Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope Explores the Future of the Internet of Things

Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope is a renowned futurist who researches and writes regularly on the Internet of Things (IoT). This term “Internet of Things” refers to devices that are network-enabled and can communicate with each other without human intervention. Jason Hope holds that the IoT is the future, and the hospitality industry is poised to reap significantly from it.

Many people are already using applications on their Smartphones and other smart devices to accomplish tasks that were unthinkable just a few years or months ago. The emergence of wearable computing devices like iWatch and Google Glass on the global stage provides the possibility to interconnect with almost literally anything.

ABI Research, an established professional market intelligence firm, provides that over 30 billion computing devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020. Pew Research Center also indicates that more than 83 percent of technology experts and Internet users hold that IoT will have an incredible impact by 2025. According to Jason Hope, as the Internet of Things become more pervasive, consumers will invariably start demanding for some services to be availed to them when they are on the road, and that will lead to the development of unique systems.

The Internet of Things will be able to offer hundreds of solutions to certain problems that are common in the hospitality industry. People will expect things like being able to hook their smartphones up to the air conditioning unit automatically in their hotel rooms, and the minibar in these rooms will order refills and store the information on a client profile to ensure that it is stocked with the guest’s favorite drinks and snacks.


Large refrigerators in the hotel kitchen, other than controlling temperature, will monitor items that have run out and automatically re-order them. Chefs will also be notified automatically via smart devices if the temperature rises abnormally. A phone application will be able to open the door to guest houses, communicate with room service, and control the blinds and the TV channels. Jason Hope gives examples to demonstrate to people in the hospitality industry that there will be virtually no limits to the potential advancements in guest service with the right amount of investment in this industry.

As a futurist, Jason Hope uses his resources and understanding of technology to build as an entrepreneur to give back to his local community. He spends a lot of time researching and writing about the power of technology to improve the future of the hospitality industry and other industries.

Learn more about Jason Hope’s philanthropy and college grant program.



Downtown Company Specialises in Unusual Loans:Equities First Holdings Sees Growing Demand for Stock Loans

With numerous flat-screen monitors on one side of the desk, Equities First Holdings, LLCs CEO and President is keeping a keen eye on several stock’s performances in the day. For those stocks, they are held by the company as a way of collateral for issued loans. Al Christy is a renowned stock-lender he uses assets as a way to issue loans to his clients.

For those who need prompt financial solutions, he is there to provide the best alternative. For this reason, he is known for his most efficient way of handling business. Most of his clients enjoy capital values up to 80 percent of the initial stock value. For Al Christy, this is s a major capitalizing deal because most of the stock-based banks have regulations not to issue loans exceeding 50 percent of the stock vale.

The loan comes with additional terms that include an attractive interest rate that does not exceed 5 percent for a span of three years. The trading platform and model he has made since he founded the company in 202 has him complete more than 2,000 transactions. For him, the operations are just a sign of his daily business in the company. He has partnered with numerous well-known banks and financial institutions to offer the best economic policies. The company has over $40 million in assets. Because of his excellent management skills, the continued growth of the company is at an alarming rate.

The 47-year-old Al Christy says that he wanted to be a pillar in the economic industry. His achievements, so far, portray nothing less than an economic expert in the financial world. He has made it in life. Many of the big institutions like Merril Lynch, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Smith Barney also issue stock-based loans, however, they offer higher interest rates compared to Equities First Holdings, LLC. Got this reason, Equities First Holdings, LLC has all the advantages to appear as your number-one choice in the stock-based loans. According to the Federal Reserve Regulations and the Securities and Exchange Committee, there is a limit towards the companies lending capabilities.

On the other hand, Equities First Holdings, LLC is referred to a private equity company that has no boundaries or such regulations. His customers, most of whom are coming back for more services are both institutional and retail investors who need loans for various reasons they do not have to state to qualify for the credit. However, not all customers are wealthy.

Finding The Reason Behind The Mention

While there are tons of mentions, there are also tons of reasons and motives behind each mention. One thing that needs to be understood is that even a company that is perfectly pleasing and honest is going to be vulnerable to an attack from someone. For one thing, there are a lot of people that don’t like the success of another person. Therefore, they either look for an opportunity to capitalize on a mistake of the company, or they will even make up a scandal just to bring the client or the company down. There are a lot of reasons behind this.

