George Soros: The Ferguson Connection

The United States was forever changed in August of 2014. A young black male name Michael Brown was shot by a police officer and apparently left dead in the street for many hours. Members of the Black Community were outraged by the incident. Soon, many people started to gather outside and the incident grew into a national event that attracted millions of people from the country and around the world.

One person that was paying close attention to this situation was named George Soros. He is a leading liberal supporter that has helped the cause of minorities and immigrants in the past. Soros is known for making huge financial donations to various causes that he supports.

His work is very important because he is a leading contributor to various liberal organizations that work to keep government and local institutions in check. Without his funding, much liberal organization probably could not stay functional and/or relevant. Learn more about George at Biography.

Ferguson, Missouri became an international incident because of the ongoing police brutality crises within the black community. While this crisis is nothing new, certain situations that arise keeps brining this situation to the forefront. Back in 2013, a white man by the name of George Zimmerman was acquitted for the shooting death of Treyvon Martin which took place in February of 2012.

Many black people were outraged by this situation. Then when the Michael Brown incident took place; black people from this generation were fed up. That is when they decided to stand up and speak out about this ongoing problem.

Various African American protest groups descended into Ferguson to protest the death of Brown. George Soros had funded many groups who came into the area. He did not fund them to create problems or to cause chaos; he funded them so they could speak out against the brutality and injustice that was happening to blacks everywhere by the hands of the police.

Many different groups who are not necessarily involved in racial matters came to Ferguson to stand with the newly emerging anti-racial groups that were present. Groups such as the Drug Policy Alliance, Equal Justice USA, Sojourners and from the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington had all merged in Ferguson to help support the protest. These groups were supported by Soros. They came to show solidarity with the newly emerging Black Lives Matter organization.

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Black Lives Matter was already in operation before the Michael Brown shooting. However, this situation catapulted them into the spotlight. Soros is known for his many great donations. You can check them out in his great book The Philanthropy of George Soros. He is a man who wants societies to remain open and free. He sees police brutality as a means to restrict this freedom. This is why he works hard to support liberal organizations and helps to form protests when they are needed. Know more on about George Soros.

The Life and Charity Of Dick DeVos

Born to Amway founder Richard DeVos Sr., Dick DeVos has been ensconced in the corporate world ever since childhood. When he finally joined the family business in 1974, he spent time working in almost every department so that by the time he became a vice president in 1984, he was an expert on every aspect of the company.

Dick DeVos chose this time to diversify his experience, purchasing and becoming CEO of the Orlando Magic, an NBA team based in Florida. He returned to Amway two years later when he was offered the position of President. He is also the main impetus behind the Windquest Group, an investment management group specializing in technology and clean energy solutions.

As impressive as his corporate resume is, it pales in comparison to the charitable works he and his wife, Betsy, have funded over the years. Since its establishment in 1990, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has donated thousands of dollars to dozens of education initiatives and religious schools. He also opened the nation’s first charter school for aviation, as well as establishing several scholarships designed to help bright students from developing countries pursue higher education opportunities in management and business.

He and his wife are also avid supporters of the arts, donating over $22 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management and supporting ArtPrize, a Grand Rapids art competition, since 2009.

Devos’ commitment to promoting strong character and moral fiber are best exemplified, however, by his best-selling book Rediscovering American Values, in which he collects and recounts inspiring stories of people achieving success in their personal and professional lives by being honest, compassionate, and hard working.

DeVos is currently spending his time focusing on the Windquest corporation, while still staying active on the boards of the Orlando Magic and several of the charitable associations he has founded. He spends his free time flying helicopters, sailing competitively, and enjoying the company of his seven children and their children.


Amway Co-Founder Dick DeVos Gives $1.2 Billion To Charity

Amway co-founder Rich DeVos is a billionaire. That not surprising when you understand that Amway products are sold and used by millions of people worldwide. What many people don’t know is the DeVos family has given over $1.2 billion to a wide variety of philanthropic causes and organizations. They donate about $90.9 million a year to charity. About half their donations go to education, just over a quarter goes to support health and community service, and churches, faith-based organizations, cultural and arts institutions split the rest evenly.

This information was revealed in a Forbes magazine article which ranked the DeVos family 20th on the list of the Top 50 philanthropists. Normally the DeVos family keeps its charitable activities secret. But they said they shared the information with Forbes in hopes it would encourage others to give to charitable organizations and causes as well. Their donations support local schools, a children’s hospital, a women’s shelter, a homeless shelter that helps people return to stable living, job support and other social services, as well as provides over 50,000 meals a year for the needy.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1926, Richard M. DeVos, Sr. began his rise to fame and fortune when together with Jay Van Andel and co-founded Amway in 1959. The company stated in DeVos’ basement and grew to become a giant in the direct marketing industry. It made DeVos one of America’s 10 wealthiest people with a net worth of $5 billion. DeVos is also the owner of the highly successful NBA franchise the Orlando Magic. But no matter how much success he’s achieved, DeVos has remained steadfast in his commitment to support the people and institutions in Western Michigan where he was born and raised.

Educated at Calvin College, DeVos was a member of the U.S. Army Air Corp during World War II. After the success of Amway, Richard DeVos and Charles Paul Conn co-authored a book called believe that talked about the keys to success in life and in business. DeVos also wrote Hope From My Heart: Ten Lessons For Life and Compassionate Capitalism. Those works along with his history of generosity, charity, and philanthropy capture the true spirit of Richard DeVos.