Investments that made the Fortress Investment Group.

The Fortress Investment Group has become one of the most recognizable alternative asset management firms in the country. The group has gone through a cycle of events that started as a private firm them became public and then returned to private status again. The group in all this time has been posting superb results and growing its assets under management at every level. Having started with 400 million dollars today its managing more than 40 billion dollars in a span of twenty years and has been able to invest more than 100 billion dollars through their credit division both in direct investments and credit to others.

In 2015 it announced the launch of a 5 billion investment kitty that would be used to invest in special opportunities this line of credit has posted quite a measurable level of success and by 2018 the group was considering 2 billion more for the same. After the Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank they were able to focus more on investments that they would have otherwise treated more cautiously as a public group. Today Softbank the largest shareholders have given the group’s leadership a free hand to make more investment decisions as they have already proven able to drive the group’s growth. Co-CEO Peter Briger together with Wesley R. Edens and Randal Nardone who are both Cofounders have over the years proved their worth to the group and are listed as some of the most influential business personalities in America.

The fortress investment Group continues to take a special interest in the railroad sector even as it continues to grow Brightline its main investment in the sector. They recently acquired the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic railway assets which were auctioned for about sixteen million dollars. This investment is expected to cost Fortress a further twelve billion to review following the damage caused by the derailment of an oil-carrying train under the previous owner. The Fortress Investment Group, however, believe the expertise they have acquired through their private passenger rail networks in Florida will help them turn the assets of this other network around and make it a worthwhile investment.

Ricardo Tosto Leads Leite, Tosto, and Barros to Legal Business Skies

Ricardo Tosto is an outstanding lawyer in Brazil. An entrepreneur and astute legal mind, he maneuvered through a forest of competitors to stand at the top of the hill. Ricardo Tosto has made his business a force to reckon with in Brazil in just a few years. Mr. Ricardo has successfully defended companies and individuals in court over the years. Some of the cases he featured in were high profile ones that thrust him into the limelight. His clients ranged from politicians, large Brazilian interest groups, multinational companies and more. Interestingly, it has not always been about money for Ricardo Tosto, he has been involved in pro bono activities too. Mr. Ricardo is respected for his contributions to the Brazilian legal growth. He has since built, Leite, Tosto and Barros, a reputable legal firm that incorporates many of the employees as partners.

Education and Career

Mr. Ricardo attended Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he attained his Bachelor of Laws degree. He also took studies in Business Administration. Mr. Ricardo is a public figure in Brazil. He was featured in the 2013 edition of Latin Lawyer. His legal firm Leite, Tosto, and Barros is an authority in matters relating to high-value litigation. Leite, Tosto, and Barros have also had a successful run with class action suits. Since it was among the first legal firm to offer the service in Brazil, it attracted a lot of clients. Brazil is well known for its love for mass action suits

The Company

Leite, Tosto and Barros and Mr. Ricardo, in particular, have a knack for financial lawsuits. Their performance in bank lawsuits has attracted a lot of interest and admiration from bankers. The firm has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of financial matters through the successful representation of its clients. If you thought that Leite, Tosto, and Barros only knows about financial litigation, you will have to look again. The company has a team of highly competent lawyers including Ricardo Tosto in criminal matters. In one of the recent encounters, in a case of international stature, Leite, Tosto, and Barros are tackling a money laundering case involving Swiss Authorities. Leite, Tosto, and Barros have over 35 lawyers who provide pro bono services. It uses the pro bono service to promote new employees. The legal firm has its headquarters established in Sao Paulo. Ricardo Youtbe channel

Investment Experts- Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital can well be described as a global banking investment firm. Recently ; the firm accomplished one of the most successful transactions by acting as a financial advisor in arranging an equity growth for one of their clients’; Sterling Packaging. The firm; Sterling Packaging is an organization located in Selkirk Manitoba is one of the leading firms that has been manufacturing folding cartons distributing their products as well as services in the United States of America and Canada. It has expanded its services to Monroeville, Alabama. The equity transaction which was announced by the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital; Charles Botchway was offered by Druid Capital Partners and was led by Jay Rodgers who is the current Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital.

