Securus Technologies Has The Communications Ability and it Shows

Securus Technologies provides communications capabilities for inmates and their families in over 2.200 correctional institutions in Canada and the United States. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus has led the field in modern communications techniques and systems for correctional institutions.


There are several plans available for inmates and families to use, all designed to provide the most convenience and security for the situation. There is a prepaid option, where the family pays the bill in advance, the direct bill option where the family is billed directly on a monthly basis, the traditional type of collect plan, where the call is paid by the recipient of the call at the time of the call, and the inmate debit plan where the inmate pays for the call.


There is also an inmate voicemail feature where a message can be left if the inmate is away from the phone. Perhaps he or she is eating, sleeping or working, and this feature keeps the lines of communication open so a call can be returned when it is convenient.


There is a video conferencing feature where a family can forego the time and expense of a trip to the institution to visit an incarcerated loved one. Instead, time can be scheduled for a video conference to occur, and the family and the inmate can meet that way. It is actually like being together in person, only without all of the hassle of travel and time.


There is a money-transfer service where an inmate’s account can be funded by the family. This is conveniently handled with modern, up-to-date and secure systems that facilitate the process.


Securus Technologies is one of the leaders in the industry as far as providing communications services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. The level of technology, service and security is second to none and the satisfaction rate is extremely high.

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