Jason Hope Forecasts Major Advances For The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and futurist from Arizona that recently spoke publicly about his thoughts on the progression of the ‘internet of things’ in the present year. The internet of things is an expansive network that connects people and devices. Hope is passionate about the innovative solutions of current technology and maintains a website that provides a location for forward-thinking start-up companies to seek the funding needed to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Jason Hope recently released an e-book to Amazon that gives a detailed explanation of the internet of things and gives instruction to young innovative minds in regards to how they can prepare themselves to take full advantage of this technology as connected devices continue to evolve.

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

Jason Hope explains that AI programs are enabled to communicate with both Humans and computers. Most people do not know the extent to which they already use AI programs until understanding that platforms like Siri and Google Assistant are examples of this. Companies will seek to make programs containing AI operate with more usefulness and intuition in 2018.

Blockchain Security Enhancement

The word blockchain for most people bring thoughts of the cryptocurrencies that have caused a stir for investors. The blockchain is an integral component to cryptocurrency transactions because of the security and anonymity that is afforded to account holders. The rising number of transactions that are facilitated by devices has increased the need for this type of security and IBM is currently collaborating with several companies to employ blockchain security measures to the internet of things. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Improved Marketing Measures

Jason Hope feels that it is pertinent for marketers to comprehend the volume of information transferred from device to device due to the internet of things. By gathering and analyzing this data, marketing solutions can be devised that are based on the behaviors of people in the real world and not on surveys. This information can be useful for creating general marketing solutions as well as more individualized marketing techniques.

Improved Industrial Technologies

Skilled workers that perform tasks utilizing dangerous machinery are often overseen by humans to assure their safety. Machinery that is enabled with AI capabilities are capable of storing and utilizing safety information and will cause working environments to become safer for skilled laborers. In addition to providing more safety to workers, this technology will also cause machinery to become more efficient.

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Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation Address Age-Related Illness

Born and raised in Arizona, Jason Hope would go on to graduate from Arizona State University with a focus on finance and the goal of becoming an acclaimed futurist and entrepreneur. With over a decade of work now at his back, Hope has steadily crafted his reputation into that of a skilled futurist who knows where to be and when to be there in the realm of technology. Building his brand in mobile technology, Hope managed to earn the flexibility needed early on in his career that would allow him to pursue broader subjects. Hope would fall in love and become fascinated with the importance of biotechnology and almost a decade ago today, he would make a huge move in order to support the field.

In 2010, Jason Hope decided that he wanted to support a non-profit research facility based out of California known as the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation, led by Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope, has been uniquely focused on developing an answer to the problems that have plagued humanity in our advanced years. Addressing age-related illness may not seem like the most pressing issue in the medical field, but the truth is quite to the contrary. Dr. Aubrey De Grey and Jason Hope both realized early on that biotechnology allows for an answer to problems that have been absolutely devastating to families all around the world. The harsh reality of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, coupled with more ‘routine’ age-related diseases, was something that simply could not be ignored. So, after much deliberation and research, Hope signed off on a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation.

The donation that Jason Hope gave to the SENS Foundation was put to immediate use in addressing one of the most common problems in advanced age patients: hardening arteries. Arteriosclerosis is a problem that plagues our elderly and it is one that Hope and the SENS Foundation both believe can potentially be remedied by advanced work and research. Arteriosclerosis leads to the triggering of high blood pressure and it is one of the most common triggers for other illnesses in our advanced age population.

Hope and Dr. de Grey are both of a similar mind in that they don’t believe that aging has to be something expected of us. Hope and Dr. De Grey believe that there are medical trends that can be reversed and ways to address how our body starts to fall apart as we age. For all of our sakes, we hope that their work is a success.

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Jason Hope Releases New Book On Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has certainly done quite a bit for the tech industry. Now, he wants to help others understand the industry by gibing them a detailed understanding of everything that goes on. is seminal work is titled Understanding The Internet Of Things Revolution. He plans on using the book as a way of helping people learn more about what will be going on in our homes, our cars, and our everyday lives. The book does so in the most down to earth style with witty and thoughtful remarks throughout. His stature in tech is imposing but his ability to explain things is very down to earth.

The most amazing thing about the book is that he gives a glimpse into some of the most exciting trends around us. We can clearly see the effects of the internet of things just by searching around and looking at many household appliances. We know that our cars are starting to use self driving algorithms and we know that our washing machines are being equipped with tech as well. Just about everywhere you the internet of things is starting to grow. The need to understand this is most obvious than ever before.

Before, you could’ve mistaken the internet of things for a fad. He makes it clear that this is not a fad and that we are going to see this stick around for some time to come. There aren’t many people who have the guts to do what he’s managed to do, but his style isn’t like others. Jason Hope provides an insight into what the next 10 to 20 years is going to look like and what to expect. While there are others out there with a similar subject matter his book is doing something that most others couldn’t even wish to touch.

Jason Hope has made it so easy to understand these complex subjects that it’s no wonder why he keeps going so far in the world of tech. The tech industry is moving to Arizona and he is playing a big role in bringing it there. You don’t need to see much to understand that he didn’t make his million dollar fortune off of nothing. It took some serious thinking to get it there, but he’s done well for himself. The world is going to change in a big way very soon. He’s giving a heads up everyone can enjoy on their own.

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Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is many things: a technology guru, a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an educator, leader of the Jason Hope SENS foundation and, perhaps most importantly, a futurist. Jason’s firm conviction that technology is the driving force behind human progress across the world makes him a true driver of change. With the unique blend of expertise, skill and entrepreneurial drive, Hope is a one-of-a-kind visionary in the modern technological landscape, specifically the “Internet of Things.”

The Internet of Things, or IoT technology’s attempt to intrude on virtually every function in our daily lives, not just smartphones and tablet computers. With the internet of things, when you turn on your TV, your television automatically syncs to your phone and seamlessly jumps to the program you were watching on your smartphone. Your microwave, too, can be set to turn off via cell phone, or your refrigerator automatically lowering your refrigerator temperature while you’re at work to save energy and to know more click here

In the business atmosphere, the Internet of Things is promoting extremely rapid advancements in analytics and automation in real-time, giving managers more information and allowing them to make informed decisions on the fly rather than waiting for daily or weekly reports. Europeans seem to be adopting the IoT method in their daily lives faster than Americans, which is one reason Jason Hope works so strongly to promote IoT in America and abroad.

As a product of the technological age, Jason Hope also understands the importance of online marketing, specifically social media marketing. Investing resources to advertise online is no longer just an online enterprise, as the IoT has made it so smartphones, televisions, gas stations, tablets, radios, social media and other platforms can be viewed and experienced on multiple devices. Jason Hope knew this long ago and continues to promote the Internet of Things as not just “the next big thing” but a whole new way of life across the globe.