EOS Achieves A High Level Of Market Success

Investing in their own production facility was one way that EOS geared the success of their company in their benefit. EOS wanted to become a brand that could satisfy the needs of their customers and the demand for the product without having to rely on outside resources. The decision to invest in this core facility instead of hype marketing at the outset of the company helped them to build a more solid foundation.

When the time did come for the company to market their product they did so via heavy influenced marketing. They used the older advertising methods like magazine and television marketing, but also employed newer methods that would help them to reach a wider audience and their target audience, female millennials. They got in touch with those influences like widely watched beauty bloggers and let them create the magic. Just one or two YouTube recaps of EOS lip balm products taken at the suggestion of a trusted beauty YouTube video could reach several hundred thousand viewers.

In addition to influenced marketing on the internet, the ULTA sold brand also used popular celebrities to promote their brand. Britney Spears promoted the product as well as Taylor Swift for the Asian market, and widely hyped at the time Miley Cyrus used EOS balm in one of her videos.

Two of the founders of the company in charge of making marketing decisions made all the right ones. They hired the right people, asked the right questions and put their marketing initiatives in the right place. Their ability to ask questions and listen to what the market wanted and would respond to was the key to their success. Rather than an assumption, they really listened, and keyed into those inferences to really make it work and become a lasting brand rather than a lip balm fad. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.


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