The Creativity of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is the firm headed up by the creative and classical architectural designer, R. Mishaan. He has been referred to as a design “mix-master,” as he is able to creatively, boldly and successfully combine disparate design elements into settings that are as dynamic as they are beautiful.

Mishaan’s design office is set in New York, which is obviously one of the most dynamic cities in the world, making it a great setting for the designer. Originally from Colombia, Mishaan began his career in the offices of Philip Johnson. Mishaan’s wide knowledge of fashion, art and architecture give him a broad base to work from, and give his work a special resonance.

A Showplace in New York

Mishaan’s home in New York is a stunning showplace, filled with

some of the incredible pieces he has collected over his career, which now spans over two decades. The pieces in his home range from antiques from the 17th century to modern art sculptures. With his keen eye for design, Mishaan somehow makes them all flow together beautifully.

All of this happens by combining elements and adding in bold artistic statements, like paintings and sculptures from notable artists whose color and originally can heighten a space’s vibrant appeal.

Without a doubt, Mishaan is a designer whose ability to bring beauty and interest to any setting is without parallel. It’s no wonder he remains a top designer in New York, and will be so for years to come.