Steve Richie Apologizes for and Denounces Racially Insensitive Comments

Steve Ritchie in the capacity of the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s sent out a letter of apology to all of Papa John’s customers in which he overtly apologizes for a couple of instances of racially insensitive comments made by the founder of Papa John’s. This person used a racial slur during a conference call and blamed declining sales at Papa John’s to NFL players for protesting during the national anthem (who are predominantly black) and on the NFL’s lack of ability to curb its players from protesting. In the apologetic letter, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns empathized with those who were emotionally affected in a negative way when they happened to learned of these racially insensitive comments; distances himself and the company from this person and condemned those instances of racially insensitive comments, writing those sentiments are not shared by Papa John’s nor its 120,000 employees, who are good, decent, and hardworking community members; and such behavior will certainly not be tolerated at the company.

According to, besides apologizing to Papa John’s customer, Steve Ritchie writes that he intends to personally assume the duty of repairing Papa John’s tarnished image. These efforts Steve Ritchie intends to take includes hiring outside auditors to inquire into Papa John’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness so as to ensure that these aspects within the company are up to standards; sending out members of the senior management team to get feedback from employees and franchises as to how best to move forward from these unfortunate occurrences; and ensuring that there would be transparency throughout the entire process. Steve Ritchie also ask Papa John’s customers to hold him accountable for these efforts to undo the tarnish to the Papa John’s brand. Finally, Steve Ritchie concludes the letter of apology by thanking Papa John’s customers for being so loyal to the company all these years.

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