Securus Technologies’ impact regarding crime prevention

The objective that Securus Technologies has entails the transformation and provision of other facilities aimed at the development and improvement of the public safety. It is worth acknowledging the fact that it is the leader regarding the offer of technological advancements and solutions in different aspects of justice. They include not only criminal but also civil justice. This is meant to enhance the promotion of investigations as well as security to the entire public. From its time of establishment in the year 1986, it has improved tremendously. As of now, it has created employment opportunities exceeding a thousand.


Additionally, it is a holder of several contracts within the United States. This is inclusive of 2,600 correctional facilities. It is remarkable that its services benefit more than 2,200 people throughout the United States and Canada. In July 2016, the company ventured an excess of $600 million regarding patents, acquisitions, and technologies.


The prison administrative personnel received several customer comments. By solving and preventing crimes, they facilitate safety. Richard Smith is not only the chairman but also company’s chief executive officer. He outlines that the development of the new products happened on a weekly basis with the objective being the prevention and provision of a solution to crimes, enhancing the protection of the inmates, their relatives together with improving the execution of the laws.


It is notable that the rest of the information from the comments assisted Securus Technologies significantly in exposing the corrupt members of staff. This was done through the utilization of phone calls’ information, monitoring and getting any other necessary information from the inmates.


With the improvement regarding investigations and security, the facility has gained a lot of motivation regarding the acquirement their vision. The impact is, therefore, an aggressive set of mind in undertaking their duties assigned. The public safety has gained a lot of enhancement through the transformation of the prison surrounding.


Securus Technologies Has The Communications Ability and it Shows

Securus Technologies provides communications capabilities for inmates and their families in over 2.200 correctional institutions in Canada and the United States. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus has led the field in modern communications techniques and systems for correctional institutions.


There are several plans available for inmates and families to use, all designed to provide the most convenience and security for the situation. There is a prepaid option, where the family pays the bill in advance, the direct bill option where the family is billed directly on a monthly basis, the traditional type of collect plan, where the call is paid by the recipient of the call at the time of the call, and the inmate debit plan where the inmate pays for the call.


There is also an inmate voicemail feature where a message can be left if the inmate is away from the phone. Perhaps he or she is eating, sleeping or working, and this feature keeps the lines of communication open so a call can be returned when it is convenient.


There is a video conferencing feature where a family can forego the time and expense of a trip to the institution to visit an incarcerated loved one. Instead, time can be scheduled for a video conference to occur, and the family and the inmate can meet that way. It is actually like being together in person, only without all of the hassle of travel and time.


There is a money-transfer service where an inmate’s account can be funded by the family. This is conveniently handled with modern, up-to-date and secure systems that facilitate the process.


Securus Technologies is one of the leaders in the industry as far as providing communications services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. The level of technology, service and security is second to none and the satisfaction rate is extremely high.

Rick Smith:Owner And CEO Of Securus Technologies

Richard ‘Rick’ Smith is the owner and Chief Operating Officer of SECURUS Technologies. The company is a leading supplier of communications technology for the corrections community. The board of directors of SECURUS Technologies, Inc. voted to make Rick Smith its new CEO effective in July, 2008. Smith was selected to take over leadership of the company because of his excellent background, years of experience in the telecommunications industry, invaluable skill set and impressive track record in leading a number of different companies to long-term success.

Smith has bachelors in electrical engineering and a master’s in mathematics from the State University of New York. He also has an MBA from the University of Rochester. Plus Smith has a great deal of experience working in business development, information technology, operations and finance. For almost 10 years Richard Smith was with Eschelon Telecom serving as COO, CRO, CEO and director. During his time there he helped their revenue to grow from about $30 million to in excess of $350 million. In the summer of 2005 he helped Eschelon Telecom through a very successful initial public offering while taking the company public. Read more on

He has also held a variety of positions at Frontier Corporation in several divisions including, IT, business development and finance. He was also one of the company’s vice presidents. Richard Smith’s educational background and more than 20 years of experience in building businesses made him a good choice to take over at Securus Technologies. Plus Smith’s passion, determination, broad areas of expertise and leadership skills made him a perfect fit for the company at that time in the development, the board of directors of Securus Technologies felt.

