Traveling Vineyard: venture into financial independence

Every working adult yearns for free time and more importantly financial freedom and security. They afford us the time for things that truly matter like time spent with family and friends or just having the time to explore new things. An article posted by “How to Visit Napa like a Traveling Vineyard Guide provides a metaphorical look at having the freedom to choose a path of your own. Here are some highlights from the article that may be of interest to you while visiting Napa.

• Cooking classes anyone? We all think we can cook, but would we put our best dish up against famous Chef Malcolm de Sieyes? Luckily you won’t have to, he will train you on the basics and advanced techniques for journey if you visit Silverado Cooking School.

• Olive overload: Round Pond Estate is also located in Napa and offers guided tours that explain the old world Mediterranean techniques they still use today.

Those of us that work a nine to five have all come across the self-employed individual casually going fishing on a Monday. While we’re busy caffeinating ourselves for our long day. Why not take the first steps into the world of financial freedom? What is Traveling Vineyard? How can it help me earn extra money?

The Brilliance of Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard goes right at the heart of excuse number one. I don’t have time! With Traveling Vineyard work as much or as little as you decide. What will you be doing? Selling wine of course, but not as some annoying door to door person peddling products unsolicited. The clients will invite you into their home or you can use your own home. Either way, you’re the host, you’re the expert and it all happens on your schedule.

Excuse number two, I’m not a wine expert. Again Traveling Vineyard  eliminated this problem. Once you join you be provided with all the support and education you can handle, and the expansion of your knowledge happens on your schedule at your pace via online courses.
So why not take the first steps?Come check out what opportunities Traveling Vineyard has for you.

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