Dr. David B Samadi Revolutionizes the Treatment of Prostate Cancer through SMART

The Iranian Revolution dates to 1979 when there was a complete ushering in of new world powers and the promotion of Islam. Alongside the elimination of secularism, most people suffered first-hand intolerance in the hands of the rulers. Dr. David Samadi, one Persian Jew who resided in a Muslim nation state while attending school and living a normal life with his family, was grievously affected. Concurrently, with his younger brother, they decided to flee to Brussels and later London. Well, at their tender age, they should have been under the care of their parents just like normal kids their age. But they were not; an experience that made them grow up so fast.


In his heart, Samadi aspired to be a medical doctor. Therefore, he decided to enroll for formal training with the aim accomplishing the desires of his heart. That is when he enrolled at Roslyn School for secondary education. Because the school had a rigorous academic program, Dr. David Samadi established a strong educational background coupled with a sturdy foundation. Besides, he followed multiple but useful academic programs and research projects that equipped him with the right knowledge based on his disciplines of choice. The various chances he pursued in academics offered him the opportunity to earn a leadership title in school.

University and Training

After pursuing his secondary education, Samadi decided to focus on college and earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the prestigious Stony Brook University. Startlingly, this course was on full scholarship. Of course, he registered outstanding performance and proceeded to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Alongside experienced doctors and nurses, he began training in prostate cancer, its diagnosis, and treatment. At this juncture, Dr. Samadi took advantage of the opportunity to explore all the indispensable courses to be able to join the revolutionary medical teams in the current health sector. He, therefore, joined the American Urologic Association Society for Oncology.

SMART Technology

After garnering extensive knowledge in oncology and urology, Samadi decided to venture into an advanced robotic technique by inventing a revolutionary device for surgery. SMART is a technology-linked technique that involves the sparing of a patient’s nerves during prostate surgery. The method is based on helping patients to enjoy their sex life. Well regarding SMART, Samadi believes that it is a tool meant to permit enhanced anatomy during prostatectomy. Until now, Dr. Samadi is known for using his wealth of knowledge to treat prostate cancer.

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The highest paid doctor in the United States in 2012- Dr. David Samadi

Recently, the former Republican presidential nominee called Mitt Romney disclosed his past health history. He indicated that he had gone through prostate surgery the previous year due to a growing tumor detected in his body. The announcement was a sign that he would probably run for a Senate post that was currently being held by Orin Hatch in Utah.

The surgery was done successfully by a seasoned expert called Dr. Thomas Ahlering of UC Irvine Hospital in California. The prognosis was said to be in stable condition as he joined 161, 360 other men diagnosed with the illness during 2017. The American Cancer fraternity estimated a slight increase of new cases of prostate cancer for 2018.

Prostate cancer is likely to affect older men as a recent study indicated that close to 6 cases out of 10 get detected in men aged above 65 years and rare in those below the age of 40. On average, most men get diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 66, and Romney celebrated his 70th birthday in March 2017 thus making him susceptible to prostate cancer.

Mitt Romney joins the list of other United States politicians who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and successfully received treatment. One of them is Colin Powel, the former Secretary of State who underwent surgery at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to get rid of his prostate gland. Another case was identified with John Kerry in 2002 when he was running for the President of United States position. Kerry received treatment has experienced no recurrence since then.

The patients who suffer from this illness must always make informed decisions on the type of treatment they should seek. There exist two prostate cancer treatment procedures such as radiation method and surgery treatment which comes hand in hand with different sets of pros and cons. Dr. David Samad is a seasoned Urologist and has always taken time to discuss with patients on what they would face as soon as they decide on a particular procedure.

Dr. David Samadi was born and raised in Iran before living the country with his younger brother in 1978 after the Iranian Revolution broke out. They would move to the United States after having stayed in Belgium for a while. Dr. David Samadi acquired a degree in biochemistry after which he underwent postgraduate graduate training from Montefiore Medical Center.

The highest paid doctor in New York City as of 2012, Dr. David Samadi became the Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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Dr. David Samadi Is A Caring Physician Who Treats Men Who Suffer From Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon and physician who is working to treat prostate cancer in a revolutionary way. His current work is to develop cutting edge procedure he is naming the “Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique,” otherwise known as SMART, which is does not peel off the nerves like most surgeons do before removing the prostate. This will encourage more men to not put-off getting prostate surgery due to the fears and side effects associated with the stripping of the nerves. Instead, he will use microscopic precise tools that allow him to separate the prostate without causing damage to the nerves that surround it.

Dr. David Samadi credits his ability to come up with new ideas and act on them due to the fact that he has a photographic memory. He can also draw up his ideas so he can remember them later, and he often does this. One of his memories of acting on an idea came when he was inspired by Jet Blue who ran their company tight and efficiently. This made him want to do the same, and he did by beginning to run his operating room more like a plane with him being the pilot and his staff being the copilot and rest of the crew. The fact that he also treats his staff with respect and like they are family is a part of what makes him such a unique gift to the world.

Dr. David Samadi is Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital as well as the Chairman of Urology. He is one of a small number of oncology-trained surgeons who practice in the United States, and it is his life’s mission to raise worldwide knowledge and awareness about prostate cancer, which is the second leading cause of men dying. Nine out of ten of the surgeries he performs end up with with his patient, eventually, becoming cancer free.

While all of the above achievements are wonderful, this is not what makes Dr. David Samadi so great. What makes him really stand out is his bedside manner and his ability to empathize with people. Many of his patients say that they can tell that he really cares, and that he makes them feel less alone in the world. This makes DR. Samadi happy, because his main goal in life is to focus on the happiness and well-being of others.

Dr. David Samadi Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/davidsamadi

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