The threat of anti-Semitism by Adam Milstein

The level of anti-Semitism in the United States and Europe has been on the rise in the recent few years. The increase is blamed on the increased efforts by radical groups under the BDS Movement to push for the anti-Semitism agenda in these regions. There has been an increase in the number of radical left and radical right who supports the anti-Semitism agenda which is mainly an element of the radical Islamists. The BDS Movement is an outcome of these three groups sharing ideas on how to intimidate and stop the Jews from living peaceful lives. The three groups are threatening the Jews with elimination. The path they wish to follow is that of first alienating the State of Israel from the rest of the world.

In some regions, the BDS Movement has carried out their mission of weakening the state of Israel; they have been implementing boycotts of Israeli good and services. The activities of the movement are mainly being rolled out through the universities and political organizations. The young people are being taught to ignore anything that comes from Israel as a way of making the Jewish state to cower.

According to Adam Milstein, a Jewish community living in the United States, the activities of the BDS Movement should be stopped when it is still early. The achievements of this group would be detrimental not only to the Jewish State of Israel but many more countries especially in Europe and America. The main agenda of BDS Movement is promoted by radical Muslims who have an intention of making their religion and beliefs global. If they succeed in pushing the anti-Semitism campaign, they will start targeting the Americans and other democracies who do not follow the teaching of their religion.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American. He is the founder of an organization known as Adam Milstein Family Foundation. This is an organization that looks at the interests of the community and try to promote those which are likely to strengthen the community. The main aim of Adam Milstein is to help his community to stay as one people and fight the threat of anti-Semitism as one force.

Michael Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson As The Company’s New Chief Financial Officer

Michael Burwell is a listener.He feels that listening can teach you amazing things if you just take the time to hear people out.Whether one is having a business conversation or engaging in a verbal exchange concerning personal matters, Burwell says that everyone should hone his listening skills so that he can get the most out of his talks with others.

The Chief Financial Officer also says that you can’t please everyone.Sure, you can please some people some of the time or everyone some of the time, but you can’t please everyone all of the time.Mike says that it’s great to collaborate and to please everyone when you can, but sometimes collaboration can lead to some very poor decisions.You don’t want a project to be completely ruined simply because you decided to collaborate with others and to incorporate every idea.Not every idea is a good idea.

Burwell knows this firsthand.He has been the one who has had to tell the entire team “no.”When he was spearheading a project that would create a new technology, he decided in the middle of the project that everyone should stop working on it.This proved to be a very unpopular decision as everyone who was investing time and energy into the technology really believed in it.

However, Michael Burwell did a bit of digging, and his research showed him that it wouldn’t be a wise business move to continue on with the project.To this day, people still feel that Burwell made the wrong choice. However, his 31 years of experience in finance and professional services urged him to cut the company’s losses and to forget about the technology.Burwell still stands by the decision he made.Although Burwell is very knowledgeable in his line of work and is able to teach others a thing or two when it comes to finance, he is still very teachable.There is always more to learn, so the CFO believes in having mentors and also in reading books that will help you to reach your goals. Find Additional Information Here.

One book in particular that he recommends is Soft Selling In A Hard World, by author Jerry Vass.Burwell says that this book will help readers understand what it takes to be successful.Michael Burwell has a B.A. in business administration from Michigan State University and over 31 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant. He joined Willis Towers Watson after working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP for 3 decades.



Malcolm CasSelle Is Ready to Revolutionize Digital Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who holds degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology awarded him a bachelor’s degree while Stanford University awarded him a Masters degree. He is fluent in three languages and has been at the forefront of the blockchain technology revolution.

Blockchain technology allows industries that have been centralized since the beginning of their existence to become decentralized. Many widespread ramifications are associated with the development of a decentralized alternative. The decentralized alternatives will be able to eliminate the middleman that is necessary in order to facilitate trusted transactions. The very nature of the blockchain creates a Trustless system. This means that there is no need for individuals to trust one another. The very nature of the technology is immutable. This means that there is no way for an outside source to influence the transaction status. Malcolm Casselle has realized that he has the ability to revolutionize the industry of digital asset exchange by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the new technologies. This means that the new company which he has developed under the name of a worldwide asset exchange is poised to create quite a difference in the near future for the entire industry that is associated with the exchange of virtual assets.

