Clay Siegall Places Seattle Genetics on the Cutting Edge of Cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases around the entire world. Millions of people die each year after having lost their battle to the disease. For as long as people have been able to record history, cancer has been a leading cause of death. The most common type of cancer for women is breast cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer for men. Skin cancer is also a national health problem for both men and women.

The good news is that cancer researchers are working hard to create and evaluate methods for treating cancer. Genetic testing is the key to moving forward. New opportunities for research and application are opening up around the world, and the efforts will benefit everyone. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, and his company is on the cutting-edge of research efforts. The following helps explain the company’s standing.

Siegall’s company leads the way in the field of oncology biotechnology. Seattle Genetics develops, tests, and markets innovated cancer drugs that base their effective action on anti-body based therapies. These drugs are clearly designed to help improve the survival rates of patients undergoing cancer treatment. Antibody-based therapy drugs are an essential component in providing both potency and stability in the fight against cancer.

Seattle Genetics remains a leader in the field by its research and break-through science. Treatments target cancers that attack a patient’s white blood cells. An example is Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which causes 8,000 new cases of cancer each year. The disease is also rampant among young people, and more than 70,000 elderly people die each year from the disease. This is an alarming number of people taken by cancer.

Seattle Genetics has also collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to produce ADCetris. The collaboration distributes the drug to 66 countries around the world. The drug presently treats Hodgkin lymphoma relapses.

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