandmother and aunt in a single family home. His father was not present while his mother was still a young lady then. He lives in Toronto, Canada this is after fleeing from his hometown in 2008 where he was going through homophobic violence and receiving a series of death threats.

Gareth Henry is a gay rights activist, HIV/AIDS, and social justice activist and became famous after an incident in his native Jamaica some years back when law enforcers brutally beat him in front of a crowd.

This was after he had begun to champion for change in the society after violence against gay community was on the rise. Gareth Henry started to high school early, and after becoming aware of his attractions to other boys, he says he remained lonely person and didn’t open up to anyone even the family members.

This was mainly because in his hometown homosexuals are poorly treated and harassed and thus chose to close up to himself. He later arranged with a family member to move away from home shortly before turning 16 where he now was on his own.

Gareth Henry became the advocate and director for J-FLAG, a human rights organization in Jamaica which serves different needs of lesbians gay and transgender communities after no one showed interest in taking up the position previously held by Brian Williamson who was murdered on June 2004.

In Toronto, he was assisted by various groups including metropolitan community church of Toronto and EGALE Canada and was granted refugee status and later joined up by his family members.

Gareth also volunteers for Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian nonprofit organization that helps relocate LGBTQ people who face danger around the world.in 2016 he had assisted more than 60 refugees transfer to new countries. Being a badminton player Gareth Henry has competed at the commonwealth games and American pan games.

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Ted Bauman the Editor

Ted Bauman is the active editor of The Bauman Letter and two others. He became the editor since he joined Banyan Hill Publishing five years ago in 2013. He has specialized in low risk investment strategies, international migration issues and specializing in asset protection. In his life time, he has strived to help other people get in touch with resources they need to lead a sovereign life that is free from corporate greed and governmental oversight.

In a recent interview with ideamensch he described his typical day and how Ted Bauman makes the most of the day. He starts hos day by taking his daughter to school and then he goes straight to his office and gets started on work. Because he does not have a commute he is able to dive right into work first thing in the morning. A typical day for Ted Bauman ends at 5pm. To stay up to date, he reads plenty of current news that his readers and subscribers are interested in.

His main work is to write pieces and make it interesting for readers. He typically writes about some mundane topics such as asset protection and he has to use his narrative skills to make the topic interesting and educational for his readers and subscribers. To make the pieces more interesting he uses real life examples to paint a clear picture in the reader’s mind.

To ensure he is productive every day, Ted Bauman emphasizes on the importance of time management. He uses his most productive hours to handle the toughest tasks. For Ted Bauman, the most productive time is the morning and that’s when he focuses on his work rather than other tasks even though it can be tough. He also does not welcome distraction from other people including his family.

He also mentioned that if he had a chance to go back in time, there are many things that he would change. Including learning about proper time management form an early age. By doing so he would have been more productive and he would have achieved a lot more in life.

Paul Mampilly Says Millennials Face a Retirement Crisis

Paul Mampilly is former hedge fund manager. He has a Twitter page in which he gives pieces of advice about finance and wealth to his followers. Just recently, he published an article regarding millennials and a possible retirement crisis.According to Paul Mampilly, millennials aren’t investing in the worldwide economy. He reviewed an investigation made by Business Vanguard Group that got to this conclusion. Since this is such an important topic for the worldwide economy, he suggested to open up the discussion in his financial organization.Mampilly reached to all the millennials employees of his company.

Of them, 45% admitted to putting resources into the share trading system, and 55% don’t. Yes, his example measure was probably little but it gave him an important perspective on the investing issue. But the numbers don’t lie in the big picture: among the 83.2 million millennials working in the U.S don’t have any particular interest in investing. The numbers are unmistakably disturbing.To a youthful grown-up who’s working their first all-day work, retirement feels like far off. When he got his first job, he agreed to accept the organization supported 401(k) on the grounds that one of his close relatives revealed to him that he should absolutely do it.This person gave me this recommendation and I took it by heart.

To this day, it’s the best business advice he ever got since Paul Mampilly retirement plan is already planned out.Try not to be reluctant to discuss putting something aside for retirement, particularly in the event that somebody you know just landed another position.If you want to start investing, then an important recommendation will be to follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter and check his daily pieces of advice. In his next articles, he wants to look at how he can reach out to some of those 55 million young Americans with the objective to show them that it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. Millennials must understand this lesson before it’s too late.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky, Co-founder Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, an American Billionaire, is a world-renowned entrepreneur and Author. Born in September 1969, he was brought up in Southfield, Michigan by his parents; – his father was a structural engineer while his mother was a teacher. Eric Paul Lefkofsky is married to Elizabeth, and they have been blessed with three children.

