Smartphone Sales In Venezuela Up

Economists like Danilo Diaz Granados are well aware of the crisis that is currently affecting the Venezuelan economy. Numerous industries are strongly affected and watched their profits dwindle over the years. The fact is that the smart-phone market has also been hit by slumping sales. However, those in the industry predict a sharp rise over the next few years. By the year 2020 it is estimated that at least 50 percent of the market will be LTE smart-phones.
Higher Speeds & Technology
People in the industry are predicting major changes in the smart-phone market in Venezuela. They see a rapid improvement in sales that are directly due to the vast improvements in technology. Venezuelans now have access to higher speeds and the latest technological improvements. However according to, 2G is the norm for smart-phones in the country. The prediction is that 3G and 4G will take over the smart-phone market in the country by the year 2020.