Among the reasons that people tend to send false complaints about a company include envy, jealousy, and even a misunderstanding that occurred between the customer and the company. Either way, the business owner or individual is left with something that could threaten the well being of his business. As a result, some customers may walk away. This is one of the reasons that people need online reputation management when they build an online presence. As a matter of fact, this should be the first step towards business success. People have to determine what kind of image they want to present to people. And should always have a Reputation Defender review team.

However, people are not going to easily find out what is being said about them if they do not have their reputation assessed. One thing that is certain is that things are going to be said about them. Therefore, it is important to be prepared. One thing that could be done is to build a strong reputation at the beginning. With a strong reputation comes loyal customers. As a result, people will be more willing to defend a company when they hear an obvious lie about the company from someone who is bitter towards the company.


Devco Maneuvers Through to Emerge With Focused Solutions

In 2005, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority took a $20 million loan from the Reinvestment Development Authority. The loan was meant for the construction of The Heldrich, a hotel based in Brunswick, which would also include a conference center. The project was completed in time and despite the hard economic times, the 235-room hotel opened in 2007. This was followed by a downturn that was characterized with lack of guests, thereby making repaying the loan a challenging affair.

The project was implemented and managed by Devco (The Improvement Authority), so the arrears accumulated due to the default were directed to the company. As of 2012, as much as $7 million in missed payments had accumulated, but this did not stop Devco from proceeding with the project since there were elaborate plans that would help to revive the business.

In 2015, the hotel achieved an occupancy rate of 65 percent, which is way above what had been experienced in the previous years. Christopher Paladino, the head of Devco, expressed hope in the company and is optimistic the project will gradually gain strength and eliminate the liabilities that have since cash-strapped the hotel, cites an article published on the Press of Atlantic City.

Devco: Building the future and actualizing dreams

Devco (New Brunswick Development Corporation) is a not-for-profit real estate development company that was established in the 70s to work as a catalyst for the revitalization of cities. The company has been mentioned by the New York Times as a vital engine for economic development, and has helped to revitalize the city.

Since its launch, Devco has worked on more than $1.6 billion worth of projects, and due to the unique approach towards development that has been applied by the company, more modern projects have been launched to help create the future. The re-development policy applied by the company is based on public policy and is directed at eliminating mechanical challenges that may make projects impossible.




The changes that True Value Company and Marketing as made to its top leadership

True Value recently announced that they would be making major changes to their company’s top leadership. They are making this move in a bid to streamline the company ahead of the many growth strategies and milestones they are planning for the coming financial year. They hope that this is the move which will attract new retail operators who will open more stores and increase their profit margins.

The company currently has more than 4,000 retailers from all over the world. Their strategic goal is to have a Destination True Value model of expansion. The appointments that they have made to try and reach the goals include Abhinav Shukla who comes in as the Senior Vice President and the chief operating officer.

Kenneth Goodgame has a lot of experience in improving global supply chains. Tim Mills comes in as the senior Vice President in charge of growth. He is experienced in hardware sales, development strategies and related operations.

Kenneth Goodgame

According to HBSDealer, the person who will be taking over the post of Senior Marketing Officer Position is Kenneth Goodgame. Kenneth has been in the retail and merchandising business for close to 30 years. This has given him all the experience that he needs to handle this job well.

Kenneth has been working with this company for close to two years now, but in a different capacity. His approach to marketing has seen the company make a turnaround from making losses to being actually profitable and by huge margins. It is his track record that has earned him the new appointment to an office with more responsibility.

It is during his tenure that the SKU EDLP program was started. The program was so successful that by the end of that year, the company became about 9 percent more profitable. He states that one of the things that truly work when it comes to merchandising is advertising. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

As long as the company is able to get the message out there to their target Niche, the sales will always grow exponentially. He views this appointment as one step of many that will come in the course of his career development.

