For Clay Hutson, Working With Well-Known Music Acts As A Production Manager Comes With The Job.

For Clay Hutson, being a tour manager for some amazing talents is just part of his job. Concerning his educational background, Mr. Hutson was awarded a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in theater design. He also earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Ross School of Business.


After graduating from college, Hutson worked as a sound engineer and a project manager. Hutson once worked and traveled with famous evangelist, Billy Graham’s sound team. After a certain point in his career, he decided to apply his technical and stage skills to the music industry, which he likes.


Clay Hutson gained exposure in the music milieu by working several jobs, which exposed him to areas of sound engineering, tour management, and live performances. Because of this important experience he had gained by working in many different facets of this niche area of music and live performance, Hutson decided to start his own business.


Hutson realized that he was a natural entrepreneur and had success running his own company. Mr. Hutson’s small business proliferated based on a reputation for his hard work and quality. When asked about why he decided to venture out on his own as a small business owner, he noted that he had had plenty of time working as a sound engineer in the live entertainment business, and experience in tour production.


Hutson also noted that he had gained a lot of experience along with key skills and important lessons in his prior positions. The recession hit the company he worked for at the time. Because of this, Hutson decided to disassociate from this struggling company by leaving to start his own company. Hutson remarked about choosing an entrepreneurial role that he knew that he was prepared to venture out on his own in business by taking that leap of faith; he was able to land on his feet.


When Hutson was asked what his business fortes are, Clay said that they include sound engineering, rigging services, and live production services. Clay also noted that the areas of his work include production design and management as well as logistics and stage management.


Clay Hutson also stated that he gets a lot of his new business from friends and even colleagues who have recommended Hutson to their clients. Of late, Hutson has focused on stage management endeavors. Hutson considers himself to be a very hard worker. Learn more: