Insurance Giant Taken To Court By Bruce Levenson

The insurance giant, AIG, will be forced to defend itself in a Fulton County Court after the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, Bruce Levenson, filed papers with a Fulton County Court. AIG will face claims of breach of contract and insurance bad faith when the case comes to court after Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium revealed details of an insurance claim they believe should have been paid soon after the termination of the contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry.

The issues that have led to court papers being filed by attorney’s from Barnes & Thornburg, who are representing Bruce Levenson and his partners with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC relate to a constructive dismissal claim made by Levenson’s group; Levenson’s legal team have stated the comments made by Danny Ferry in the weeks prior to the sale of the Hawks to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler triggered the constructive dismissal clauses in the workplace insurance policy. The financial settlement made with Ferry over the remainder of his $18 million six year contract forms part of the claim being made by Bruce Levenson along with a 50 percent penalty on any compensation awarded through the court.

Bruce Levenson has been involved in the communications industry after forming a single oil industry newsletter in the mid 1970s in a spare room with his business partner Ed Peskowitz. Levenson has moved with the latest technology to keep his United Communications Group at the top of the industry for ever since it was formed; using the latest technology has seen UCG move from newsletters to real time analytical information being provided for many industries. Levenson has also used the technology developed for UCG to create many different companies, including TechTarget and the oil industry consumer app GasBuddy.


Workplace Insurance Claim By Bruce Levensons Group Heads To Court

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks led by Maryland based business leader Bruce Levenson has made the decision to head to the Superior Court of Fulton County as they seek a financial settlement over an insurance claim lodged with insurance company AIG. Bruce Levenson acted as the leader of the Atlanta Hawks ownership group from 2005 through to the sale of the team in June 2015, and continues to lead the group as they seek to draw the curtain on a claim made about the mutual termination of the contract of Danny Ferry. The former General Manager of the Hawks signed a six year $18 million contract in 2012 that was terminated two days before the Forbes reported deal to sell the Hawks in 2015 was agreed with Tony Ressler.

Levenson’s lawyers have filed papers stating AIG agreed to the insurance policy being triggered after negotiations between them and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group began in April 2015, but have since failed to respond to inquiries about the claim. The papers filed on behalf of Bruce Levenson’s consortium state a breach of contract on behalf of AIG in refusing to payout on the insurance claim that would end the known links with the Hawks for the Levenson group.

Bruce Levenson is a well known figure in the business sector after leading the United Communications Group ( to success from humble beginnings in the 1970s. The former journalist is now well known as a business leader and philanthropist who has recently been looking to protect others from the issues of racism and bigotry around the world; following the sale of the Hawks franchise in June 2015 Bruce and his wife Karen Levenson worked with the Kennedy Center for the Arts to raise funds for the Anti-Defamation League through a charitable ball.


George Soros, Champion Of Equal Rights, Has Made Powerful And Evil Enemies

It’s no secret that the Democratic National Committee had its servers hacked by an outside intruder recently. Many of the emails are pretty damning, including email showing that the DNC itself worked against presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary race on Those emails have led to an avalanche of resignations across the committee.

But what Fox News would like you to know is that there are other emails concerning hedge fund billionaire George Soros included in the WikiLeaks dump. The George Soros emails we show that the man was financing groups within Israel and Palestine to investigate claims of human rights violations committed by the Israeli forces. The George Soros WikiLeaks dump also exposes his position against racist policies enforced by Israeli forces.

Fox News is even recently run a three hour special slamming George Soros, calling him the most powerful man on earth and “capable of bringing down governments”. But the vitriolic against Soros does not stop there. Pro Israel Republicans have jumped on the email league as proof that Soros is trying to undermine the Israeli government. On the other side of the spectrum, anti-Semitic right-wing pundits are accusing Soros of trying to cause a mass exodus of Jewish people from Israel to other countries in Europe. And all of this hatred towards Soros exposes just how many enemies the man has made.

It is widely speculated that Russia is behind the DNC email hack exposing the George Soros WikiLeaks dump. It is also a poorly kept secret that another billionaire named Rupert Murdoch runs Fox News and directs its editorial content. This paints a stark picture of the enemies of Soros — the unilateral dictator of Russia, the hateful owner of Fox News, far right winged Pro Israel pundits, and Neo-Nazis. If that is the group of people trying to take you down, then you are probably doing something right. And George Soros is definitely doing something right.

As we’ve already discussed, the George Soros emails reveal the thoughts of a man who is concerned with people on both sides of a conflict. This may stem from the fact that Soros himself was a refugee from 1944 Budapest under Nazi occupation. As a 14-year-old Jewish boy, Soros learned to survive and saw the horrors of war first-hand. The fact that he is concerned for innocent lives on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict makes total sense in light of his personal history. It also makes this entire George Soros conspiracy ludicrous.

And the attacks on Soros are even sillier when you take into account the fact that he does not keep many secrets. He is the founder of Open Society Foundation, a group dedicated to government transparency. You do not have to dig very deep to see his ties to the Democratic Party in donations and the funding of different liberal groups that fight for equal rights. The real George Soros conspiracy is the fact that the powerful men on the right that are currently attacking are doing so because they are diametrically opposed to equal rights and transparency.

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