Former UN Chief Kalim Idris Warns Challenges to International Sovereignty are Paving the Way to Nuclear War

Veteran diplomat, seasoned author, and Professor of International Law Kamil Idris is no newcomer to the world of dysfunctional geopolitics, but his new book, JASTA and a Third World War, paints an unexpected and ethereal view of the circumstances that could potentiate a nuclear conflict. Far from the threats of cyberwar or clashes over natural resources,Kamil  Idris points to JASTA, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, as the single stressor that could turn international t

ensions into a world war.


Born in Sudan and well-versed in international issues, Professor Kamil Idris writes with the understanding and authority that his work as the former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization and current President of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation have earned him.


His latest book sheds light on fears that JASTA, passed by the United States Congress in a 2016 presidential veto override, challenges the principle of international immunity by allowing American citizens to sue countries with documented links to terrorism. Idris calls the Act a “devastating threat,” adding that “by directly challenging the sovereignty of a country, it could lead to reciprocal lawsuits aimed at the US itself, and a restructuring of alliances and nationalist backlashes, as countries regroup to defend themselves.


As an international emissary, Professor Idris has had the ear of world leaders, many of whom believe JASTA violates international law. Feedback he has received suggests the Act is eroding international relationships and may be setting the stage for nuclear conflict.


In his book, Kamil Idris makes an eloquent case for the need to protect democracy and avoid the growth of defensive nationalism by not forcing countries into postures of self-defense with lawsuits, saying that “There are chilling parallels between the current political mood and the build up to the First World War,” when nations turned to authoritarian leaders who promised to protect national identity.


JASTA and a Third World War is not a typical exploration of the causes of geopolitical conflict. Rather, it suggests that the devolving respect between nations and challenges to their sovereignty could be an irreversible path to the last world war.

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Dr. Kamil Idris: The Power of Intellectual Property in a Global World

In a recent publication by the Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Dr. Kamil Idris explains the importance of intellectual property in improving the economy of countries. Dr. Kamil emphasizes on intellectual property being treated as intangible assets.

“Intellectual property is native in all people regardless of their culture, ethnicity, age and society they come from. It is a great force that is useful in enriching the lives of people in different nations,” Dr. Kamil said in a recent interview.

Kamil believes that such intangible assets should be treated like other physical assets such as land, labor or capital. In addition, he states that these intangible assets are rapidly replacing traditional and tangible assets.

In fact, he backs up his in the recent interview by explaining how intellectual property was important in renaissance northern Italy. Intellectual property back then was used to create wealth for the nation.

“Intellectual property should be valued as it was back then in all nations. In fact, intellectual property has been the backbone of so many economically growing and grown countries.”

Dr. Kamil believes that a lot has to be done to shape how people view intellectual property. He states that it should be used as a tool for development for the economy.

Solving the Problem

A good example that Dr. Kamil brings to light is that of children and how flexible they are at solving problems. However, he states that every child is faced with a deeper challenge of keeping natural creativity flowing as they grew up, and that is because of how the education system has been built up.

Nonetheless, WIPO, the organization he directs, aims to gear certain activities in the lives of children in order to never stop them from using their creative minds. Due to the activities done by WIPO and Dr. Kamil, several countries are onboard with his idea.

For example, Iceland has recently had to come up with interesting activities geared to reach the minds of young kinds and that is through innovation competitions. On the other hand, Jamaica had to come up with a short break during the year where they have time with children to participate in IP activities.

How Dr. Kamil is Changing Nations

Dr. Kamil is a man who has strong beliefs in embracing intellectual property on a global scale, and this is something that has its roots back in Sudan where he severed as diplomat.

His educational background at the University of Khartoum where he graduated with a degree in Faculty of Law allowed him to appreciate intellectual property rights.

Giving Voice to Humanity-Thor Halvoseen

Thor Halvoseen is well known human rights advocate. The human rights advocacy has been running in his family and they trust to fight for humanity is not anything to discuss instead it is a mandate. Thor Halvoseen was born and raised Caracas, and he comes from a swashbucklers and head of states background. His paternal grandfather Oystein was the Norwegian king consul in Venezuela during the Second World War. Thor Halvoseen was a very powerful man, and when the Germans invaded his home, he redirected all the Norway’s Merchant fleet to Venezuelan ports. Oystein power was also evident in the way he handled arguments; he once fought a couple Nazis when he was stopped by to object.

His royalty origin also came from his mother who descended from the first president of Venezuela Cristobal Mendoza and Simon the Liberator, a military leader who assisted the American Latin in getting independence from Spain. Thor love for people led him to fight for humanity and their rights. Thor’s first cousin was also among the human rights and freedom fighter. Currently, the cousin Leopoldo Lopez is in a Venezuelan prison for going against the Chavista Regime. Thor’s family was not afraid to stand and also die for what they believed in, his father was not ashamed to expose the government corruption as he worked as a Venezuelan drug Czar, he was toured and died in a Caracas prison. On the other hand, his mother was shot in a demonstration dubbed Anti-Hugo Chavez and Thor’s lacrosse camp.

The 40 years old human rights advocate Thor Halvoseen loves people a passion that led to the establishment of Human Rights Foundation in 2005. Thor is also a film producer and his movies and Foundation mainly focuses on public policy, public interest, individual rights, human rights advocacy as well as civil liberties.

Thor Halvoseen did not only found Human Rights Foundation, but he is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum a foundation described as the human rights festival. His passion for humanity has given him the opportunity to hold several positions in some organizations including Czech-base Children’s Peace Movement and On Own Feet where he is the patron. Thor is also the founder of Moving Pictures Institute. His voice for advocacy has also made him be recognized by the University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin for protecting the speech of the students. In 2010 the Romanian leader Emil Constantinescu presented Thor with a Presidential silver medal as they celebrated Romanian Revolution of 1989 tenth Anniversary and original source.

Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Activist and Film Producer

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a Venezuelan human rights activist born in 1976. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in political science and history and received the Sol Feinstone Award for his efforts in protecting student speech. He is the chief executive officer of a US liberties organization known as Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). In 2009, Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum which enabled human rights advocates from around the globe to have annual gatherings.

Thor is a well-known human rights advocate, and he has contributed massively to areas such as civil liberties and advocacy for the interest of the public. He is also recognized as the patron of The Children’s Peace Movement, On Own Feet since 2009. The organization is based in the Czech Republic and deals with the facilitation of the relationship between children and adolescents in Canada, Slovakia, Norway, the Czech Republic and Norway with the kids in politically unstable countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. His opinions on human rights have been published in major papers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on television outlets such as al-Jazeera and BBC News, CNN, and HBO.

He produced the film Freedom’s Fury with Andrew Vajna, Lucy Liu, and Quentin Tarantino. The film is about the popular uprising against the oppressive regime that took place in Hungary in 1996. Mr. Halvorssen was one of the executive producers of the movie Hammer & Tickle. The film explains the importance of humor, satire, and ridicule as a way of helping people express themselves during the oppressive Soviet Union regime. The film premiered in 2006, and the cast involves characters such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. He is also the producer of the documentary Indoctrinate U which is about the intolerant culture of American Campuses.

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