U.S. Money Reserve Featured On A Entrepreneur Podcast

The PRNewswire.com website shared a recap of the the podcast with Eric Dye interviewing Phillip Diehl the U.S. Money Reserve President. Phillip Diehl does not have many media appearances but shared some insight on the U.S. Money Reserve as well as predictions or the gold market in the future.

He understands the value of the precious metal as a very attractive investment strategy for the American people. The podcast which is known as the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio and gives top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to share ideas, experience and advice. Read more: Why Buy Gold

Some of these include the 50 States Quarter strategy as well as the very first minting of a platinum coin that was backed for authenticity by the U.S. Government. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-usmr/ and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/shop/

Phillip Diehl has managed to transform the U.S. Mint into a real business agency during his incumbency. One tactic that was employed was the improvement of the customer service offered by the agency.

Their standard of customer service now compares to some of the most successful business’s in America.

Due to Phillip Diehl’s overwhelming success at the U.S Mint, he has now transitioned to the U.S. Money Reserve where he has taken up the presidential position. Phillip Diehl is now applying what made him successful at the U.S. Mint to the U.S. Money Reserve.

For this very reason the U.S. Money Reserve is the most successful distributor of precious metals within the country. Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum in a variety of different bullion’s, bars and coins.

The importance of securing retirement for the hard working American is of the utmost importance and therefore the U.S. Money Reserve has designed their very own IRA where customers can hold physical silver and gold.

In this way they can secure their hard earned money. The most common IRA programs utilize stocks, shares or bonds based on government currency. As we are aware these forms of investments are no longer as safe due to the unpredictability of currencies globally.

The U.S. Money Reserve now offers this very unique chance to rely on precious metals which have been very reliable wealth retainers.

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A company’s profits and overall success rest primarily on their reputation as a reliable, honest, and fair service. However, what happens when a dissatisfied costumer decides to rant about your company not being able to bend over to their every, obsessive demand? If there is a negative review on a service, that company not only loses some of its reputation, but the number of overall clients will begin to dwindle.

According to research, one bad article about a company on the front page online is enough for up to 22 percent of all potential costumers to start looking elsewhere. The math is simple: more negative reviews equal a less successful company. Instead of wasting time trying to win back your company’s reputation because of one overly-sensitive client, why not bury their bad articles so far into the depths of the internet that potential clients will most likely never see that article ever again?

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One User’s Results When Switching To Wen Products

It takes a few tries to find the best hair care products that not only clean your hair, but keep it looking healthy and make it easy to manage. Wen Hair Care products have long been an industry standard, but a lot of women are hesitant to make the switch based on the costs and commitment to the system.
The tester had a mixed results when using Wen Cleansing Conditioner on her thin hair, but felt confident that appearance wise, her hair was looking better and folks noticed. The new way of washing with the product was difficult for the user to get used to, but after a few tries and a full week she was easily able to fit this particular Wen product into her daily hair care routine.

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean is a complete line of hair care products sold on sephora for men and women that want to improve the look and feel of their hair. Most recognized for its full bodied, and super shine hair models, Wen has long been noted to give women the healthy head of hair they have always wanted. This unique line of hair care products relies on natural ingredients that are good for hair and improves scalp in order to promote the long term condition of your hair.

The Wen Hair Care line is best used in combination with other products in order to best support growth. By cleansing the hair fully, working to protect the hair you have, and then promoting growth and improving shine, you get the best results.

FAQ’s? Visit: http://www.wen.com/faq.html



History and Contracts Won By IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide is a leading global service company with more than sixty years of experience providing a broad spectrum of solutions and services to organizations, international government agencies, and the U.S. IAP integrates and leverages its capabilities to offer reliable, safe, and innovative solutions to meet customers’ complex challenges. Cape Canaveral, FL, is where IAP headquarters are located in and still operates in more than a hundred locations in twenty countries internationally. They also maintain other offices in Panama City, Washington, D.C., Middle East and the United Kingdom.

One of the many contracts IAP has won over the years;

IAP Awarded the Honduras Power Plant Contract
IAP Services, Inc. got awarded a contract at the power plant in Soto Cano, Honduras Joint Task Force Bravo base. The project was estimated to take a three year period beginning June 2, 2015, valued at $9 million.

IAP Worldwide was supposed to be responsible for the operations & management dockets as well as the primary power distribution that the U.S. resides. These also included repairing and maintaining of the generators and the existing medium and high Voltage electrical systems. The project personnel was seven working on five generators with a capacity of 7 megawatts and the primary electrical substation.

