Ryan Seacrest’s World of Entertainment and Charity

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned radio and TV personality. He was born in Atlanta in 1974 and began his career hosting kids’ shows, such as Gladiators 2000 in 1994, Fox Family Channel’s Wild Animal Games, and Click in 1997. He did well in these shows, which led him to his gig at a Los Angeles Radio FM station, 98.7 FM. Ryan has a popular show on the radio station dubbed ‘’ Ryan Seacrest for the ride home.’’ He became famous after joining the American Idol as a host in 2002 and a star search, which was a show aimed at hosting contestants as they audition songs before going to showcase their talent on stage to determine the real American Idol. Seacrest received Emmy Award nominations for his role in American Idol. In 2010 he won the award for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Radio show host Ryan Seacrest has also worked with Christopher Bailey from Burberry to create his clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He started by designing well-fitting suits for red carpet events and American Idols Contestants. The clothing line, which was launched in 2014, formed an exclusive partnership with Macy’s to sell the brand. Distinction consists of sportswear, evening wear, corporate suits, and men’s accessories, such as cuff links, pocket squares, and belts. In 2017, Ryan Seacrest joined Kelly Ripa on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ as her permanent co-host on the ABC show. He succeeded Michael Strahan in the ABC show and commenced on the same day the announcement was made. By December 2017, the show had garnered an average of over three million viewers.

Ryan Seacrest has a foundation for children’s healthcare. So far, he has nine centers across different states in Atlanta, L.A, Orange County, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Dallas, Boston, and Colorado. Ryan named Selena Gomez as the ambassador of the foundation in 2012. In 2017, they partnered with the Atlanta Braves to promote the foundation at Sun Trust Park. Seacrest did some voice work for the Atlanta Braves media broadcast campaign known as Welcome Home. Ryan Seacrest serves as an honorary co-chair of the Grammy Museum foundation and serves on the board of trustees of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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