Sterling Packaging founders; Jim and Debbie Hickson together with their team have been working effortlessly to build a leading firm which according to the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital; Mr. Jay, have been doing a brilliant job and with the help of Druid Capital they will expend their business. Mr. Rodgers said that Madison Street Capital was happy to assist the two companies to come together and realize their goals. On the other hand Druid managing Partner Mr. Martin Holt mentioned that they are pleased to work with Debbie and Jim as they are very devoted to their work. They did not forget to mention their leadership skill which is evident in their children as well as their company’s progress. Martin also appreciated Madison for assisting in the transaction. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital is a global investment bank that is built on strong values which include; integrity, service delivery, leadership, as well as first-rate services. The firm has been offering financial advisor services, mergers, valuation, and acquisition among other services to their customers who include both private and public investors. Ever since their foundation Madison Street Capital reputation has been improving which has offered them a great opportunity to expand their services and products to other parts of the world including; Africa, Asia, and Europe. Learn more:

The firm has a strong mission of taking their clients project and convert it to theirs; this has assisted them to help their customers accomplish their growth. Madison’s Street Capital staffs are skilled and well trained to handle their clients’ challenges while providing high class customer service. Madison Street Capital has long term experience and the knowledge to match potential buyers, and sellers as well as capitalizing and funding structures to each of their unique customers. Learn more:


Equities First ZA Exists to Help You in Reaching Your Goals

There are a myriad of reasons why one may want to acquire capital through a loan. However, it’s highly recommended for whoever that may be seeking a loan to ensure that they’re obtaining one from a lender that is truly reliable and honest in its transactions. One of the best ways to know whether your lender is one that you can depend on to provide you with the best deals that they possibly could is by seeing the reviews, feedback and ratings that they’ve received from providing such services.

Equities First Holdings is a lender that has certainly received several positive remarks and ratings from those who have been able to obtain loans from them in the past. They offer some of the best loans in pertinence to interest rates with fair rules of collateral. One cannot deny that they are indeed an organization that exists to help people in their lives for anything that they may need.

High net-worth individuals may also be a group of people who may be wanting to attain a loan, however, some have found it difficult to attain a loan for an amount that they may specifically be wanting. Equities First Holdings offers them solutions of obtaining loans that they may have not necessarily been able to come upon from anyone else. They’re a lending organization that believes in helping everybody, not just a select group. Meaning, high net-worth individuals are not excluded from the list of people who may be able to obtain a loan from them. If you are wanting to see what you can do about obtaining a loan, please do not hesitate to contact one of the lending professionals of Equities First Holdings today and they will be more than glad to assist you on building capital for your goals.

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Martin Lustgarten: An Expert in Investment Banking

Investment banking is a banking division concerned with the creation of capital for other entities like companies and governments. Investment banks act as underwriters or client’s agents in the issuance of securities. In their operations, investment banks brokers trade for their customers and facilitate business practices like reorganizations or mergers and acquisitions.

Investment banks apply the services of investment bankers who assist companies and governments plan and manage large projects; this helps the client in identifying and understanding the risks associated with an individual project before embarking on it. Investment bankers have high expertise and information on their field about the current investment climate; this drives institutions to turn for their advice on how best to plan and implement a project. Through their accrued knowledge in the field, investment bankers can recommend the best steps to take based on current economic affairs.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been making great fortunes from investment banking. Investors need smart investment bankers at their services to help them get the best from investments. Lustgarten is one of the most intelligent minds in investment banking and has been assisting his clients for years. He has developed a trait of keeping an eye on each market to spot trends when they start; this ability allows him to get the best results for his clients.

Born in Florida in 1959, Lustgarten has excelled in investment banking, doing business with major banks in Florida and the United States in general. He has specialized in offering import services through his company which imports goods and then resells them. He has been conducting sales and imports from various countries like France, Singapore and Venezuela. Within a decade, Lustgarten has made significant achievements through his investment banking venture including investing in real estate.

Lustgarten has had great business deals with large private corporations like Shell Capital, propelling him to be a famous icon in investment banking. Being a smart and hardworking investor, Martin works incredibly hard to get the best investment possible. His strategies of investing in the foreign exchange market and banks have thrived enabling him to invest in companies in Paris and other countries.

Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most prominent bankers in the entire world. Investment banking is a difficult industry to break into, and he has shown others that it is possible to get ahead if you can work hard enough. He has a great background in education, and during his time in the industry he has built up a huge customer base. Investment banking is difficult because you have to deal with both numbers and people at the same time. Investment bankers have a huge stress level over them, specifically because they have to try and beat the market. Over time, many people drop out instead of having to deal with all of the stress.

Investing Advice

Martin Lustgarten makes his money by teaching others how to invest successfully. Over time, he has built up a huge following of people who trust his investment advice. A lot of people like to listen to his views on the market, especially because he has a lot of experience beating other people in the industry. If you want to make a difference in your investment portfolio, getting quality advice is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Final Thoughts

Martin Lustgarten is one of those people who loves his work. Over his career, he has built up a great client base who trusts his advice. This is a great example of the impact that one person can make on other people. There are a lot of things that he is working on to better his career. Anyone who wants to get investment advice for their portfolio should use his services. Over time, he has proven to care about his customers like few other people in the industry. The great thing for him is that his career is still fairly new. Over the next couple of years, he will continue to expand his influence within the investment banking industry as a whole.

Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to learn more about his personal life and business.