Steve Ritchie A Sincere Apology

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. recently have to issue an apology to the customers. during an incident where some racial slurs where used he has to show leadership and released a public statement to the people supporting and eating the pizzas.

A letter that he wrote following the controversy describes how the week of the incident was one of the Hardest weeks of his career with Papa John’s. she has been with the company or at least 22 years and has never had to deal with something like this before. Steve Ritchie made it clear that the comments made were no way a reflection of how he feels or think or represents himself as a person. racism and other derogatory Behavior especially having to do with language will not be supported and no way by the company on any level.

Steve Ritchie knows that Papa John’s is a company that is supported by 120,000 corporate and franchise team around the world. These groups of people are diverse in nature and are supporters of this company and to the betterment of their product which is quality pizza. According to, Steve Ritchie what’s the wind sure that their company is an environment that supports diverse culture and background and so they will be auditing their company to ensure inclusive practices are supported. Steve Ritchie is taking advantage of the situation and turning it into an opportunity to connect better with the community. He and the other leaders of the company will be getting on the road and talking face-to-face two employees and customers.

In an article from, Steve Ritchie thanks all the fans and supporters of their Pizza Company. he makes it known that the customers are the reason that they are in business in the first place. he wishes to continue serving pizza to the community with a better mindset and less mistake.

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