Pushing Through Your To-Do-List: Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing platform that allows professionals in businesses to collaborate and connect remotely to perform jobs. Since starting in 2015, Upwork has amassed a registration of freelancers up to 12 million and clients reaching nearly 5 million. As freelancers work towards finishing jobs for clients, there are many things they must take into consideration. As they create essential to-do-lists, here a few effective tools to get through your day a lot faster.

Capture It All

There is such a thing called the Zeigernik Effect. This basically means while in-complete tasks continue to float around in your head, it stops you from focusing on those in the present. You will feel weighed down and soon stressed out. Even if you think you have a great memory, you should always capture your tasks in a to-do list. Write down everything so you don’t forget anything.

Advanced List

Since our energy is at its highest level when we wake up in the morning, you should utilize this time to begin preparing your list for the day. Taking advantage of writing a to-do-list the night before. It not only creates a good habit, but will make you more productive during the day.

One Location

Instead of having massive sticky notes on your desk, computer or even the wall, you want to have everything that you need for your to-do-list in one location. This also refers to having many different types of to-do-list software applications, which can become a disorganized situation. To make life easier, find one tool and put all of your tasks in that area.


It’s important to add time attributes to all of your tasks. You should be jotting down the time to start the task, when will you work on it and how long will the test take you. This technique will certainly force you to correctly plan better and execute your task list.

Creating a to-do-list is not simply just a list of tasks you view on a daily basis. It is a productivity timeline developed to help you push through your day in an effective manner.