Malini Saba: Her Heart For Philanthropy

One thing that makes Malini Saba stand out even more than her success is her philanthropy. She is very passionate about building lives. This is one of the reasons that she has pursued her career. She has wanted to build up her life first. She has also wanted to build up the lives of other women. One life she is focusing on building along with the lives of women is the life of her daughter. When women see that she is a successful investor as well as a dedicated single mother, they are going to be inspired to do the same. For one thing, there are a lot of single mothers that need the inspiration to do what they need to succeed.


Malini Saba takes the time to connect with women and give them advice on what they can do in order to rebuild their lives. One of the pieces of advice that she has for women is to know where they can start. One of the most important places to start with their lives is their mindsets. When someone changes his mindset, his life will start to follow. Of course there will have to be actions taken in order to follow up with the mindset. If one does not act out her thoughts, then she will be less likely to believe them.


A large part of belief lies in the actions. Malini Saba has believed that she could succeed in the investment industry, and she has taken action in the process of cementing that belief. The closer she has come to believing that she could succeed, the more she believed in her own ability to succeed. This is one of the reasons that Malini Saba is a success story that many people need to know about.


Given that she herself has started at a disadvantage and still made it big, Malini Saba understands the trials that could come with being at a disadvantage. This is why she wants to help other women navigate the path. One thing she doesn’t want is for women to have to depend on men when there is no one that is dependable.

Eric Pulier Speaks the Language of Computers

There was a time that when one thought of American entrepreneurs and business leaders, one thought of manufacturers. Today, one is more likely to think of those who have mastered the technological revolution, with last names like Jobs, Zuckerberg, or Bezos. But while Eric Pulier may not be as well known as these names, he has definitely played a prominent role in the ever evolving digital highway. In fact, given the body of projects that Pulier has either been directly involved in developing or financing (15), in the end Eric Pulier may be known as the low-key force behind some of this century’s lasting innovations.

Born in 1966, the New Jersey native got an early introduction to programming computers while still in the fourth grade. Showing entrepreneurial ability at an early age as well, Pulier started and ran a database search company while still in high school. He attended Harvard University from 1984-1988 while attending classes at the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988 with a bachelors degree in English and American literature. But while reading and writing were passions, they were not where his business interests lie.

In 1991 he relocated to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things (PDT), an organization that took a technological approach to issues concerning education and healthcare. He left PDT in 1994 to found Digital Evolution, an interactive digital company. In the late 1990s Pulier created the software company SOA, and became a prime organizer for a social media site called Star Brite for the now defunct charity The Starlite Children’s Foundation.

However, Mr. Pulier’s most notable achievement during this time is probably his work early in the second term of the Clinton/Gore administration. Pulier was the architect behind the public “Bridge To The 21st Century” technological display that was seen by thousands of visitors during inaugural week.

Since that time, Pulier has continued both innovative and investing work by co-founding the pioneering cloud platform company Service Mesh, the cloud to laptop company Desktone, and most recently, as General Manager and vice president of cloud services for international company Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Pulier left CSC in 2015 and currently lives in Los Angeles with his family, continuing his computer speak through writing and lecturing.

Elite Millennials Clubbing with Magnises

Magnises is a private club for young, affluent millennials, which offers its member a full spectrum of benefits aside from the remarkable experiences. As an experimental and benefits avenue for elite millennials, Magnises helps its registered members in unlocking their cities as well as taking their lives to greater heights. As a member, a young millennial will enjoy a wide variety of well-placed benefits, which include some experiences for members only on and exclusive benefits in various cities among several others.

The experiences from Magnises ranges from a wide variety of uniquely set professional experiences to cultural experiences. All these experiences are selected to coincide with the varied interests of the club’s members. Affluent millennials have an opportunity to enjoy tastings with renowned chefs, concerts for private members only as well as enjoying exclusive art previews at top-ranking galleries. As a member at Magnises, you will have access to benefits and perks around your city. Some of such benefits include full access to various hottest clubs, shows, and concerts, members-only pricing on tickets to breathtaking sporting events as well as complimentary upgrades on your travel bookings globally.

