Matt Badiali’s Twitter Page Has The Latest In Cannabis Futures

Matt Badiali’s recent twitter posts have a common theme, and that theme is marijuana. There have been some major developments in cannabis market that has caused many experts to take a close look. First off Canada is set to be the first G7 nation fully legalize marijuana. Secondly, a new trend stateside is causing cannabis futures to look very good. Both combined together show that marijuana in general is a good resourece to invest some money in. Matt Badiali insists on investing wisely though, because many companies trying to grab a slice of success are not going to make it.

Matt Badilai’s twitter page @MattBadialiGuru is always filled with investment advice. Mostly these come in the form of the articles Badiali posts. In a recent article, penned by Matt Badiali himself for Banyan Hill Publishing he addressed cannabis-infused drinks. The new innovation marries alcoholic beverages with marijuana. According to many drinking cannabis is better than smoking it. The company behind Coors and Heineken, Constellation Brand, is planning on taking full advantage of this trend. The company has been facing low yearly growth and the beverages could bring about double digits. Although only a handful of states allow recreational marijuana, Canada’s full legalization creates the market needed. Constellation’s investment in Tilray Inc., a stateside medical marijuana supplier caused its numbers to surge. It will not be the only company experiencing growth either, as Canada’s recreational cannabis will need more than just Canadian suppliers. The time time to invest is ripe.

Matt Badiali is a geologist with a Ph.D. in earth sciences. He treks the planet to personally examine natural resource operations. He uses his expertise to vet their mining, drilling, and pumping processes to make actionable projections on market futures. He shares his inside knowledge with average investors to aid them in garnering huge returns. Matt Badiali is a master in the natural resource market and constantly brings investment opportunities to light. His intimate knowledge of the market and its little known perks level the playing field for investors with basic knowledge. He is most known for his freedom checks initiative.

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