Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart explains how Chainsmokers came to be

The Chainsmokers released their latest song featuring Hasley. Unlike their older hits, don’t let me down and Roses, their new hit features Andrew Taggart singing. The Chainsmokers comprises of a partnership of two music artists, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo has been in the industry not so long, but they have been doing a great job musically. Their hits are among the most popular songs in the United States.

In an interview, Alex Pall explained how the two stars met and came up to work together. He stated that he was a developing DJ and he was practicing it as a hobby. He continued that he was DJing around the New York City just for fun.

With time, Alex Pall realized that music was digging deeper into him. Therefore, Pall decided to give more attention to it and make it his full-time career. Eventually, his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart who was at that time trying to pursue his music career path. The duo met and begun working together immediately. Pall left his job, and Andrew moved from Maine to New York City for convenience.

Taggart was in college when he met with his hit partner. He was ever passionate about music production. He was being fascinated by the way some of the college DJs were becoming successful. He wanted to be successful too.

The two worked out perfectly since the very first day they met. Pall explained that they fit so well to the industry since everyone was well versed with what he brought to the pool. He said that the two pooled their efforts and abilities to ensure that they create the best products for their fanatics and supporters.

Andrew is more talented in the production sector, and Pall has better skills in the coming up with great DJ gigs. Pall is also a skilled marketer of social stuff. After working together for some days, the two liked each other more and more.

They wanted to do better each day. Alex and Andrew found it wise to dedicate all their time to building their music careers. They would spend the whole day together throughout the week.