Todd Levine is Compelling and Strong

Miami attorney Todd Levine, as one of the founding partners at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine P.L., has the experience and expertise to handle even the most complex commercial litigation. With over 25 years of experience in the legal profession, Levine was recently recognized in the 2018 US News & World Report List of Best Lawyers® as one of the best litigators in the United States. Additionally, Levine has also received the five-star AV® preeminent rating in Martindale Hubbell from his legal peers.

Having graduated from the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law with high honors in 1991, Levine’s legal practice encompasses business and commercial real estate litigation, as well as sports and entertainment law.

Levine acknowledges that while every legal case is unique, he often draws upon his extensive experience in previous cases to create a unique solution for a current case. Levine advises, “There are a number of ways to go about solving business disputes, but having an experienced commercial litigator is the best way to handle the challenge.”

Litigation attorney Todd A. Levine does a deep dive into discovery with his clients to ensure that his legal team is prepared throughout the litigation process. Many times, Levine is able to prevent a legal issue from heading to the courtroom, instead resolving issues through alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation. “My clients appreciate that I immerse myself in their cases and deliver uniquely creative solutions to their problems,” Levine states.

Not only does Levine focus on providing top-notch legal counsel to his clients, he also believes that investing the time and energy into keeping open lines of communication between all interested parties provides the best results. Levine advises, “Business disputes are something everyone would love to avoid, but the reality is that if it happens once, it can happen again.”

One of Levine’s core beliefs is that the most effective approach to protect his clients is to take preventive measures to avoid future conflicts from developing. Levine counsels clients to “do whatever possible” to minimize potential legal disagreements, stating it’s the key to success, “I teach my clients how to help avoid disputes in the future.”

When not working in his legal practice, Todd Levine’s hobbies and civic involvement keep him busy. He’s an avid musician, playing several instruments including guitar, bass, and keyboards. He’s also an artist, pursuing his passion for drawing whenever he has the chance. Levine is also active with the National Parkinson Foundation in Miami.


The All-Star Career Of Alexandre Gama

     Advertising has long been an integral function of businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs around the world. For centuries, advertising never really changed. However, over the past three decades, television, newspaper, and direct mail advertising have gone out of style in favor of advertising geared towards smartphones, social media platforms, and other Internet-based communication vehicles of advertising messages.

Not every entrepreneur in the field of advertising has been able to adapt to such changes like Brazil’s own Alexandre Gama has.

Mr. Gama is widely known as one of the premier advertising executives across the entirety of Brazil, an informal title he’s held for the better half of two decades.

But where did Alexandre Gama start his career?

Like many people who reach lofty levels of success throughout their working lives, Alexandre Gama constructed a solid base for his career by attending the FAAP – the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation – and earning a degree with a split major between mass communications and commercial advertising.

Hoping to land a killer position at a high-paying, reputable, world-renowned advertising agency, Mr. Alexandre Gama mailed paper applications on fine stationery across Brazil, the rest of South America, the United States, and even agencies in parts of Europe and Asia.

His first big-boy job

Alexandre Gama was hired by Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982. The firm – today the famous advertising agency is known as Ogilvy & Mather – was, and still is, located in New York, the United States of America.

As such, especially considering that Standard Ogilvy & Mather’s hiring of Gama was equivalent to a college professor getting hired by Harvard University, Mr. Alexandre Gama willingly – eagerly – traveled to New York City, New York, to secure the position. He worked there for eight years before moving back to Brazil to work for DM9.

Dr. Saad Saad Uses Expertise As Surgeon To Improve Lives Of Palestinian Children

Dr. Saad Saad is a highly successful pediatric surgeon that works out of Eatontown, New Jersey. The skill and expertise Dr. Saad has exhibited throughout his many years of practice have drawn the attention of his peers, as well as humanitarian groups, and even the royal family of Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Saad was contacted by the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund in 2002. The PCRF is an organized non-profit whose mission is to help secure medical aid for the Arab children living in the Middle East. The organization reached out to Dr. Saad while searching for a physician that was capable of performing a complex surgery on a 15-year-old West Bank child that was injured by gunfire.


The life of the teenager had been saved by a team of doctors at a local Israeli hospital but the injuries sustained was much too extensive for continued treatment to be given by the facility. The injured child was flown to America soon after Dr. Saad was contacted.


Dr. Saad describes the child’s condition as grim once first able to examine him. The 15-year-old had multiple holes in his abdomen and was experiencing burning of the skin as well has trouble eating solid food. Dr. Saad performed a seven-hour surgery on the Palestinian boy that successfully closed his wounds and repaired the internal damage he had sustained.


The services of Dr. Saad was needed again in 2010 by a young girl from the West Bank. The girl had been born with her intestines exposed on the outside of her body and Palestinian doctors found it a struggle to provide relief for the child. The PCRF once again took the action of sending a Palestinian child to Dr. Saad in America. And once again, Dr. Saad delivered, this time in the form of a successful five-hour surgery that covered an exposed area of the young girls’ abdomen.


