Thanks to Securus; we can Safely Communicate with our Incarcerated Friends and Family

Securus is a preeminent software technology company in the US. It started in 1986, and its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company according to has now been serving government correction facilities for thirty years. It is currently serving 3400 correctional facilities, and 48 states are using their software product to monitor thousands of inmates easily. Their several innovations have made Securus acquire several government patents for their unique software products.
Securus’s role to public safety

The company’s role is to give high-tech solutions to problems legal authorities face when maintaining public safety. These technologies assist judicial authorities in areas such as law enforcement and offer monitoring systems in correctional facilities. Several government facilities across the US and Canada are using securus’ software. Last year Securus Technology released its latest THREADS 3.1, a redesigned upgrade of the Cornerstone Investigative Software what was used to promote transparency in investigations. In the update, Securus tried to incorporate the latest advancements in technology but still retained the desired software’s application for government use.

Advantages of THREADS 3.1

I find the THREADS 3.1 quite efficient because it is easier to use following its simple enhanced navigation controls on the interface which one can read and be able to use the software efficiently. They added a Secure Call Platform in the software and customized the software platform from Silverlight to HTML 5. HTML 5 allows the software to merge with other products Securus has launched. The software adds more intelligence to investigators since the upgrade has also incorporated a recorder on it, which makes it better than the previous one. Through the software, the government can now tap into the calls of the Secure Call Platform.

Benefits of the Secure Call Platform

Securus’ invention of the Secure Call Platform has been upgraded and now has very many advantages. Some of them are;
1. The software is now readily available on tablets, PCS and mobile phones to all linked in customers online.
2. One can easily create an account on the software to enroll for a secure call. There are DIY steps given in their program.
3. Finally, the new upgrade has an email notification program to keep you up to date with your account.

Earlier in the year Securus Technology appointed a senior sales executive to develop a great team of salespersons to market over 800 products to law enforcement agencies and government correctional facilities. The companies’ innovations are marvelous; it’s the only company which provides solutions to governments.

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