He has a history of being associated with successful startup companies. After completing his formal education, he served in a number of key positions of influence in several digital technology companies. He began his career in earnest in 1995. By 1998 he was the senior vice president of a publicly traded telecommunication service provider in the country of Hong Kong. From 2006 until 2013 he was able to direct investment into late-stage web companies. He is also known as a venture capitalist he has experienced success by investing in several key digital companies during their very earliest stages of development. He was an early investor in both Zynga and Facebook. He has seen the evolution of the digital industry firsthand and is ready to take on the new changes that are offered by the blockchain system.

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Aloha Construction Wins with the BBB Torch Award

Aloha Construction was honored with a big-time win, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Aloha Construction represents the array of standards that the illustrious award embodies. To qualify for such an achievement, companies must exemplify six important characteristics. These touch on specific commitments surrounding leadership improvements, consistency within company communications, unification of the organization, performance management practices, ethical human resources practices, and the community. The BBB’s independent team of judges place each contender through a screening process, focusing on the company that excels in all categories.

Aloha Construction won the award with flying colors. The industrious group was founded in 2008 by Chief Operating Officer Dave Farbaky. Their offices are located in Lake Zurich and Bloomington. The team specializes in roofing construction as well as siding and gutter repairs. The licensed, bonded, and insured team service the Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas. The company has a reputation for demonstrating unyielding support toward customers, employees, and the community over the past decade. Aloha Construction is committed to delivering their best to clients by offering a number of friendly and sensible services including a simplified finance payment program for roofing services. They deliver free annual inspections and give a 10-year Craftsmanship Warranty with their work. Mr. Farbaky treats his employees like family by rewarding top employees along with their loved ones with an all-expense paid Maui trip annually. In addition, the company leads by giving back to the community in hosting the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Month. Mr. Farbaky gifts the organization with tickets to a Thunder Hockey game. The organization was able to usher the kids to a great game of hockey.

The Aloha Construction company received the prestigious award at a luncheon ceremony on November 16th at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare Hotel. Ingenious leader, Dave Farbaky expressed his gratitude, stating it felt great to be recognized, although the company did not set out to be acknowledged. The humbled Mr. Farbaky relayed in so many words that the award was a method of showing their customers the company’s drive, passion, and dedication toward them.

Adam Milstein Hopes To Bring Awareness Of Their Heritage Back To The Jewish People

Bringing joy to the Jewish community is possible thanks to foundations and organizations who focus on building the Hebrew language back and educating others on the values of the Judism religion. The lifestyle of the Jewish community is in threat of the breaking down of the State of Israel however small or large the threat is, there are people there who will make sure that the values carry on. People like Adam Milstein who spends the majority of their free time educating others on the background of the Jewish heritage.

Adam Milstein is working to bring the heritage of the past back to life in current generations. Through programs like SifriyatPijama, the educating of the younger generation through books that are mailed to more than 15,000 families that instill the Jewish values while teaching them the Hebrew language.

The one thing that can be agreed upon concerning the Jewish people is that the people of Israel are bold in their lifestyles and religion. Adam Milstein speaks about how the Israelis turned a very dry, sparse desert area into what considers to be thriving in the high tech world. The people of Israel are still able to take risks while being forced to with hold their many beliefs.

Adam Milstein wants to help the younger generation become more balanced in the Jewish lifestyle. Since the old day’s, many youngsters have strayed from the heritage of their people because of the lack of knowledge that has been passed down over time. The drop in attendance to the Synagogue and less enticing means to bring awareness to the community. Through programs offered through the IAC, more people are learning about their heritage and to pass their knowledge on to generations down the road.

Ignorance is choosing to not learn about the history of your ancestors and if you continue to not become educated, you risk losing yourself down the road. With Adam Milstein working to raise the presence of their ancestors, more people are being educating on the important things in their Jewish culture. There is more to knowing about your heritage than just learning a thing or two about important dates in history surrounding your religions background.

George Soros’ Incredible Acts of Philanthropy through the Open Society Foundations

It is always an enchanting phenomenon to see some of the most prolific and renowned entrepreneurial heavyweights giving back to the society through philanthropy. George Soros is certainly the most classic example of such people with an inexplicable inclination towards making the world a better place through a series of philanthropic acts. His heart-warming philanthropic acts have been facilitated by the humongous profits he garners from the exceptional entrepreneurial career that he has had. Born on 12th August, 1930, George Soros attended the London School of Economics before venturing into the finance and investments world. He worked in myriad companies such as Singer and Friedlander, F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Co. and Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. His proclivity towards supporting and empowering other members of the society was exhibited in 1970 when he founded the Soros Fund Management.

