Elite Millennials Clubbing with Magnises

Magnises is a private club for young, affluent millennials, which offers its member a full spectrum of benefits aside from the remarkable experiences. As an experimental and benefits avenue for elite millennials, Magnises helps its registered members in unlocking their cities as well as taking their lives to greater heights. As a member, a young millennial will enjoy a wide variety of well-placed benefits, which include some experiences for members only on en.wikipedia.org and exclusive benefits in various cities among several others.

The experiences from Magnises ranges from a wide variety of uniquely set professional experiences to cultural experiences. All these experiences are selected to coincide with the varied interests of the club’s members. Affluent millennials have an opportunity to enjoy tastings with renowned chefs, concerts for private members only as well as enjoying exclusive art previews at top-ranking galleries. As a member at Magnises, you will have access to benefits and perks around your city. Some of such benefits include full access to various hottest clubs, shows, and concerts, members-only pricing on tickets to breathtaking sporting events as well as complimentary upgrades on your travel bookings globally.

Magnises membership additionally gives you access to other excellent benefits apart from those involving fun-bringing activities. One of such membership benefits is the concierge services. Magnises NOW, which is a highly demanded concierge app on cnbc.com, acts as a personal assistant close at hand. The app can help you with suggestions for wonderful experiences in and around your city, nightlife and dining recommendations, and reservations as well as respond to any of your general queries concerning your membership. A membership with Magnises gives access to excellent Hotspots, which are strategically positioned throughout various cities. Such Hotspots offers members and their guests as well a platform where they can host meetings, mingle with one another, catch up on some work or even relax with good drinks after a long, busy day.

The Magnises community has a diverse, unique and versatile group of experience seekers, tastemakers as well as influencers from all across the nation. Each member of the Magnises community receives a personalized black card as a physical proof of Magnises membership. The Magnises membership card can also serve as a tool for making payments if it is linked to an existing debit or credit card. With all the benefits that come alongside being a Magnises black membership cardholder, they serve as enough incentives for you to join the Magnises club.

Magnises aims at creating your social network offline. With the club’s black membership card, you will experience a VIP social life without altering your monthly spending habits. Currently, the membership card for Magnises serves only New York’s affluent millennials, though some members are globally based. Noticeably, about 85% of Magnises members are aged between 21 and 29 years. The Magnises club does not actually focus on occupation or income. They are more about what they will bring to the lives of their members, giving more generous perks to their members as well as what additions they are making to the community. The black membership card is open for application by anyone. The process involves an aspiring member filling out an application form on Magnises official website and later a phone interview.