Magnises membership additionally gives you access to other excellent benefits apart from those involving fun-bringing activities. One of such membership benefits is the concierge services. Magnises NOW, which is a highly demanded concierge app on, acts as a personal assistant close at hand. The app can help you with suggestions for wonderful experiences in and around your city, nightlife and dining recommendations, and reservations as well as respond to any of your general queries concerning your membership. A membership with Magnises gives access to excellent Hotspots, which are strategically positioned throughout various cities. Such Hotspots offers members and their guests as well a platform where they can host meetings, mingle with one another, catch up on some work or even relax with good drinks after a long, busy day.

The Magnises community has a diverse, unique and versatile group of experience seekers, tastemakers as well as influencers from all across the nation. Each member of the Magnises community receives a personalized black card as a physical proof of Magnises membership. The Magnises membership card can also serve as a tool for making payments if it is linked to an existing debit or credit card. With all the benefits that come alongside being a Magnises black membership cardholder, they serve as enough incentives for you to join the Magnises club.

Magnises aims at creating your social network offline. With the club’s black membership card, you will experience a VIP social life without altering your monthly spending habits. Currently, the membership card for Magnises serves only New York’s affluent millennials, though some members are globally based. Noticeably, about 85% of Magnises members are aged between 21 and 29 years. The Magnises club does not actually focus on occupation or income. They are more about what they will bring to the lives of their members, giving more generous perks to their members as well as what additions they are making to the community. The black membership card is open for application by anyone. The process involves an aspiring member filling out an application form on Magnises official website and later a phone interview.

Brad Reifler Gives $3 Million To Veterans


Brad Reifler is someone who you may not have heard of, but need to know about. He is a serial investor, entrepreneur, and executive. He has founded many companies and is now in charge of Forefront Capital. As the CEO and founder of his own capital firm, he knows first hand how difficult the financial markets can be, not to mention unpredictable. So it is a welcome surprise that such a legendary leader in the world of finance is choosing to donate such a large sum rather than keep it himself.


He didn’t always start as the head of his own firm, however. He didn’t start his own business until 1982, after he graduated from college. He proceeded to build two businesses over 10 years before becoming a partner at Pali Capital. At Pali, indicates he was tasked with working the sales desk, bringing in new business, talking with clients, and analyzing international trade and investments. After a successful exit from that firm, Brad Reifler finally founded Forefront.


Now, Forefront is not just a firm, but also a way to give back to communities in need, Brad Reifler says. He is happy to partner with Seals Dixon, a center that aids veterans in the military with the kind of basic care that they need. Often times, they come back from service and are unable to provide for their families. That’s why wrote that they gave them $3 million, to cover medical, job, health, and other services for the vets and their families. It’s a shining example of how to give back. Brad Reifler loves that his firm is able to help the group while also providing additional upside for investors. And a rep from the center for veterans said they are pleased to be partners as well.


When it comes to charity and financial experts, the two don’t always mix. However, Brad Reifler is proving that doing the right thing is fun, and it can be profitable too. Hopefully, their efforts to help the veterans in need will act as a model that others in the industry will follow sooner, if not later on.

Read more about the deal on Brad’s website here.

Wen By Chaz Works Well

Many women want their hair to look nice. They want to look their best when they are out and about for business or personal reasons. Since they need to take care of their hair, they need the right products to this with. Many products do not work, and they can get very costly. In many cases, they try out products just to find out that they don’t work. Wen by Chaz works, and you will love it.

Wen by Chaz – The Product

When a woman purchases Wen by Chaz, she receives instructions on how to use it correctly. Once she follows the instructions, her hair will take on a new life to it. It will look fuller and have more bounce to it. That is because Wen by Chaz is good for the hair, and it works.

Is Wen by Chaz Pricey?

No, it is reasonably priced (see: Keep in mind that you only need the one product. You no longer need to spend a fortune taking care of your hair because Wen by Chaz shampoos and conditions all at one time. This saves you money and time. Wen by Chaz makes an excellent gift for any woman that you know, so get it for her on her birthday or a holiday. She will thank you for it.

Now you don’t have to spend hours and money on your hair because you will have Wen by Chaz. Wen by Chaz was specifically designed to give woman more freedom with their hair care. You can go out at any time of the day or night, for work or for fun, and know that your is looking great all of the time by using Wen by Chaz. Check out the product infomercials on QVC and product testimonials on YouTube.