Quite significantly, George Soros scaled the heights of popularity when he launched the Open Society Foundation. This is a multinational entity that encompasses myriad entrepreneurial partners, foundations and projects, and has established bases in close to 100 countries. The foundation’s activities, according to the Open Society Foundation website, are a culmination of George Soros philosophy and school of thought that revolve around respect for individual rights and democratic governance. The Open Society Foundation also ventures to describe George Soros’ first philanthropic endeavour, which happened in 1979 when George Soros offered scholarships for black South African students during the apartheid regime. This was only a tip of the iceberg as George Soros incessant acts of philanthropy extended to other organizations across the globe such as the International Crisis Group, the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the European Council for Foreign Relations.

In 1984, George Soros established the first Open Society Foundation in Hungary as he envisioned exerting concerted efforts towards promoting the Hungarian democracy and fronting the respect of human rights and promotion of free expression. George Soros is known to have made humongous donations to the organization in order to keep it running and maintain its crème de la crème status. It is no coincidence that George Soros has gained a resounding popularity over the past decades as his philanthropic credentials speak for themselves. One of the most outstanding acts of philanthropy was explicated in an article published in The New York Times on 19th October, 2017 by David Gilles. This was an article that underscored how George Soros transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation.This donation by George Soros has made the Open Society Foundation to be one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in the history of the United States. This donation was directed toward facilitating the implementation of the foundations agenda that includes the promotion of democracy and the fronting of human rights protection. Some of the most salient activities carried out by the Open Society Foundation include funding for treatment of Ebola in 2014 and funding an Art and Culture in Roma.


George Soros is one of the most iconic and notable entrepreneurs. This can not only be attributed to his exceptional set of entrepreneurial skills and proficiency but also his incredible philanthropic acts.


Canadians pose that close attraction to beer when compared to other drinks. The most common understanding has been due to the beer becoming the highly preferred alcoholic drink in the country. Craft beer industry has recently shown great signs of revolution most notably from the year 1995 when rated against other drinks. The most known Canadian crafts beers are many, especially when compared to the companies that have ventured in the crafts beer marketing. Examples of crafts beers include Red Racer Pale Ale which poses more bitter taste due to extra hops, Saison station16 which are highly carbonated beers and blueberry cream Ale which has low bitterness and malt flavor required to let the fruit shine through. Craft breweries have been termed for the long term as a small enterprise but with time many companies have shown the ability to compete as reflected by the revenue amassed from the sale of products. These companies constitute Ontario crafts brewers which accrue an approximate sale of 400 hectoliters of craft beer per annum, pump house brewery as well as Quebec McAuslan brewery which accumulates approximately 20 million dollars per year from sale of craft beer among many other companies. The revolution witnessed in the craft beer industry has been attributed to the highly rated entrepreneur, Eli Gershkovitch (



Eli Gershkovitch helped the Canadian beer industry to garner a lot of respect in the 2017 awards, overpowering strong competitors such the United States of America, collecting nearly 24 awards in U.S. open beer competitions. Having arrived in Canada, Eli Gershkovitch started brew club in 1995, which marked the dominance it has since enjoyed, most importantly attributed to the efforts banked in the process of revolution. He initiated craft brewing and has remained as the chief advisory most importantly when it comes to the brewing industry.



Eli Gershkovitch owns Steamworks brew pub, which has widely established itself as the customer’s preferred destination due to the superb services. By the year 2013, the craft beer pub had expanded by 570 seats, qualifying the business among the accredited firms. The pub’s brews ranked as the best in more than 14 U.S. states as well as in the Canadian markets.



Being a lawyer, entrepreneur as well as a pilot, Eli Gershkovitch succeeded as a result of his inner ability to accept challenges which are ever arising ( His leadership in craft beer has greatly uplifted the name of Gastown which is located in Vancouver, getting recognition as the origin of craft beer. Eli Greshkovitch excellence is acceptable putting into consideration the immense sacrifice that the company makes in preparation of craft beer brands.

Glen Wakeman Talks about his Life

There are people in this world who are renowned for transforming everything they touch, and Glen Wakeman is such a person. He has managed to establish himself as a mentor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In the field of business, he is known for his performance methodologies, creating start-up companies as well as mergers and acquisitions. An example of an institution that Glen Wakeman has founded is the LauchPad Holdings LLC. His success in education may have been influenced by the education that he received as a young man. For his undergraduate degree, Glen Wakeman studied economics and finance. Soon after finishing school, he managed to work under different categories in GE Capital. Later, he established a firm of his own known as Nova Four. Over his illustrious career, Glen Wakeman has worked as a president, chief executive officer and even as a managing director. Perhaps the one thing that has made him very influential is the five steps performance methodology. This is a methodology that is known to focus on execution in business, leadership power as well as human capital and risk management. His success in business and entrepreneurship has enabled him to become a role model to upcoming investors (

