The changes that True Value Company and Marketing as made to its top leadership

True Value recently announced that they would be making major changes to their company’s top leadership. They are making this move in a bid to streamline the company ahead of the many growth strategies and milestones they are planning for the coming financial year. They hope that this is the move which will attract new retail operators who will open more stores and increase their profit margins.

The company currently has more than 4,000 retailers from all over the world. Their strategic goal is to have a Destination True Value model of expansion. The appointments that they have made to try and reach the goals include Abhinav Shukla who comes in as the Senior Vice President and the chief operating officer.

Kenneth Goodgame has a lot of experience in improving global supply chains. Tim Mills comes in as the senior Vice President in charge of growth. He is experienced in hardware sales, development strategies and related operations.

Kenneth Goodgame

According to HBSDealer, the person who will be taking over the post of Senior Marketing Officer Position is Kenneth Goodgame. Kenneth has been in the retail and merchandising business for close to 30 years. This has given him all the experience that he needs to handle this job well.

Kenneth has been working with this company for close to two years now, but in a different capacity. His approach to marketing has seen the company make a turnaround from making losses to being actually profitable and by huge margins. It is his track record that has earned him the new appointment to an office with more responsibility.

It is during his tenure that the SKU EDLP program was started. The program was so successful that by the end of that year, the company became about 9 percent more profitable. He states that one of the things that truly work when it comes to merchandising is advertising. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

As long as the company is able to get the message out there to their target Niche, the sales will always grow exponentially. He views this appointment as one step of many that will come in the course of his career development.