How to be a good manager

Josh Verne, the owner of, gives his view on what makes a manager great. Below are some of the tips he shares:

Josh Verne draws a fine line between being a leader and being a boss. He insists that being a leader is the first step to building a good rapport with one’s employees. A leader, unlike a boss, doesn’t force his will onto others. He earns respect by putting the opinions of those that serve him first, before his.

– A manager understands that a win for the employees or the society is also a win for himself. With this, a leader then should try to make every situation a win-win for both sides.

– Fewer words come with more power. A leader wants to appear authoritative. This can only be accomplished if the leader is a man of few words. People will hence listen to you.

– Money is not everything. One can be a billionaire, but without a good home, they will suffer. Verne, therefore, encourages managers to balance their life, and have time for everything. Each working day is an opportunity to improve every aspect of your life. You should therefore work, not only on your business, but also on your relationships and health as well.

– Most importantly, one should venture into something they are passionate about. According to Verne, it rarely occurs that one emerges successful in a field he is not passionate about.

About Josh Verne

He is an accomplished entrepreneur. As at now, Josh is the CEO of FlockU is an online platform that allows students, mostly college students, to exchange content. This is done through peer-to-peer connectivity. The platform was established in 2016 and has, since its inception, become popular in a short time.

Before, Verne was the founder and CEO of, another online platform that worked to help employees to make purchases. The amounts were then deducted from their payrolls. He founded the firm with help from his long time best friend, Jon Dorfman. He later sold the company to Google Analytics Holding, two years before forming


Workplace Insurance Claim By Bruce Levensons Group Heads To Court

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks led by Maryland based business leader Bruce Levenson has made the decision to head to the Superior Court of Fulton County as they seek a financial settlement over an insurance claim lodged with insurance company AIG. Bruce Levenson acted as the leader of the Atlanta Hawks ownership group from 2005 through to the sale of the team in June 2015, and continues to lead the group as they seek to draw the curtain on a claim made about the mutual termination of the contract of Danny Ferry. The former General Manager of the Hawks signed a six year $18 million contract in 2012 that was terminated two days before the Forbes reported deal to sell the Hawks in 2015 was agreed with Tony Ressler.

Levenson’s lawyers have filed papers stating AIG agreed to the insurance policy being triggered after negotiations between them and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group began in April 2015, but have since failed to respond to inquiries about the claim. The papers filed on behalf of Bruce Levenson’s consortium state a breach of contract on behalf of AIG in refusing to payout on the insurance claim that would end the known links with the Hawks for the Levenson group.

Bruce Levenson is a well known figure in the business sector after leading the United Communications Group ( to success from humble beginnings in the 1970s. The former journalist is now well known as a business leader and philanthropist who has recently been looking to protect others from the issues of racism and bigotry around the world; following the sale of the Hawks franchise in June 2015 Bruce and his wife Karen Levenson worked with the Kennedy Center for the Arts to raise funds for the Anti-Defamation League through a charitable ball.


CAA, a Local Leader in Anesthesia Services and Education

Surgical procedures can be the source of much anxiety. In addition such an invasive process can be a great trauma to the body, resulting in pain during and after surgery. To alleviate anxiety and pain, anesthesiologists are routinely included on a surgical team. Anesthesiologists are specially trained and licensed to provide general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, as well as monitored anesthesia care. The Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) offers a wide range of services in specialized areas of anesthesia including pediatric, obstetric, cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia. With multiple locations throughout the Austin, Texas area the physicians at CAA are readily accessible. In addition, for the past three decades CAA has been assisting in the medical education of medical residents, nurses, nurse anesthetists, and paramedics. As local leaders in medical education and a major provider of anesthesia services, CAA participates in over twenty five insurance plans. To learn more about what CAA has to offer visit

Banking Veteran Mike Baur And The Amazing Swiss Start-Up Factory

A native of Fribourg, Switzerland, businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur was fascinated by banking and finance as a teenager. By age 20 he decided to make it his career. He began as a UBS commercial apprentice and worked his way up the ladder until he was on a large Swiss private bank’s executive board. Then after 20 years in the banking and finance industry, Baur retired and founded the Swiss Start-up Factory AG. Founded in 2014 the Zurich-based accelerator helps young entrepreneurs get the tools, connections and support they need to improve their chances for success.


Baur is in charge of Swiss Start-up Factory’s fundraising and financing rounds. His years of experience and connections in the banking industry helps. Mike Baur also acts as coach and mentor to the young entrepreneurs in the program. Swiss Startup Factory is a three month long program that provides its participants with training and assistance with accounting, marketing, business management, Information Technology, hiring and product development. Participants are also given centrally located office space in Zurich and connections to an international network of entrepreneurs and investors.


Swiss Start-Up Factory has been an unqualified success. It is ranked as Switzerland’s number one privately financed, independent ICT Startup Accelerator. Twice a year they welcome a new group of thriving digital entrepreneurs and provide them with exciting opportunities and challenges them from day one. All services are provided at no charge. Companies and entrepreneurs simply apply and if they are accepted they are given a world-class business education and all the advice, guidance, tools and resources they need to build and grow their company. The program can be customized to meet the needs of each participating company.