As a strategist, Glen Wakeman is known for his involvement in divestitures, corporate management as well as emerging markets. Some of the companies that he has advised on various issues include Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He is not only good at developing these strategies, but he is also good at implementing them (Affiliate Dork). Asked about how he brings ideas to life, Glen Wakeman says that he has managed this by explaining what he thinks of other people. This way, he is able to conceptualize everything, and this leads to success. The one habit that makes Glen Wakeman productive is his curiosity. He terms curiosity as one of his greatest productive trait that has helped him develop problem-solving skills. He attributes this curiosity to his ability to solve the queries of his customers as well as think innovatively. The only thing that Glen Wakeman would change if given a chance to start all over is keeping a better record of his friends.

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Roberto Santiago and His Mall Unaffected By Crisis

Malls are an important parameter in the growth of a country and how the economy is going. With the Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is the leader that wants the best for the projects that he does. With the shopping center he manages, his leadership reaches its top potential by generating around 150 billion of revenues for the mall. There are various branches of the mall, and all of them are generating enough growth not to be affected by the crises. In the recent census from the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers in Abrasce, there is still also no sign that Robert Santiago’s malls are affected by the economic crises plaguing the country. There are more reasons to celebrate now that these malls have reached enough revenues to contribute to the mall industry’s 150 billion sales growth.

With the growth of the industry, it is now easy to see how many people are enjoying the job opportunities available in the country. More than 1 million inhabitants now enjoy the increased growth of Roberto Santiago’s malls as they were able to offer almost 54 thousand job openings for all the tenants of the malls.

About Roberto Santiago
Roberto Santiago wants the best for the mall industry. That is why he is known to provide to everyone the best modern shopping experience today, and that is why he offers the best features in all the malls that he manages. Developed in 2013, the malls Roberto Santiago manages have helped in creating more opportunities for Brazil’s economy.

Roberto Santiago is based in Joao Pessoa and offers a modern shopping experience in Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall that Roberto has built for everyone offers unlimited features for an enjoyable summer vacation. This achievement started when Roberto bought the land for the mall in 1987 and since then developed it to become a shopping mall comprising a movie theater, food court, and even a financial institution.

The leadership of Roberto was able to make sure that Manaira Shopping Malls continue to reinvent themselves to building an amusement center that fit the global standards. With Roberto’s help, many investors still trust the mall industry enough to put their money in them. Shopping center managers are also confident in saying that the crisis that the country is happening will not affect how their operations run across the many branches, and this is thanks to people like Roberto.

Roberto is also responsible for generating an inflow of visitor traffic of two million people in 2015 for the mall that he is operating.

With Tony Petrello at the Helm, Nabor Industries is On Its Way to Becoming the Biggest Company in the Drilling Industry

For some time now, Nabor Industries has been among the largest companies in the oil and gas drilling sector. The company offers a plethora of services related to drilling. The core of its business is land drilling contracting for wells all around the world. In North America alone, the company also offers onshore and offshore well and drilling rig servicing. Based in Bermuda, the company has employed more than 30 thousand personnel including Tony Petrello, the current President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of company.

In a bid to fortify its position in the drilling Industries, Nabor Industries has recently acquired oilfield services company, Tesco Corporation. The coming together of the two companies will see Tesco shareholders receive about 1o% of Nabor Industries’ total stock. Based in Houston, Tesco and its 200 employees will be a great addition to Nabor’s business portfolio. Synergies arising from the deal are estimated to hit $20 million in the first year alone and are expected to hit upwards of $30 million once the optimum run rate reached. However, should the deal fail to go through by February 2018, Tesco is liable to pay Nabor $8 million.

More on Tony Petrello

This deal by Nabor is just one of the many strategic moves taken by Tony Petrello in the last decade and a half. Tony Petrello is arguably the most conversant individual with Nabor Industries’ culture and objectives, having joined the organization more than 25 years ago. He was so impressive in his first role at the company, Chief Operations Officer, that he was named CEO in 2011. About a year later, he was also promoted to chair company’s board.

Tony Petrello has positioned Nabor Industries to reap big under the ongoing shale gas fracking boom in various parts of the world. The company has currently leased hundreds of drilling rigs to wells spread in approximately 25 countries. Additionally, in a bid to maximize shareholder returns, Tony Petrello recently announced plans to restructure the compensation structure for Nabor’s corporate executives that will see him especially take a substantial pay cut.

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