Gareth Henry, A Jamaican Male Badminton Player, And Gay Rights Activists.

Gareth Henry whose full name is Gareth Andre Theodore Henry was born on 10 August 1991 in St Mary’s located in the northern coast of Jamaica. He is a male Jamaican badminton player.

He spent his early childhood years in the hands of his grandmother and aunt in a single family home. His father was not present while his mother was still a young lady then. He lives in Toronto, Canada this is after fleeing from his hometown in 2008 where he was going through homophobic violence and receiving a series of death threats.

Gareth Henry is a gay rights activist, HIV/AIDS, and social justice activist and became famous after an incident in his native Jamaica some years back when law enforcers brutally beat him in front of a crowd.

This was after he had begun to champion for change in the society after violence against gay community was on the rise. Gareth Henry started to high school early, and after becoming aware of his attractions to other boys, he says he remained lonely person and didn’t open up to anyone even the family members.

This was mainly because in his hometown homosexuals are poorly treated and harassed and thus chose to close up to himself. He later arranged with a family member to move away from home shortly before turning 16 where he now was on his own.

Gareth Henry became the advocate and director for J-FLAG, a human rights organization in Jamaica which serves different needs of lesbians gay and transgender communities after no one showed interest in taking up the position previously held by Brian Williamson who was murdered on June 2004.

In Toronto, he was assisted by various groups including metropolitan community church of Toronto and EGALE Canada and was granted refugee status and later joined up by his family members.

Gareth also volunteers for Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian nonprofit organization that helps relocate LGBTQ people who face danger around the 2016 he had assisted more than 60 refugees transfer to new countries. Being a badminton player Gareth Henry has competed at the commonwealth games and American pan games.

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