David Macdonald: Visionary President of OSI Group

David Macdonald is the current president and chief of operations (COO) at OSI Group. Mr. McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. Her inspiration for that particular degree was prompted by his love for agriculture acquired from growing up on a farm.

Upon graduating, David joined the award-winning OSI Group where he’s risen through OSI’s ranks for the last three decades. The COO is also a respected leader in the meat and food industry, having led dozens of agriculture and food-based institutions.

David Macdonald the OSI Group President

When David joined the company straight from university in 1987, it had a consistent focus and aspiration to grow and be a truly global company. This vision leads and drives him as he leads strategy for the OSI Group.

As President of OSI, David has grown the European market share of the company through various strategic acquisitions. OSI Group acquired Baho Food in 2016. As the strategic leader of the organization, David was very confident of the acquisition as a major step in the development and penetration of the European market.

As part of OSI’s growth strategy, David has led the company to more acquisitions and new markets in China. Under his leadership, OSI Group targets to be the leading supplier of poultry products in the Chinese market.

Global Expansion

Pushing OSI to a truly global organization, David has led the organization into expansion programs in India, where they have built a new plant for frozen foods. Moreover, the group has expanded their beef processing factory in Poland and built feeds processing mill in Mainland China including other global programs in Europe.

Acquiring the Tyson Foods plant in 2016 was also in step with the group strategy. According to OSI, this plant would enhance its infrastructure in the region and allow them to better their services to their customers.

McDonald has been instrumental in developing a unique employee culture at the leading food supplier. At OSI Group, every staff member is treated in the most humane way and the workers are always receiving excellent opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge.

For the future of the OSI Group of Industries, David believes that keeping in their current path the future of OSI group is absolutely bright. David Macdonald has proved himself to be an extraordinary executive leader and consistent performer throughout his golden career at the OSI Group.

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