DOD’s Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Operations and Logistics Support

IAP was awarded a contract under USAF valued at $975 million for supporting the counternarcotics and global threats operations as well as logistics support.

IAP Wins Power Contract in Afghanistan
IAP international got awarded a contract valued at $17 million to provide permanent power at (F.O.B) forward operating base Dwyer in Afghanistan, Helmand Province.

Read more:
Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

The work consisted of providing 5 megawatts of continuous power as well as the installation, maintenance, operations, and transportation of the Power Plant. The contract also included the operations and maintenance as well as the repairs of the distribution system of the F.O.B. The project was expected to be completed by May 1, 2011.

Awarded Contract to Provide Air Traffic Control and Navigation Equipment Maintenance by NATO
NATO awarded IAP a five-year contract to provide airfield management, and maintenance of navigation equipment services, for (KAF) Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. The contract had a three year base period with a potential value of $113 million.

IAP was providing these services at Kandahar Airfield as well as other airports in the surrounding region since the year 2003 for the Department of Defense.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:


White Shark Media and Detailed AdWords Assessments

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing firm. The company is popular with clients all over the planet. The firm has overseen almost $36 million in advertising costs throughout the course of the past 12 months. White Shark Media has submitted 300,000 plus emails and 35,000 plus assessments as well.

Businesses that are searching for companies that can help their sites achieve greater amounts of targeted traffic can depend on White Shark Media. White Shark Media accomplishes this with the assistance of AdWords.

People who want complimentary AdWords assessments can turn to White Shark Media. If an individual wants a complimentary AdWords assessment, all he has to do is contact the company.

A knowledgeable expert from the staff will then discuss use of AdWords and how it can be effective at gaining higher numbers of website traffic every day. Certified AdWords experts conduct all assessments, period. They employ join.me to conduct these in-depth assessments.

White Shark Media doesn’t only offer AdWord management services to clients. The prominent firm also specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing assistance.

These things can both be extremely useful to businesses that are serious about strengthening their search engine rankings in a big way. If a business wants to show up rapidly in search results for Google, for example, these services can be highly effective.

White Shark Media is like all companies in that it occasionally has to respond to different customer concerns. Customers that are looking for strengthened communication from White Shark Media can reap the benefits of monthly status calls via “GoToMeeting.”

White Shark Media also works hard to enhance communications by offering telephone systems that are equipped with the convenience of direct extensions.

Some customers need help with their advertising campaigns as well. The White Shark Media team helps give customers added confidence in their campaigns by giving them the guidance of seasoned supervisors.

These supervisors can give customers invaluable tips and suggestions, for example. They can take care of all matters that involve the management of campaigns, too.

The team members who work for White Shark Media make a point to listen carefully to all customer needs.

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Thanks to Securus; we can Safely Communicate with our Incarcerated Friends and Family

Securus is a preeminent software technology company in the US. It started in 1986, and its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company according to BBB.org has now been serving government correction facilities for thirty years. It is currently serving 3400 correctional facilities, and 48 states are using their software product to monitor thousands of inmates easily. Their several innovations have made Securus acquire several government patents for their unique software products.
Securus’s role to public safety

The company’s role is to give high-tech solutions to problems legal authorities face when maintaining public safety. These technologies assist judicial authorities in areas such as law enforcement and offer monitoring systems in correctional facilities. Several government facilities across the US and Canada are using securus’ software. Last year Securus Technology released its latest THREADS 3.1, a redesigned upgrade of the Cornerstone Investigative Software what was used to promote transparency in investigations. In the update, Securus tried to incorporate the latest advancements in technology but still retained the desired software’s application for government use.

Advantages of THREADS 3.1

I find the THREADS 3.1 quite efficient because it is easier to use following its simple enhanced navigation controls on the interface which one can read and be able to use the software efficiently. They added a Secure Call Platform in the software and customized the software platform from Silverlight to HTML 5. HTML 5 allows the software to merge with other products Securus has launched. The software adds more intelligence to investigators since the upgrade has also incorporated a recorder on it, which makes it better than the previous one. Through the software, the government can now tap into the calls of the Secure Call Platform.

Benefits of the Secure Call Platform

Securus’ invention of the Secure Call Platform has been upgraded and now has very many advantages. Some of them are;
1. The software is now readily available on tablets, PCS and mobile phones to all linked in customers online.
2. One can easily create an account on the software to enroll for a secure call. There are DIY steps given in their program.
3. Finally, the new upgrade has an email notification program to keep you up to date with your account.

Earlier in the year Securus Technology appointed a senior sales executive to develop a great team of salespersons to market over 800 products to law enforcement agencies and government correctional facilities. The companies’ innovations are marvelous; it’s the only company which provides solutions to governments.