These triumphs and many others on the part of Dr. Saad has resulted in the doctor being held in the highest esteem amongst the Palestinian people. In addition to the children Dr. Saad has treated in America has traveled on missions to Israel to provide medical relief for Palestinian children a total of eight times.


About Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad, M.D. is a board-certified pediatric surgeon provided services to patients in the New Jersey area. Dr. Saad is a graduate of Cairo University Medical Hospital and has well over 40 years experience as a surgeon.


In addition to maintaining his private practice, Dr. Saad is associated with Jersey Shore Medical Center, Clara Mass Medical Center, and Monmouth Medical Center.


Dr. Saad Saad has been recognized with two prestigious awards as a result of his humanitarian efforts with Palestinian children. Learn more:

Robert Ivy & American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy Background

Using the word distinguished, when describing the career of the talented Robert Ivy, is perhaps an understatement considering how successful he has become. There is a long list of accomplishments that Robert Ivy has done that has not only been beneficial for the work industry that he is in but, for other work industries as well. In addition to this, Robert Ivy has created long-lasting and well-trusted relationships with numerous respectable figures in the fields of business, architecture, and elsewhere. This just goes to show how valuable Robert Ivy is wherever he goes. Having said all of that, it is worth starting somewhere when discussing the career of Robert Ivy. So, without further ado, here is more on the career of Robert Ivy and his role at the American Institute of Architects.

More On Robert Ivy & His Current Role

To start, Robert Ivy was given the role of Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. Under these responsibilities is where Robert Ivy would quickly earn the respect and admiration that he receives on a daily basis today. By rapidly climbing the ranks in the field of architecture, Robert soon found himself as the Vice President of the McGraw-Hill Construction Media company. As a way to show that he deserved to be maned vice president of such a company, Robert Ivy made it a priority to succeed no matter what.

Robert Ivy could not have been more keen on keeping his promise to be a leading cause for the success of the company he was working for. In fact, over the course of a few years, Robert Ivy would help his company gain numerous awards and recognition for their great contributions to the architectural world. Not to mention the fact that Robert Ivy also received plenty of his own acknowledgments and recognition, it is easy to see how quickly Robert Ivy was able to achieve the amount of success that he has today.

Currently, in his role at the American Institute Of Architects, Robert Ivy has also been able to achieve many of the things that have made him successful. In fact, under the guidance of Robert Ivy, the Architectural Record received a number of distinguished recognition for their amazing contributions. Also, as if there was any more proof needed to show how great Robert Ivy is at his craft, Robert Ivy was given the pleasure and Honor of being named a “Master Architect for his efforts. Hos brilliant designs and abilities in the field of architecture were too good to not be given some kind of recognition for them. Having said that, it is impossible to see how Robert Ivy will strop receiving awards and recognition for his great work. Needless to say, Robert ivy will continue to succeed for many years to come.

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End Citizens United Boosting Democratic Candidate In Pennsylvania Special Election

     2018 appears to be the year that the Trump train falls off of the rails. With special election victory after special election victory, Democrats look to be in a position to win dozens of political offices. Now, the political action committee group End Citizens United is helping to boost a Democratic candidate in a Pennsylvania special election.

Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district Conor Lamb has been given a boost by End Citizens United in an upcoming special election taking place on March 13, 2018. With the shocking win in the Alabama Senate race, the Democrats are looking to extend their winning streak. And End Citizens United is opening up their pocketbook to help out.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has responded with their own $300,000 advertising blitz in fear of losing yet another special election to the Democrats. Republican candidate Rick Saccone was supposed to be a shoo-in candidate in the same district that Trump won by over 20 percentage points in the 2016 election. However, As of February 12, 2018, some recent polls show Saccone with just a three percentage point lead.

End Citizens United has brought in over $49,000 for Conor Lamb and they are looking to raise more funds as the special election date nears. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Conor Lamb looks to leverage his experience as a U.S. Attorney and a Marine veteran to win votes from Trump supporters. So far, the 33-year old Lamb has kept the election numbers close enough to make the race a real nailbiter.

If Conor Lamb can win the special election, the Democrats will be well positioned to take over the House of Representatives after the 2018 mid-term elections. A Democratic-run house can then counter the policies of Republican President Trump. And this disruption of the Trump Presidency could lead to a Democratic take over of the White House in 2020.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee, based in the United States. The PAC was founded as a response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. And it seeks to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling by electing Democrats to political office on a local, state and Federal level.

Among the candidate supported by End Citizens United include Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rouke. The PAC had raised over $4.4 million during the 2016 election. As of mid-2017, End Citizens United has raised over $7.5 million for various Democratic candidates.

