The Tenderfeels of Academy of Art University

The Academy of Arts University, located in San Francisco, California, Offers classes that not only apply to the fine arts, but also with today’s innovative field of technology. Some of these classes include video game design and other forms of technological art.

A team of students from The Academy of Art decided to use augmented reality as a way to communicate a problem to the Chief Innovation Officer of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation.

The augmented reality project was a Smartphone application called Tenderfeels. The idea behind tenderfeels was to make the district called Tenderloin in San Francisco a safer community.

Augmented reality uses technological graphics, sounds, and touch feedback which is added to the external world through the application. Augmented reality is not to be mistaken with virtual reality, which is actually a completely ‘virtual’ or unreal environment that the user interacts with.

Tenderloin was described as an ‘unsafe’ and ‘disgusting’ place where the crime rate is outstandingly high and much of its residents are of youth.

Tenderfeels objective is to harvest real-time data from the residents of Tenderloin in order to reflect their moods according to their surroundings.

Other users of Tenderfeels can see the feedback made by the resident of Tenderloin. The feedback left can be marked in a specific as well as the emotion that was perceived by the resident. This data helps other people understand what is actually happening through the resident’s perceptable reality.

The overall goal of the Tenderfeels application is to improve the health, the mood, and the condition of Tenderloin by harvesting data from the residents.

Tenderfeels is just one example of some of the amazing attributes that can be accomplished by a group of students at The Academy of Arts.

The Academy of Arts was founded in 1929 by a painter and magazine editor named Richard S. Stephens.

The Academy of Arts helps its students learn through current industry professionals and also facilitates a cutting-edge curriculum.

Since the founding of The Academy of Arts in 1929, there have been many artists and innovators alike that have been employeed by huge companies such as Pixar, Apple, Electronic Arts (EA), and many more. T

The Academy of Arts helps its students integrate their innovation skills with their talent by studying at The Academy of Arts.

The Academy of Arts is truly a great opportunity for innovators and artists alike.

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Malcolm CasSelle Is Ready to Revolutionize Digital Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who holds degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology awarded him a bachelor’s degree while Stanford University awarded him a Masters degree. He is fluent in three languages and has been at the forefront of the blockchain technology revolution.

Blockchain technology allows industries that have been centralized since the beginning of their existence to become decentralized. Many widespread ramifications are associated with the development of a decentralized alternative. The decentralized alternatives will be able to eliminate the middleman that is necessary in order to facilitate trusted transactions. The very nature of the blockchain creates a Trustless system. This means that there is no need for individuals to trust one another. The very nature of the technology is immutable. This means that there is no way for an outside source to influence the transaction status. Malcolm Casselle has realized that he has the ability to revolutionize the industry of digital asset exchange by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the new technologies. This means that the new company which he has developed under the name of a worldwide asset exchange is poised to create quite a difference in the near future for the entire industry that is associated with the exchange of virtual assets.

He has a history of being associated with successful startup companies. After completing his formal education, he served in a number of key positions of influence in several digital technology companies. He began his career in earnest in 1995. By 1998 he was the senior vice president of a publicly traded telecommunication service provider in the country of Hong Kong. From 2006 until 2013 he was able to direct investment into late-stage web companies. He is also known as a venture capitalist he has experienced success by investing in several key digital companies during their very earliest stages of development. He was an early investor in both Zynga and Facebook. He has seen the evolution of the digital industry firsthand and is ready to take on the new changes that are offered by the blockchain system.

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OSI Industries & The UK Foodservice Marketplace

OSI Industries is one of the top wholesale foodservice providers in the world. This extraordinary company seems to have a base on just about every continent other than Antarctica. In the US, it is one of the largest privately held companies, and it brings-in billions of dollars on a yearly basis. When it comes to dedication and commitment, few food service providers can outclass OSI. One of the biggest reasons for such huge success comes from acquisitions. OSI Industries has certainly done its fair share of acquiring stake in other similar businesses. Back in 2016, the company acquired the affluent Flagship Europe, which is a UK food service provider. Flagship Europe has a dominating presence overseas because it offers a huge variety of food items such as mayonnaise, dips, pies, frozen poultry, sauces and dressings. “This acquisition broads our capabilities because we can better serve our evolving customers’ needs,” said David McDonald, president of OSI.