Read full story on http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-presents-to-over-400-prisonjail-customers-since-grand-opening-of-technology-center-300260314.html.

Learn more about Securus, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies.

Skout Publishes Potato Chip Personality Statistics

You can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite type of potato chip is. A story on PR Newswire has revealed that Skout, an app the helps people across the world expand their social circle, recently conducted a survey of more than 3,000 Americans to find out what their favorite chip flavor says about them. More complete infographics and data can be found at the SKOUT blog.

*The vast majority of Skouters (96 percent) who were surveyed stated that they liked potato chips.

*The folks who love lime/ citrus flavor chips tend to have many close friends. 42 percent of people who favor tangy potato chips say that they have five or more close friends.

*People who prefer potato chips with a heated kick happen to also be very spicy in the bedroom. Of the People who prefer chips with an edge, such as jalapeno, cajun or other spicy types, they are most likely (47 percent) to be adventurous in the sack (not the potato chip sack, either).

* Some potato chip fans get more exercise than their counterparts. The survey shows that people who eat reduced sodium or low-fat chips are more likely (14 percent of people surveyed) to hit the gym or exercise daily. Lovers of the regular (28 percent) and cheddar flavored (26 percent) variety tend to exercise very little, if at all.

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t too far off, though, with 22 percent of people voting for him. 12 percent said they would rather share heir chips with Stephen Colbert, 11 percent said Seth Meyers, 7 percent said Trevor Noah, and John Oliver and James Corden were on the lower end of the spectrum, with only five percent of people willing to share their chips with each of them.

When those surveyed (of all political parties) were asked which Democratic candidate they would most likely share their chips with, 57 percent said they would snack with Hillary Clinton while 43 percent said they preferred Bernie Sanders. While the feeling probably wouldn’t be mutual,most people of all political backgrounds (33 percent) said they would share their chips with Donald Trump when it came to the Republican nominees.

*Donald Trump supporters are most likely to enjoy barbecue flavored chips
*Marco Rubio Supporters tend to enjoy lime/citrus flavored chips
*Ted Cruz supporters are more likely to prefer cheddar flavored potato chips.
*John Kasich Supporters are more likely to eat reduced sodium chips.




Kyle Bass Tenders No Faith China’s Direction

At the Milken Global Institute Conference, Kyle Bass confirmed his current lack of faith in China. Likening his opinion to “common sense”, Bass stipulated that Chinese markets were slowly but steadily headed toward an inevitable collapse. He has in the past argued for this eventuality by pointing out China’s current system bears many similarities to America’s market before the 2008 financial collapse. He predicts that being tied up in the market will prove ultimately bad for investors this year, as when the collapse comes, it will result in substantial losses for investors on either side of the fence.

Is Bass correct? Is he speaking altruistically? Or does he have some ulterior motive? It’s hard to tell, because the man is such a smooth one. Examining the evidence, it becomes clear there are definitely variables which tend not to add up. For example, Kyle Bass is from Argentina and has very close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of that country. De Kirchner is so bad with money she’s defaulted the country twice in only thirteen years. Someone needs to tell her that it isn’t advisable to spend a nation’s capital as though it were a credit to her personal bank! But Bass, an economist, completely supports de Kirchner in almost everything she does. That kind of behavior doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering that her political practices are gutting her and Bass’ home country.

It gets even stranger when one learns about CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD is responsible for decimating the prices big-ticket pharmaceuticals can legally sell their drugs for, thus destroying said companies’ stock value and allowing Bass to short-sell like a maniac, getting away with millions like some bandit from a heist film.

So why do people listen to, and trust, Kyle Bass? Well, he predicted sub-prime lending would result in the 2008 economic collapse, and so bet against sub-prime lending. He was right, and sees the same thing in China.

Smartphone Sales In Venezuela Up

Economists like Danilo Diaz Granados are well aware of the crisis that is currently affecting the Venezuelan economy. Numerous industries are strongly affected and watched their profits dwindle over the years. The fact is that the smart-phone market has also been hit by slumping sales. However, those in the industry predict a sharp rise over the next few years. By the year 2020 it is estimated that at least 50 percent of the market will be LTE smart-phones.
Higher Speeds & Technology
People in the industry are predicting major changes in the smart-phone market in Venezuela. They see a rapid improvement in sales that are directly due to the vast improvements in technology. Venezuelans now have access to higher speeds and the latest technological improvements. However according to myspace.com, 2G is the norm for smart-phones in the country. The prediction is that 3G and 4G will take over the smart-phone market in the country by the year 2020.