The mission of Swiss Start-up Factory is to give young, talented, dedicated Swiss entrepreneurs a top-quality professional execution platform. One that guides them through well-planned and designed business-driven processes and helps them reach a series of very ambitious milestones. Baur spends a great deal of time with the young entrepreneurs providing them with mentorship and financial support.


Baur, who graduated from the University of Bern and the University of Rochester New York with an executive MBA and an MBA respectively, started Swiss Start-up Factory with his friends Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Using their vision, experience and connections they have been able to create a path to success for the young Swiss entrepreneurs that will determine the country’s economic future.

Don Ressler And The Changing Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is now changing more than ever. It is not just a few styles and categories that are changing, it is the whole industry. Even the static areas of fashion like menswear and active wear are experiencing some major changes. One thing that could be said for the changes is that they are very exciting. This allows people to try on new trends and styles so that they can put together outfits that will not only suit their personalities, but also the personalities that they want to bring out in themselves. One thing that could be said about fashion is that it is an easy way to bring about an increase in self worth.

Don Ressler is one of the people that is influencing the fashion industry. He ha sgoals of bringing about significant changes to clothes and styles that are more elegant. People who find the right clothes will be able to experience a sense of satisfaction that is hard to achieve without such stylish clothes. Another thing about Don is that he wants people to be able to experience this type of satisfaction at all times. Don Ressler also wants everyone to be able to experience this, regardless of their size and shape.

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In order to influence the accelerating changes in the industry, Don Ressler has founded TechStyle with Adam Goldenberg and others. With the help of Adam, Don is able to provide some new designs to the customers that will sell well. This makes it easier for people to find clothes that they like, but to also save money. After all, this is one of the barriers that block people from buying the clothes they love. Once they realize that there are clothes that look really good and that could save them money, then they will be more interested in buying the clothes.

Don Ressler is someone who is fashion forward in thinking. He looks to the future of fashion. At the same time, he makes sure that he is aware of the present trends. Among the things he does is bridge the gap between the present and the future.

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EOS Achieves A High Level Of Market Success

Investing in their own production facility was one way that EOS geared the success of their company in their benefit. EOS wanted to become a brand that could satisfy the needs of their customers and the demand for the product without having to rely on outside resources. The decision to invest in this core facility instead of hype marketing at the outset of the company helped them to build a more solid foundation.

When the time did come for the company to market their product they did so via heavy influenced marketing. They used the older advertising methods like magazine and television marketing, but also employed newer methods that would help them to reach a wider audience and their target audience, female millennials. They got in touch with those influences like widely watched beauty bloggers and let them create the magic. Just one or two YouTube recaps of EOS lip balm products taken at the suggestion of a trusted beauty YouTube video could reach several hundred thousand viewers.

In addition to influenced marketing on the internet, the ULTA sold brand also used popular celebrities to promote their brand. Britney Spears promoted the product as well as Taylor Swift for the Asian market, and widely hyped at the time Miley Cyrus used EOS balm in one of her videos.

Two of the founders of the company in charge of making marketing decisions made all the right ones. They hired the right people, asked the right questions and put their marketing initiatives in the right place. Their ability to ask questions and listen to what the market wanted and would respond to was the key to their success. Rather than an assumption, they really listened, and keyed into those inferences to really make it work and become a lasting brand rather than a lip balm fad. For more info, visit




Keith Mann: He Truly Cares And It Shows

It can be hard to find people in today’s day and age that care about anyone other than themselves. That might sound harsh and overly cynical, but that is what I have noticed far too often these days. However, my faith in humanity is restored when I come upon someone like Keith Mann. This is a person that has dedicated his entire life to helping people. As part of Dynamics Search Partners, he knows he is in a position where he can really make a difference and really help people out. He loves being able to do that and it brings him great joy.


One of his biggest project and something that means a great deal to him is his work with the Uncommon School Districts. He has been quoted as saying he wants to level the playing field and give everyone a chance, no matter where they come from in terms of their economic background. That should not stop them from going to college, pursuing their dreams, and having a great life. By holding fundraisers that raise over 22 thousand dollars, he is putting forth some real change in the lives of these young adults. For most people, they would tell you that all they want is a chance. If they get that chance, they are going to run with it and they are really going to do some wonderful things with it. They will not let it slip away or go to waste.


They realize that someone has gone to bat for them, believes in them, and wants to help them. Because of this, they do want to let themselves done and they do not want to let him down. This is about the future and if the present is protected, it ensures that the future is as well. Keith Mann is out there doing things.


Actions speak louder than words. That is said a lot, but it is said a lot for a reason. That reason is that every single bit of it is true. Talking is great, but when someone goes out and does something, that produces results.

Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope Explores the Future of the Internet of Things

Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope is a renowned futurist who researches and writes regularly on the Internet of Things (IoT). This term “Internet of Things” refers to devices that are network-enabled and can communicate with each other without human intervention. Jason Hope holds that the IoT is the future, and the hospitality industry is poised to reap significantly from it.

Many people are already using applications on their Smartphones and other smart devices to accomplish tasks that were unthinkable just a few years or months ago. The emergence of wearable computing devices like iWatch and Google Glass on the global stage provides the possibility to interconnect with almost literally anything.

ABI Research, an established professional market intelligence firm, provides that over 30 billion computing devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020. Pew Research Center also indicates that more than 83 percent of technology experts and Internet users hold that IoT will have an incredible impact by 2025. According to Jason Hope, as the Internet of Things become more pervasive, consumers will invariably start demanding for some services to be availed to them when they are on the road, and that will lead to the development of unique systems.

The Internet of Things will be able to offer hundreds of solutions to certain problems that are common in the hospitality industry. People will expect things like being able to hook their smartphones up to the air conditioning unit automatically in their hotel rooms, and the minibar in these rooms will order refills and store the information on a client profile to ensure that it is stocked with the guest’s favorite drinks and snacks.


Large refrigerators in the hotel kitchen, other than controlling temperature, will monitor items that have run out and automatically re-order them. Chefs will also be notified automatically via smart devices if the temperature rises abnormally. A phone application will be able to open the door to guest houses, communicate with room service, and control the blinds and the TV channels. Jason Hope gives examples to demonstrate to people in the hospitality industry that there will be virtually no limits to the potential advancements in guest service with the right amount of investment in this industry.

As a futurist, Jason Hope uses his resources and understanding of technology to build as an entrepreneur to give back to his local community. He spends a lot of time researching and writing about the power of technology to improve the future of the hospitality industry and other industries.

Learn more about Jason Hope’s philanthropy and college grant program.



Downtown Company Specialises in Unusual Loans:Equities First Holdings Sees Growing Demand for Stock Loans

With numerous flat-screen monitors on one side of the desk, Equities First Holdings, LLCs CEO and President is keeping a keen eye on several stock’s performances in the day. For those stocks, they are held by the company as a way of collateral for issued loans. Al Christy is a renowned stock-lender he uses assets as a way to issue loans to his clients.

For those who need prompt financial solutions, he is there to provide the best alternative. For this reason, he is known for his most efficient way of handling business. Most of his clients enjoy capital values up to 80 percent of the initial stock value. For Al Christy, this is s a major capitalizing deal because most of the stock-based banks have regulations not to issue loans exceeding 50 percent of the stock vale.

The loan comes with additional terms that include an attractive interest rate that does not exceed 5 percent for a span of three years. The trading platform and model he has made since he founded the company in 202 has him complete more than 2,000 transactions. For him, the operations are just a sign of his daily business in the company. He has partnered with numerous well-known banks and financial institutions to offer the best economic policies. The company has over $40 million in assets. Because of his excellent management skills, the continued growth of the company is at an alarming rate.

The 47-year-old Al Christy says that he wanted to be a pillar in the economic industry. His achievements, so far, portray nothing less than an economic expert in the financial world. He has made it in life. Many of the big institutions like Merril Lynch, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Smith Barney also issue stock-based loans, however, they offer higher interest rates compared to Equities First Holdings, LLC. Got this reason, Equities First Holdings, LLC has all the advantages to appear as your number-one choice in the stock-based loans. According to the Federal Reserve Regulations and the Securities and Exchange Committee, there is a limit towards the companies lending capabilities.

On the other hand, Equities First Holdings, LLC is referred to a private equity company that has no boundaries or such regulations. His customers, most of whom are coming back for more services are both institutional and retail investors who need loans for various reasons they do not have to state to qualify for the credit. However, not all customers are wealthy.

Finding The Reason Behind The Mention

While there are tons of mentions, there are also tons of reasons and motives behind each mention. One thing that needs to be understood is that even a company that is perfectly pleasing and honest is going to be vulnerable to an attack from someone. For one thing, there are a lot of people that don’t like the success of another person. Therefore, they either look for an opportunity to capitalize on a mistake of the company, or they will even make up a scandal just to bring the client or the company down. There are a lot of reasons behind this.

Among the reasons that people tend to send false complaints about a company include envy, jealousy, and even a misunderstanding that occurred between the customer and the company. Either way, the business owner or individual is left with something that could threaten the well being of his business. As a result, some customers may walk away. This is one of the reasons that people need online reputation management when they build an online presence. As a matter of fact, this should be the first step towards business success. People have to determine what kind of image they want to present to people. And should always have a Reputation Defender review team.

However, people are not going to easily find out what is being said about them if they do not have their reputation assessed. One thing that is certain is that things are going to be said about them. Therefore, it is important to be prepared. One thing that could be done is to build a strong reputation at the beginning. With a strong reputation comes loyal customers. As a result, people will be more willing to defend a company when they hear an obvious lie about the company from someone who is bitter towards the company.