The Tenderfeels of Academy of Art University

The Academy of Arts University, located in San Francisco, California, Offers classes that not only apply to the fine arts, but also with today’s innovative field of technology. Some of these classes include video game design and other forms of technological art.

A team of students from The Academy of Art decided to use augmented reality as a way to communicate a problem to the Chief Innovation Officer of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation.

The augmented reality project was a Smartphone application called Tenderfeels. The idea behind tenderfeels was to make the district called Tenderloin in San Francisco a safer community.

Augmented reality uses technological graphics, sounds, and touch feedback which is added to the external world through the application. Augmented reality is not to be mistaken with virtual reality, which is actually a completely ‘virtual’ or unreal environment that the user interacts with.

Tenderloin was described as an ‘unsafe’ and ‘disgusting’ place where the crime rate is outstandingly high and much of its residents are of youth.

Tenderfeels objective is to harvest real-time data from the residents of Tenderloin in order to reflect their moods according to their surroundings.

Other users of Tenderfeels can see the feedback made by the resident of Tenderloin. The feedback left can be marked in a specific as well as the emotion that was perceived by the resident. This data helps other people understand what is actually happening through the resident’s perceptable reality.

The overall goal of the Tenderfeels application is to improve the health, the mood, and the condition of Tenderloin by harvesting data from the residents.

Tenderfeels is just one example of some of the amazing attributes that can be accomplished by a group of students at The Academy of Arts.

The Academy of Arts was founded in 1929 by a painter and magazine editor named Richard S. Stephens.

The Academy of Arts helps its students learn through current industry professionals and also facilitates a cutting-edge curriculum.

Since the founding of The Academy of Arts in 1929, there have been many artists and innovators alike that have been employeed by huge companies such as Pixar, Apple, Electronic Arts (EA), and many more. T

The Academy of Arts helps its students integrate their innovation skills with their talent by studying at The Academy of Arts.

The Academy of Arts is truly a great opportunity for innovators and artists alike.

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