Also back in 2016, OSI Industries acquired Tyson Foods‘ Chicago-based plant. According to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, OSI purchased the plant for $7.4 million. The 200,000-square-foot facility housed up to 450 employees. Thanks to being so progressive in nature, OSI retained at least 250 positions for the remaining employees. This purchase will surely boost business growth thanks to the plant’s close proximity to other OSI plants. Senior Executive Vice President Kevin Scott stated that “this facility will broaden OSI Industries’ manufacturing network.”

OSI Industries is constantly on the move, and it is constantly adapting to the ever-changing environment. As of today, it has grown into being a top 100 company, and it has been ranked by Forbes on numerous occasions. The sky is surely the limit for OSI Industries, and it will continue on its path to greatness.

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AvaTrade Review: Bona Fide In Fortuity

AvaTrade is an official broker and merchant in the art of dealing trades for individual investors across multiple parts of the world. They are highly touted as upright and good in their transactions with the traders who affiliate themselves with the industry that is the trading game. They are pardoned by the trusted and dependable middle managers of the European region and the cardinal banks of Ireland.

Based on many reviews of Avatrade services, AvaTrade stands renown for their perceived starting capital requirements to start inter depending on the trades that can ultimately alter one’s life for the better. Along with the minimal appreciation necessary to embark on the trader’s journey, the payment amount is proven to be a freer generous sum as well. This is due to the fact that AvaTrade permits a trader to create up to four hundred times what they placed a bid on. This can multiply one’s assets to the point of achieving massive amounts of ungodly success. AvaTrade also partakes in synergizing with other various platforms like Meta Trader 4 and exclusive Ava Options which deal OTC transactions with the participants involved.

This also helps Forex markets run smoother thru their system because of the compliments Ava Options brings to the table with AvaTrade. The Firm is held in the land of Dublin Ireland and they are one of the very few brokers who has established a physical office location in the surrounding area so that whenever the prospect or trader decides or desires to meet with them face to face, it could actually be arranged and the meeting can not just be from Skype, but can translate to a real face to face interaction so that the investor and invested can discuss serious business. With all the evidence about this platform, it can easily be agreed that these option providers are possibly a good investment for those with the proper practice and discipline.

Drew Madden: Keeping Your Private Information Private

As more and more data from patients and consumers is stored within electronic medical records systems, the chances of personal information being breached by hackers grows increasingly likely each day. With the multitude of electronic medical records systems relying on software from the 1980s and 1990s, it’s clear something needs to be done. And as consumers and patients learn of a merger between CVS and Aetna, along with the impending pharmaceutical licensing of Amazon in many states across the nation, there are even more concerns about just how safe the growing amounts of data will be in the coming years. To deal with these potential problems, many healthcare facilities and corporations are turning to experts in healthcare IT, such as Drew Madden of Nordic Consulting Partners.

Since the majority of today’s electronic medical records systems are running on outdated software, Drew Madden spends much of his time developing new and innovative software to install in these systems. Relying on the skills he learned as an industrial engineer, Drew uses these talents to carefully analyze each system to determine the type of software needed to make the systems efficient and secure. To accomplish this, Drew combines new software with the latest aspects of cloud technology, advanced data network analysis, and cyber security to create customized systems for each client. With more than two decades of experience working with these systems, Drew has developed a reputation throughout the healthcare industry for his ability to find solutions to the most difficult of problems.

Due to the many successes over the past two decades, Drew Madden’s company Nordic Consulting Partners has become the leading healthcare IT company worldwide. Having started with only three employees more than a decade ago, NCP now has more than 725 of the healthcare industry’s best IT professionals on its staff. In addition to this impressive number, NCP also works with well over 200 clients around the world, ranging from large healthcare complexes to Fortune 500 corporations. And as the company has grown, its annual revenues have also increased, from slightly over $1 million to now more than $130 million.

