Arthur Becker: Real Estate Investment Guru

Investor of real estate and bio tech, Arthur Becker, is becoming quickly known for his business acumen. As Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor for different organizations, Becker has experience and leadership in various organizations. Looking at the real estate that he chooses to invest in shows what he values as an investor that has given him part of his success.

A recent article on The Real Deal, discussed Becker’s investment opportunity in the SoHo district of New York. His acquisition involved three townhouses on Sullivan Street. One online article suggested that Becker invested over 15 million in the the 6500 square foot townhouses. Becker’s knowledge of real estate investing will appear to pay off with each townhouses worth over 20 million. His investment is an example of what Becker continues to do in New York in real estate. An article on NY Mag claimed that Becker has already invested over 500 million in real estate in New York through his enterprise, Atlantic Investors LLC. The SoHo district is a neighborhood that once boasts of rich art in the 1970s and 1980s, according to one article. Becker’s involvement in the Soho district shows how he is continuing to be a part of modernizing real estate.

The article also mentioned that Becker continues to invest in New York Real Estate with his investment in the JDS Development Group. This business is a real estate development and acquisition firm. Another acquisition made by Becker is in Union sq. West. In an article in the NYDailyNews, it tells of how Becker spent 30 million on a 3-bedroom, 3.5 bedroom apartment. With a view of Union Square, a 50-ft lap pool, and other luxurious commodities, Becker’s shows his acumen to finding the right real estate in New York.

With investments in the SoHo district and in Union Square, Becker demonstrates he has a talent for investing in real estate. His involvement in the JDS Group also provides insight into which areas of New York he is investing. Becker’s real estate investment addresses his willingness to succeed in a different area of investing.


The Traveling Vineyard: Where to Begin?

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