Johanan Rand Tackles Age Related Issues

Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center and has been the President of this center since 2010. His approach is to combine hormonal therapy with lifestyle changes that include diet and exercise. Treatments are tailored to each individual based on their needs. These treatments combat more than the effects of aging as it also helps to reduce cholesterol and reduce heart disease. The common complaints that are being seen are menopause symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, weight issues, night sweats, and low libido.


Johanan Rand combats these problems by improving hormone function and keeping the hormones holding at the upper end of range. To achieve this he tailors hormone treatments based on the patient complaints. The type of hormone he uses is called bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are better than the synthetic hormones that have flooded the markets today. Synthetic hormones have proved to be more harmful to humans than bioidentical hormones. Data has shown that health issues and the use of synthetic hormones are directly linked. Bioidentical hormones have proven to be both safe and successful in combating the effects of aging.


Exercise is another key factor in this treatment regiment. This helps improve lung function, cardiovascular function, and reduces stress. Johanan Rand states that strength training is imperative to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass so that a decrease in health related issues such as diabetes and metabolic disorders can be avoided.


The treatment consist of IV therapy so that optimal results are achieved and hormone levels can be brought to their proper range. Blood work will have to be done so that each individual has a tailored treatment plan specific to what their bodies need. HCG supplements are added to aid in weight loss. This supplement paired with IV therapy and exercise helps the patients to achieve a better quality of life as the aging process occurs.


Johanan Rand makes his patients feel at ease so that they feel comfortable discussing age related issues. Erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness can often be uncomfortable to talk about. So many people go without treatment because of it being embarrassing to discuss with their physicians. But Rand brings them hope.


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