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The American Institute of Architects, the voice of professional and aspirant architects

     The American Institute of Architects, AIA, began in 1857 after a group of 13 architects decided to promote perfection and create awareness of architects in America. The organization now comprises of around 200 employees and has its headquarters in Washington, DC. The work of the AIA is to serve its members by offering advocacy, information and ensuring they operate in unison like a community.

Before the AIA was formed, anyone was able to claim to be an architect. There were no architectural schools nor governing bodies to issue licenses. In 1857, the AIA drafted a set of rules and guidelines that were approved by all members. The members then signed up a new constitution that was aimed at promoting artistic, scientific, and professional members. The architectural constitution of the AIA comprises of over 300 chapters that were formed in various American states.

Today the AIA comprises of over 90,000 licensed architects. All of whom are professionals. The members adhere to the association’s code of ethics. Whenever they face clients, they are intended to conduct themselves professionally and assure them of their high standards of professionalism.

The AIA creates architectural awareness to its members by planning annual educational trips to hundreds of them. During these seminars, the members are advised on how best to go about their professions to maintain their licenses. They also set industry standards, promote the value of outstanding architectural design, provide online content for new architecture professionals, and market studies that advice on economic factors that affect those in the profession.

The AIA ensures that all its members practice in a professional manner to better the quality of American lives. Through regular community-based workshops, they are able to work with the federal legislators as well as local governments to promote the designing of public spaces, development of affordable housing solutions, and protect the country’s infrastructure as a whole. By using their collective power to have their members participate in policy-making activities, the AIA ensures the local, state and federal policies do not affect the member’s operations negatively.

Robert Ivy serves as the Chief Executive Officer of AIA. He is a holder of both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. He was born in Mississippi and is an architect by profession. Ivy resides in Washington, D.C. In 2009, he received the G.D. Crain Award. This was thanks to his lifetime contributions to outstanding content in the business media. In 2020, he was voted unanimously as a “Master Architect” due to his effective communication on the value of design.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is Ready with Advice

When purchasing wine, there are many ways that anyone could buy cheap and still enjoy the quality taste of much more expensive wine. Dr. Akhil Reddy gives very good advice in choosing inexpensive wine. The advice, being given from a dental doctor, helps save people money and opens a new variety of taste to the consumer. The advice given here is something that many people can take away as knowledge on buying other products. Just because the price tag is more, doesn’t always mean that the quality is better. People have to become more aware when shopping and it is explained in this interview by Dr. Akhil Reddy.
Focusing on affordable health care isn’t all that Dr. Akhil Reddy is in the business of, it’s also to provide insight on an affordable budget for wine. Dr. Akhil views himself as a wine connoisseur and provides helpful advice on buying wine that isn’t as high priced but is still high quality. Giving detailed examples on his reasoning for the wine, this allows someone to actually give the less expensive wine a taste. Dr. Akhil Reddy even goes into the details explaining how some budget wine doesn’t get the buzz it rightfully deserves. Many wines are showed with the price and most of them are a steal really. He gives advice on different wines for even different seasons of the year highlighting that some tastes are just right for certain settings. Dr. Akhil may be a dental doctor by profession but still has made time for wine testing and provides expert advice of money saving great tasting wine selections.
Not only does Dr. Akhil give advice on wine selections, but he also gives very good advice on how to dress under a white coat. Many doctors want to set a good impression on the clients while still adhering to the dress code. Dr. Akhil lets people in on his fashion sense while at the job. Recommending shirts with ties and going completely business casual sets a positive, professional impression to the client and also gives a sense of comfort to them. Dr. Akhil doesn’t just limit himself to the profession of dentistry, he also gives helpful advice on appareal and wine tasting that could ultimately save you money in the long run. He provides affordable health care and his other mission is to provide affordable wine and clothes that aren’t that expensive.

NuoDB: the Center for Exceptional Database Innovation

NuoDB is a highly reputable database business centrally positioned in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since its opening in 2008, the company has focused on developing pioneering databases, which can facilitate operational efficiencies of businesses’ vital cloud applications. It has enjoyed praises from its many clients like UAE Exchange, Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, and Alfa Systems.

Brief history

During its launch in 2008, the company was called NimbusDB and adopted the name NuoDB in 2011. The cofounders of this innovative database provider are the current CEO Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB obtained a license for its patent, “elastically scalable database,” back in July 2012. Jim Starkey is listed as the investor of this patent. In 2012, NuoDB received venture capital worth $12 million from various investors.

Awards and recognitions

NuoDB has bagged many coveted awards and received several recognitions. For example, Gartner named the firm as an important partner in its Magic Quadrant. The firm also made it to the list of 2014 Innovation All-Stars that was published in Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal.

Series B funding

In February 2014, the firm extended its Dassault Systemes-run Series B funding. NuoDB added $14.2 million to its funds from this round of funding.