How Does Omar Boraie Give Back To The State Of New Jersey?

Sam Boraie has spent a career giving back to the state of New Jersey in a multitude of ways. He has offered something to every city in the state that benefits the people of the area, and he develops new areas every day that make the state a finer place to live or raise a family. He has partnered with many cities to improve development, and he has asked cities to allow him to make something beautiful in old places. This article explains how Omar has made the state of New Jersey and given back to his hometown Rutgers University.

#1: Omar Gives $1.5 Million To Rutgers For Medical Development

The medical development of the city of New Brunswick has been happening for years as the university wishes to build a better medical research facility on its campus. They are spreading across the city to ensure they may serve as many people as possible, and they are opening departments that will study everything from traditional medicine to genomics. The Omar Boraie chair of genomics will be a position that brings in someone who is an expert in the field, and they will likely do amazing research that advances the study of the genomics of the human race.

#2: How Does Omar Help Change New Jersey?

Newswise has reported the major gift to Rutgers, and this is a part of what Omar does to make the state a better place. He has been in New Jersey for several decades, and he has built new structures around the state in that time. He knows there is quite a lot to be done in different parts of the state, and he focuses his work around New Brunswick, Atlantic City and Newark.

#3: How Is Rutgers Growing?

Omar has watched Rutgers grow over the years, and he knows the university must build itself up more. He said in a Bloomberg interview that he wants to see New Brunswick become a hub for medical services, and he knows the genomics department may save many lives every year by studying the building blocks of life. The Omar Boraie chair of genomics will be a coveted position that changes lives.

The Rutgers University department genomics is the lucky recipient of the kindness of the Boraie family. They have offered a gift that will help the university do its finest work, and they will continue to give where needed to make the university competitive on a global scale.


Brad Reifler Gives $3 Million To Veterans


Brad Reifler is someone who you may not have heard of, but need to know about. He is a serial investor, entrepreneur, and executive. He has founded many companies and is now in charge of Forefront Capital. As the CEO and founder of his own capital firm, he knows first hand how difficult the financial markets can be, not to mention unpredictable. So it is a welcome surprise that such a legendary leader in the world of finance is choosing to donate such a large sum rather than keep it himself.


He didn’t always start as the head of his own firm, however. He didn’t start his own business until 1982, after he graduated from college. He proceeded to build two businesses over 10 years before becoming a partner at Pali Capital. At Pali, indicates he was tasked with working the sales desk, bringing in new business, talking with clients, and analyzing international trade and investments. After a successful exit from that firm, Brad Reifler finally founded Forefront.


Now, Forefront is not just a firm, but also a way to give back to communities in need, Brad Reifler says. He is happy to partner with Seals Dixon, a center that aids veterans in the military with the kind of basic care that they need. Often times, they come back from service and are unable to provide for their families. That’s why wrote that they gave them $3 million, to cover medical, job, health, and other services for the vets and their families. It’s a shining example of how to give back. Brad Reifler loves that his firm is able to help the group while also providing additional upside for investors. And a rep from the center for veterans said they are pleased to be partners as well.


When it comes to charity and financial experts, the two don’t always mix. However, Brad Reifler is proving that doing the right thing is fun, and it can be profitable too. Hopefully, their efforts to help the veterans in need will act as a model that others in the industry will follow sooner, if not later on.

Read more about the deal on Brad’s website here.