Sheldon Lavin Helps Build OSI Group Into Something Special

OSI Group is an international food processor that is one of the largest privately held companies in this category. Sheldon Lavin has been their CEO and Chairman for many years and has been a catalyst for their path of substantial growth which has made them into one of the most capable partners for other food companies.

The educational background of Sheldon Lavin is in accounting and finance and he has shown an innate ability in these areas. He spent some years working for other companies as well as running his own consulting business where he helped companies secure financing for operations or expansion.

The larger goal for Lavin was always in the back of his mind and that was to grow a company on an international scale as the owner. He was fortunate to find that opportunity with OSI Group when he was asked to take over the business from the original owners. He had helped them arrange critical financing for their first meat processing facility and continued to maintain this relationship until the time was right for him to assume ownership.

A global vision was his driving aim from the beginning which was somewhat rare for the seventies when he took control. The global interconnectedness of business is something that is taken for granted today but not at all back then. With this vision in mind, Lavin helped craft company policies which emphasized innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Sheldon Lavin was honored for his career and accomplishments by India’s Vision World Academy. He received a Global Visionary Award for his remarkable tenure at OSI Group and they highlighted his perseverance and persistence in achieving his goals. He took them from a small national company to a global giant with many locations and vast resources and abilities.

Another telling attribute of Lavin is the commitment to sustainable business practices under his leadership. He has been at the forefront of this important issue and OSI Group can be considered a model of corporate citizenship as they interact with local environments. They have received numerous awards for excellence in their business processes at their facilities.

The tremendous success that Sheldon Lavin has enjoyed over the years has prompted him to give back generously and he supports many charities in the Chicago area. The Jewish United Fund and Ronald McDonald House charities are a couple of examples among others. Sheldon Lavin has continued to work at an age when most are retired because he loves his job and his work family.

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Why Equities First Holdings is Helpful To Anyone With Stocks

Al Christy, Jr. was responsible for the idea that created Equities First Holdings(EFH) in 2002. Christy Jr. changed the finance sector with the creation of EFH. There are many businesses and individuals who has capability to use equity-loan. EFH can provide equity-loan to anyone who looking to start a business. Christy, Jr.’s idea has been very helpful in helping people reach goals and it has helped EFH venture into new markets. The new markets include London, Australia, China, and South Korea.

EFH is who people will use to gain startup capital if needed. Christy, Jr. leadership ensured EFH uphold principles and professionalism. A company would not be as successful if they did not value the principles. EFH provides an alternative to the loans offered by most traditional banks. Christy, Jr. has provided a non-traditional lending method to individuals and businesses and it has reshaped importance of owning stock. Since stock can be used as collateral for equity-loan, it makes what EFH has offered available to anyone with shares.

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Rodrigo Terpins and His Love for Racing

Rodrigo Terpins inherited from his father, Jack, a passion for business and a deep and lasting love for competitive sports. Jack Terpins, popularly known as Jackao, famously played basketball for Hebraica during the 60s and 70s. After his basketball playing years, he became an incredibly successful real estate investor and community leader. He became the Sports Director of Hebraica, the president of the Latin American Jewish Council, president of the Macabi Latin American Confederation, and vice president of the Macabi World Union.


Rodrigo’s love for competitive sports has been in the car racing arena. He has been highly involved with Sertoes Rally Competition for years. Early last decade he and Jack’s other son, Michel, even founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. 2015’s 23rd edition of the rally was particularly challenging and therefore enjoyable for him. That year saw the multi-stage cross-country race pass through the Brazilian states of Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo, and Parana. The rally saw Rodrigo partner with Fabricio Bianchini while Michel partnered with Fabio Pedroso. You can check out for details.



Prior to the race, the Bull Sertoes team attended a charity dinner put on by SAS Brasil, a branch of the rally that concerns itself with giving aid to financially needy communities in Brazil. This fundraising dinner as to raise the money needed for the purchase and installation of water filters in various impoverished cities throughout the country. This particular dinner marked the first time the Bull Sertoes team donated funds to the SAS cause. The installation of water filters was not the only thing SAS did that year. Every year they engage in things like medical and dental care, educational lectures, itinerant cinema, and sports competitions.


