Contribution of Mikhail Blagosklonny in field of Oncology research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the modern scientist who concentrated his career in studying age and cancer. Additionally, he is oncology expert at the Institute of Roswell. He took part in the work of an expert in the Roswell Institute from the year 2009. He graduated from First Pavlov State Medical University where he pursued MD in Internal Medicine.Mikhail Blagosklonny further earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Medical College. According to his vast skills in the field of medicine, he became the associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College. He then decided to work as the superior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. His experience in the various areas of research contributed much to him becoming an excellent expert in sphere of research.

Mikhail hard work has earned him a post of becoming the Cell Death and Differentiation editorial board. He has made his theory that relates to the TOR indicating the potential relationship between cancer and the age and suggested treatment by the use of Rapamycin. As a sincere researcher and expert in the field of cancer, he has become the ardent supporter of Rapamycin in the use of cancer treatment. The main reason that has put his research among the best is the different potential that ranges from the cellular and molecular biology.Mikhail as a scientist has marked a real ground in the field of research with his interest in Oncology. He is optimistic that the control of cancer and aging is something that is possible. This has pushed him to put in the records of writing about the aging hyper function theory. Furthermore, he analyses the cell cyclotherapy deeply in his explanation. Furthermore, he tries to put forward an explanation about how cancer can be treated. To him, the approach of cancer treatment is easy as it is indicated in the procedures that show the use of the Rapamycin. In his books and articles, he discusses that the possibility of cancers treatment as opposed to the perception of many.

The ardent love for the research and his determination have put him at the best point of being the best-known researcher in the universe. His ambition as a humanitarian is to create a disease free world that is defined by hopefulness in the community. He is also the editor for PLOS ONE; his hard work has placed his achievement at the require niche in the Oncology research.His contribution to cancer and aging has pushed for the in-depth research and how to utilize the use of the Rapamycin in the cancer treatment. His extended study of the signal transduction pathways in the cancer is to target to slow down the disease that related to the aging. This will create a concept that will become a unique in the cancer biology and on the matters that are associated with the therapy. Furthermore, his research will facilitate the new anti-cancer strategies for the best methods of treating the disease and protecting the healthy cells from the effects of the chemotherapy.

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