Rodrigo Terpins and His Love for Racing

Rodrigo Terpins inherited from his father, Jack, a passion for business and a deep and lasting love for competitive sports. Jack Terpins, popularly known as Jackao, famously played basketball for Hebraica during the 60s and 70s. After his basketball playing years, he became an incredibly successful real estate investor and community leader. He became the Sports Director of Hebraica, the president of the Latin American Jewish Council, president of the Macabi Latin American Confederation, and vice president of the Macabi World Union.


Rodrigo’s love for competitive sports has been in the car racing arena. He has been highly involved with Sertoes Rally Competition for years. Early last decade he and Jack’s other son, Michel, even founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. 2015’s 23rd edition of the rally was particularly challenging and therefore enjoyable for him. That year saw the multi-stage cross-country race pass through the Brazilian states of Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo, and Parana. The rally saw Rodrigo partner with Fabricio Bianchini while Michel partnered with Fabio Pedroso. You can check out for details.



Prior to the race, the Bull Sertoes team attended a charity dinner put on by SAS Brasil, a branch of the rally that concerns itself with giving aid to financially needy communities in Brazil. This fundraising dinner as to raise the money needed for the purchase and installation of water filters in various impoverished cities throughout the country. This particular dinner marked the first time the Bull Sertoes team donated funds to the SAS cause. The installation of water filters was not the only thing SAS did that year. Every year they engage in things like medical and dental care, educational lectures, itinerant cinema, and sports competitions.


Social consciousness is not the rallies only other concern (other than racing itself). It is also a very environmentally-conscious rally, requiring all teams to follow the regulations of The Green Initiative. The Bull Sertoes team is sponsored by 100% Events, Xarla, Bull Sertões and support team MEM, Motul and Ohlins.