Social consciousness is not the rallies only other concern (other than racing itself). It is also a very environmentally-conscious rally, requiring all teams to follow the regulations of The Green Initiative. The Bull Sertoes team is sponsored by 100% Events, Xarla, Bull Sertões and support team MEM, Motul and Ohlins.




Susan McGalla Sharing Tips With Women on How to Excel in Career

When it comes to inspiring women to achieve their dreams in the corporate world, Susan McGalla is one of the foremost female executives to come to mind. Not only has Susan McGalla made remarkable success in her professional career, but she has also helped inspire and motivate hundreds and thousands of women to follow their dreams and achieve what they want. Susan McGalla grew up along with two of her brothers, and her father who was a football coach trained them together. She was never given any preferential treatment due to her gender at home, and it is what inculcated a mental habit of not looking for such preferential treatment in the real world. It made her feel that she can do anything she wants like a man, and rightly so.

After completing her graduation from the Mount Union College in business and marketing, Susan McGalla entered the corporate world to fulfill her dreams. In an interview, she shared that she did face some problems from time to time in the male-dominated corporate world, but she never walked away from the problems but instead met it head-on. Susan McGalla also said that the glass ceiling problem in the corporate world is not a new one. Even though women employment programs and women leadership initiatives have helped many women to find a place in the corporate world, it has done little to balance the ratio of men and women in the executive position in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla says that it is essential for the women to realize that they need to complete their education before they fulfill their dream of making it big in the corporate world. Many of the women go after petty jobs in their college days, which end up ruining their academic profile completely. Susan McGalla says that to land a dream job in the corporate world, good qualification is essential. Susan McGalla also asked women to take help of the sponsorship and mentoring programs in their companies to help excel in their career and get the necessary guidance to move up the ladder of success in their career. Susan McGalla says that with proper guidance and discipline, achieving success becomes easier in an otherwise tightly competitive corporate sector.

Why OSI Industries Decided To Buyout Baho Food In The Netherlands

OSI Industries is branched out across the world, but they value each local community they serve and work closely with independent farms and restaurateurs. Most of their products are already prepared meats such as hamburgers, hotdogs, deli meats, and pizzas. But OSI has included salads and desserts and other side entrees in their product line. They will now have additional snack foods and baked goods added with their recent buyout of Baho Food in the Netherlands.

This acquisition has benefited both OSI Industries and Baho Food because Baho was starting to run short in capital, and OSI Industries was looking to broaden their European food market holdings. Baho Food can now increase its shipments to its current customers as well as more OSI products as part of the OSI brand. OSI Industries President David McDonald said that buying Baho Food allows OSI to grow even better into the region, and he was happy to welcome Baho Food managing director John Balvers to the OSI family. Balvers also expressed his gratitude to OSI Industries for making Baho Food a part of its operations.

OSI Industries grew from a butcher shop started in a suburban neighborhood of Chicago into the billion-dollar company it is today. The Kolschowsky family owned that butcher shop and turned it into a wholesale meat supplier in 1926. The first name of the company was Otto & Sons, and the first major business deal they made was with the McDonald’s restaurants franchise in 1955. When McDonald’s announced that they were going to open restaurants all over the world, the Kolschowskys realized they were going to need to grow their company very large as well. To do that they needed someone with a strong financial background, and that person was Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO of OSI Industries. Lavin not only helped grow OSI’s portfolio, he has also led community involvement at the company.

OSI Industries is ranked at number 10 in the top 100 meat processing companies according to Provisioner Online, and is ranked at 54 in total food production in Food They have over 55 plants located in 17 countries including the US, and other subsidiaries besides Baho Food include Pizza Nation, GenOSI, Fair Oaks Farms, and Select Ready Foods. Their contributions to the community include supporting organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the greater Chicago area and McDonald’s philanthropy wing.

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