Aloha Construction Wins with the BBB Torch Award

Aloha Construction was honored with a big-time win, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Aloha Construction represents the array of standards that the illustrious award embodies. To qualify for such an achievement, companies must exemplify six important characteristics. These touch on specific commitments surrounding leadership improvements, consistency within company communications, unification of the organization, performance management practices, ethical human resources practices, and the community. The BBB’s independent team of judges place each contender through a screening process, focusing on the company that excels in all categories.

Aloha Construction won the award with flying colors. The industrious group was founded in 2008 by Chief Operating Officer Dave Farbaky. Their offices are located in Lake Zurich and Bloomington. The team specializes in roofing construction as well as siding and gutter repairs. The licensed, bonded, and insured team service the Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas. The company has a reputation for demonstrating unyielding support toward customers, employees, and the community over the past decade. Aloha Construction is committed to delivering their best to clients by offering a number of friendly and sensible services including a simplified finance payment program for roofing services. They deliver free annual inspections and give a 10-year Craftsmanship Warranty with their work. Mr. Farbaky treats his employees like family by rewarding top employees along with their loved ones with an all-expense paid Maui trip annually. In addition, the company leads by giving back to the community in hosting the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Month. Mr. Farbaky gifts the organization with tickets to a Thunder Hockey game. The organization was able to usher the kids to a great game of hockey.

The Aloha Construction company received the prestigious award at a luncheon ceremony on November 16th at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare Hotel. Ingenious leader, Dave Farbaky expressed his gratitude, stating it felt great to be recognized, although the company did not set out to be acknowledged. The humbled Mr. Farbaky relayed in so many words that the award was a method of showing their customers the company’s drive, passion, and dedication toward them.

The Systematic Talk Fusion

Live meetings have been enhanced through the improved model of the talk fusion. Communications that are conducted on the real- time basis are facilitated by the new application. The system that is famously known as the WebRTC is used by this new application to facilitate communication. The founder of the project announced to his customers that the new application involves broadcasting that is usually conducted online.



The application that was introduced by Bob Reina facilitated conferences that were effected through the video. Presentations that are important to a particular audience have been made convenient through the conferences. Individuals who participate in the conferences are usually around 500 members. The hosts are estimated by the live video to be fifteen for every session. The participants in the program link to their hosts through the tablets that are usually provided by the talk fusion.



The technology that has been employed in the system involves high skills and individuals can record the recordings without necessary downloading the content ( The browsers that are located in the system enable the individuals to acquire the content that has been provided by the system. Time is saved since the files are accessible on the website. The compatibility of participants and their hosts is improved since they can connect to each other easily.


Bob Reina who is the leader of the firm insists that the company has become more competitive in that no other company can surpass its achievements. Bob introduced the software that is used by the company and has been enhanced by the unparallel system that has been employed by the company. Individuals that have specialized in marketing and the individuals that normally use the computers have immensely benefited from Reina’s work the system. Communication among individuals has been improved by the browser that has been added to the system. The audio that is provided by the system is clear making the system efficiently.


Bob Reina initially attended his studies in Florida before becoming a policeman. The founder has versatile experience in the police profession having served number years in the field. Bob’s career commenced after getting a commission from the sales that he conducted. Reina also conducted marketing in the network department after quitting his career as a police.