ClassDojo Helps Students to Raise their Voice and Opinions

Research indicates that there is a particular rise in the number of non-English speakers in the American education system. In fact, the number is set at 10 percent of the whole student population. It is also projected that in the near future, this number will hit 40 percent as more than ever, there are many immigrants settling in America. To salvage this situation, teachers, parents and student have turned to technology. That way, they will be able to remain in touch by all means.

Home School Applications

There are several home-to-school applications made for communication. These applications are aimed at making sure that language barrier issues are dressed on time. Well, ClassDojo is one such application. The platform was launched in 2011. It remains one of the leading tools that make it possible for non- English speakers to maintain open communication channels with parents and teachers. Besides, this application connects students, parents as well as teachers at the same time. Moreover, it helps students to develop special communication skills by supporting various community and development projects in the community. Alongside the ability to foster community building in different schools including ones found in different continents, ClassDojo is without a doubt one of the leading applications schools have had in a long time.

Essentially, ClassDojo is a viable communication app used to improve communication between teachers, students and their parents. Through this app, teachers can monitor student’s behavior by uploading different photos and videos. At the same time, the app has diversified into accommodating 35 languages. Technically, this means that ClassDojo can be used in about 160 countries. This is the equivalent of about 90% in America’s school districts.

The Overview on its Benefits

Well, ClassDojo is one viable application that can help teachers to encourage their students to not only work hard but also capitalize on their skills and talents. This could be working hard or just assisting each other in times of problems. Also critical to note is the fact that ClassDojo fosters peace among students. Moreover, the app gives students some sense of belonging by helping them to raise their voice.