Todd Lubar Breaks Down Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship continues to be an increasingly popular career choice amongst millennials and people 50 years of age alike. Although it has consistently seen growth throughout the years, recent research has suggested that the reasons for this choice of career vary considerably with age groups. While those 50 years of age or older site autonomy, as well self-employment as some of the prime reasons that they choose to be entrepreneurs, millennials have stated that the ability to enact change within their direct communities, as well as a yearning for visibility, are often some of their heaviest motivators.

Regardless of a person’s reason for becoming an entrepreneur, many professional investors agree that the ability to be successful in this world is predicated upon a few major attributes. Of these attributes, they have highlighted persistence, dedication, transparency, and inquisitiveness. Persistence is almost universally agreed upon as the most important attribute to have as an entrepreneur because failures are sure to come, but those who continue on, despite these failures are traditionally the winners. Due to the reality that entrepreneurship is often intimately connected with issues affecting the particular entrepreneur, dedication is an absolute necessity. Entrepreneurs should also be transparent, having significant knowledge about the subject that they are addressing, while also knowing how to convey their visions to their audiences. While these traits are considered to be necessary for most professional investors, they also suggest that every successful entrepreneur is well acquainted with failure. Failure is considered necessary, as it helps to mold the entrepreneur, as well as the products that they are pushing. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar is the current President of TDL Global Ventures, founding the company after spending over 20 years in the financial world, and deciding that he needed to implement a new solution for how people address their financial statuses. Throughout his career, Todd Lubar has been ranked amongst the top mortgage originators in the United States and has been very active in several industries, including entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking. Mr. Lubar attributes his organization skills, as well as his ability to keep a watchful eye on developing trends, as key factors to his success as an entrepreneur.

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Eric Pulier Speaks the Language of Computers

There was a time that when one thought of American entrepreneurs and business leaders, one thought of manufacturers. Today, one is more likely to think of those who have mastered the technological revolution, with last names like Jobs, Zuckerberg, or Bezos. But while Eric Pulier may not be as well known as these names, he has definitely played a prominent role in the ever evolving digital highway. In fact, given the body of projects that Pulier has either been directly involved in developing or financing (15), in the end Eric Pulier may be known as the low-key force behind some of this century’s lasting innovations.

Born in 1966, the New Jersey native got an early introduction to programming computers while still in the fourth grade. Showing entrepreneurial ability at an early age as well, Pulier started and ran a database search company while still in high school. He attended Harvard University from 1984-1988 while attending classes at the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988 with a bachelors degree in English and American literature. But while reading and writing were passions, they were not where his business interests lie.

In 1991 he relocated to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things (PDT), an organization that took a technological approach to issues concerning education and healthcare. He left PDT in 1994 to found Digital Evolution, an interactive digital company. In the late 1990s Pulier created the software company SOA, and became a prime organizer for a social media site called Star Brite for the now defunct charity The Starlite Children’s Foundation.

However, Mr. Pulier’s most notable achievement during this time is probably his work early in the second term of the Clinton/Gore administration. Pulier was the architect behind the public “Bridge To The 21st Century” technological display that was seen by thousands of visitors during inaugural week.

Since that time, Pulier has continued both innovative and investing work by co-founding the pioneering cloud platform company Service Mesh, the cloud to laptop company Desktone, and most recently, as General Manager and vice president of cloud services for international company Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Pulier left CSC in 2015 and currently lives in Los Angeles with his family, continuing his computer speak through writing and lecturing.