Since he came on board as company CEO in July of 2008, Richard Smith has proven that the company’s faith in him was well justified. Smith has kept Securus Technologies on an upward trajectory and helped it to maintain and improve its position as a leading provider of technology and other products that are vital for the smooth running of over 2,450 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America. Under Rick Smith’s leadership the company has continued to add new facilities as well as update the technologies and products they offer and continue to create new ones.


Smith’s competence, expertise and understanding of communications technology as well as the new procedures and innovative initiatives he instituted has made the company more valuable and responsive to the needs of its customer base. Rick Smith’s relentless work providing SECURUS customers with superior service has helped to make the company even more focused and formidable. From its headquarters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, Securus Technologies sets the standard for inmate communications technology nationwide.

Securus Technologies – Ensuring Crime Is Reduced With The Help Of Modern Technology

Securus is a leading prison technology firm that operates across the United States, and in parts of Canada as well. The company offers its services to over 2,600 correctional facilities at the moment, and plans to expand its operations to many correctional facilities in the country, and overseas as well in the years to come. The company has invested millions into research and development in coming up with some of the best products and services for the inmates.

Some of the services the company provides include phone services, video services, voice messaging system, e-mail services, kiosks, money transfer services, and more. The best part is that the company also uses high-end technology to offer law enforcement agencies with innovative crime prevention and criminal justice technology. It helps the law enforcement officials to work in a secure environment and ensure that the offense does not take place in the community. The data analytics services of the company are highly advanced, and it provides crucial information to the law enforcement officials to catch the offenders before they can commit any crime.


The company believes in transparency in its operations, and that is why it asked all the investors and customers to visit their technology center in Dallas, TX. The company recently released a press release online where it also showcased parts of letters the company received from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement has written in the letter how the company helps them catch the culprits with ease, and is even effective in reducing inmate on inmate crime in the correctional space.


I have worked with law enforcement agencies for years and can say without a doubt that the technology offered by Securus Technologies is one of the finest in the market. I hope the company continues to modernize the incarceration experience and help keep the communities safe and secure.



Thanks to Securus; we can Safely Communicate with our Incarcerated Friends and Family

Securus is a preeminent software technology company in the US. It started in 1986, and its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company according to has now been serving government correction facilities for thirty years. It is currently serving 3400 correctional facilities, and 48 states are using their software product to monitor thousands of inmates easily. Their several innovations have made Securus acquire several government patents for their unique software products. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus’s role to public safety

The company’s role is to give high-tech solutions to problems legal authorities face when maintaining public safety. These technologies assist judicial authorities in areas such as law enforcement and offer monitoring systems in correctional facilities. Several government facilities across the US and Canada are using securus’ software. Last year Securus Technology released its latest THREADS 3.1, a redesigned upgrade of the Cornerstone Investigative Software what was used to promote transparency in investigations. In the update, Securus tried to incorporate the latest advancements in technology but still retained the desired software’s application for government use.

Advantages of THREADS 3.1

I find the THREADS 3.1 quite efficient because it is easier to use following its simple enhanced navigation controls on the interface which one can read and be able to use the software efficiently. They added a Secure Call Platform in the software and customized the software platform from Silverlight to HTML 5. HTML 5 allows the software to merge with other products Securus has launched. The software adds more intelligence to investigators since the upgrade has also incorporated a recorder on it, which makes it better than the previous one. Through the software, the government can now tap into the calls of the Secure Call Platform.

Benefits of the Secure Call Platform

Securus’ invention of the Secure Call Platform has been upgraded and now has very many advantages. Some of them are;
1. The software is now readily available on tablets, PCS and mobile phones to all linked in customers online.
2. One can easily create an account on the software to enroll for a secure call. There are DIY steps given in their program.
3. Finally, the new upgrade has an email notification program to keep you up to date with your account.

Earlier in the year Securus Technology appointed a senior sales executive to develop a great team of salespersons to market over 800 products to law enforcement agencies and government correctional facilities. The companies’ innovations are marvelous; it’s the only company which provides solutions to governments.

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