The 2020 Lovaganza Announcement of the World Cultures Celebrations

Lovaganza is planning a phenomenon celebration to display different world cultures. Lovaganza will achieve this through cinematic entertainments, exhibitions, and other attractions. The aim is to influence their audience across the globe positively as well as supporting their initiatives.

The respective stakeholders planning the event have come up with a new date. Lovaganza global celebrations will take place from the month of May to September 2020. However, the initial plan was to hold the celebrations in 2015. Lovaganza decided to push the dates forward to capitalize on the anticipated technology in the entertainment industry. They intend to learn and adopt the latest technology involved in the production of motion pictures and creating exhibitions. The technology enhances the audience understanding of the global cultures.

Notably, some of the innovations Lovaganza intends to use during the celebrations include the 3D and 2D cinematic glasses and 3D motion pictures. Lovaganza believes that this technological advancement will boost their way of educating their audience about global cultural practices.

Meantime, the group has released cinematic trilogy to give their audience a teaser of what is in store come 2020. The film trailers are ongoing in many countries around the world. The film trilogy shows an extraordinary experience on expected in the real event. It is now taking place in some countries that include United States, France, and Spain. Besides, plans to shoot in Africa and the other parts of the group are underway.

The celebration will take place in almost all the continents, which include America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Besides, Lovaganza plans to have eight flagships spread across these locations. Lovaganza targets people from these continents to ensure that they learn and capture as many cultures as they can.

Currently, Lovaganza is planning to launch some events in 2017 before the real celebration happens. The aim of the events is to promote the 2020 celebrations. Lovaganza will do this as a way of familiarizing with the events that will take place for the four months period in 2020. Notably, some of the activities scheduled to start on 2017 include traveling show, formulating the mission and the goals of the ceremony, and presenting their 3D glasses experience globally. After this event, Lovaganza will release the motion pictures to be viewed on 3D glasses by the audience as a way testing the uptake of the technology.

Lovaganza is an organization based on two structures that include Lovaganza foundation and Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. These structures exist to make profits and provide world entertainment as a way of inspiring the global viewers through culture.

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