In 2015, Eric partnered with Brad Keywell and founded tempus, a biotechnology corporation with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Its goal is to collect and analyze large volumes of clinical molecular data on patients particularly cancer patients.

So far it has managed to successfully forge partnerships with different hospitals that are focused on fighting cancer such as the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and the Penn’s Abramson Cancer Centre.

The company studies a patient’s tumor through genome sequencing by use of their high standard machines. It then comes up with a treatment plan that is tailored for that specific tumor before uploading it to its database, thus creating a little clinical library of patient information that is easily accessible by the doctor whenever needed.

This enables the physician to know how to approach the patient’s condition and find appropriate treatment.

In March of this year, the company received about eighty million dollars of funding from both new investors, Kinship Trust Company and pre-existing investors, Revolution Growth. This brought the total amount of money raised by the company to about two hundred and ten million dollars.

Creation of Tempus was triggered due to frustration with the current health care system which Eric felt let essential data and first-hand experiences with a condition go to waste. Currently, Tempus is also trying to garner data on other diseases other than cancer, in a move towards ushering in a new era of precision medicine and helping patients battle disease.

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Jose Zeco Auriemo Talks JHSF International

Jose Auriemo Neto, known to his family as Zeco was born into a prestigious family with a successful business. Unlike many children, Zeco began getting groomed to take over his father’s company while still a teenager. He began going to work with his father and doing small jobs from as early as he thirteen years old. Working became part of his culture. At the age of 17, he enrolled in the University and took on a course that was far from what his father had in mind for him. Auriemo took a course in Engineering from the Sao Paolo University. Upon graduating, he still remained working at JHSF, his father’s real estate development agency which was passed down from his grandfather. Eventually, he became passionate about the company and decided to make his work there permanently.




Zeco Auriemo’s takeover of JHSF




By the age of 30, Auriemo had already become the president of JHSF. Auriemo’ being a more open-minded businessman than his father, decided to take the company into a completely different turn. Zeco decided that it was time for the company to partake in projects beyond the development of shopping malls which had become the culture of the company. Zeco Auriemo decided to venture into the development of luxurious properties. As his first project, he bought a huge chunk of land on which he developed residential suites, apartments, offices and a shopping mall with over 150 stores as well. The success of this project prompted him to accept collaborations with brands like Valentino and Pucci that expanded his work beyond Brazil.




Currently, under Jose Zeco’s leadership, JHSF has completed more than 800 projects all around the world with the most recent one being in New York. Zeco has just acquired a century-old building in the 5th avenue which he plans to transform into a luxurious mansion.


End Citizens United Excited About Mid-Term Elections

The midterm elections for 2018 are coming up soon and End Citizens United is hard at work pushing for campaign finance reform. With a growing list of candidates they are in support of, the group shares a common goal of getting dark money out of politics as much as possible. One of the ways End Citizens United is hoping to do this is by eventually overturning a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 concern Citizens United.

Citizens United aired what amounted to a 90-minute commercial attacking them at the time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. While the Super PAC claimed that it was simply a movie about Hillary Clinton, many people called it out for what it really was; a political campaign ad. When Citizens United was approached asking who financed the film, they insisted that it was nothing more than a movie and therefore the funding sources didn’t need to be revealed. Watch this video on Youtube.

At first, the judicial system disagreed with them and insisted that they release the list of donors that gave them the funds to make the “documentary”. They continued to refuse and appeal the decision all the way through the Supreme Court. Eventually, the Supreme Court sided with Citizens United and marked one of the most controversial decisions of the Supreme Court in several years. End Citizens United was formed just a few years later in 2015 to fight this decision and give the American people a voice.

For many years, big money has had a bigger influence on politics than the rights and well being of the citizens of the United States. End Citizens United knows that the process will take time, but by working with politicians and candidates that share their values they hope to make a change. Campaign financing cannot be as unrestricted as it is or the corporate interests will continue to have more power than the people.

Many people have said for years that politicians represent their donors before the people and this is being made clear. For things to change, action has to be taken. End Citizens United is showing the people that they have a voice.

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