Jacob Gottlieb ready for comeback

 Jacob Gottlieb is known by many for his role as an investor in the healthcare sector. He was the CIO of Visium Asset Management which collapsed in 2015 although he was ever implicated in any wrongdoing in the fiasco that caused the collapse.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant parents. His parents were professionals. His father was a professor of economics, and his mother worked as a physician. Both of them were doing well in their respective industries. Gottlieb developed interests in both careers that his parents were in. He intended to know more about economics and medicine. When he finished high school and joined the university, his choices came out; clearly, he took a degree in economics at Brown University and another in medicine at the New York University Medical School.

After his degree, he practiced for a little while in the medical industry but later developed interests to be in the financial sector. He dropped out of the professional and went to the Wall Street to establish a career as an investment manager. With his skills in the medical industry, he went directly to the field of healthcare. He worked with various companies in the industry at the time. He shifted from one to another as the opportunities he was getting kept on getting better.

In 1999, he was working for Merlin, a healthcare investment firm which dealt with public companies, which was created one year prior. At the same time, there was a boom in the technology sector, and companies which dealt with biotechnology were doing very well. Jacob Gottlieb who was working as a portfolio manager at Merlin helped the company to make a 100 percent return in one year. Gottlieb was hired into this company by Stuart Weisbrod, the co-founder of Merlin.

Jacob Gottlieb is now ready to work with Stuart Weisbrod again. There are sisgns that they will be working again after they rented the same floor space. Gottlieb is coming from a backdrop of a case that led to the collapse of his firm- Visium Asset Management– and now he is ready to go back into the industry and try something that will get him back in business.

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