How Greg Secker Became a Successful Forex Trader


Greg Secker was born on February 8, 1975, and happens to be a master trader, entrepreneur, international speaker and also a great philanthropist. He is also the proud founder of the famous Knowledge to Action Group which he also founded in the year 2003. He has been on the frontline fighting for success in his career and has always dedicated his time towards business success. Knowledge of Action consists of several companies that have played major roles towards making forex currencies affordable to many people.

The companies are learning to trade and happen to have been a leading trading company in the world and have its officers located in London, Sydney, Johannesburg and also Manila. He is also the owner of the famous SmartCharts Software which happens to be the latest in providing the best in technology. The other company that has made him so successful is the famous Capital Index which happens to have been a very successful brokerage firm in the whole world and the last one being FX Capital which happens to be a great investment service.

Greg Secker is also a famous founder of one of the largest non-profit making organizations known as The Greg Secker Foundation which happens to have been committed to improving the lives of the people around the world. Their commitment to success is always awesome and they have always been able to achieve in life. All these organizations are focused towards extending his passion towards making the lives of fellow humans better. His awesome commitment has been through proper coaching, education, support and also strategy of which so many people have been able to successfully achieve in life.

Greg Secker happens to be alumni of Nottingham University whereby he pursued food science and agriculture and has been on the frontline successfully working for success. His mission in life is to change as many people as possible and has never been left behind in his mission for success. While in school, he happened to have been a successful computers dealer and he used to love them a lot. He was able to learn to code in his career and was able to rise very well. That’s how he got a coding job at Thomas Cook Financial Services so that he could develop for them a trading platform.