Bruno Fagali Is An Expert Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a well-known lawyer in the Brazilian legal industry that has specialized in various kinds of law, including administrative law. Over the years, Bruno has worked in many forms of law, including public, administrative, and litigations.

Bruno is fluent in several different languages for his legal affairs, including English, Italian, and French. Bruno joined the University of Sao Paulo in 2015 to complete his master’s degree in law, during which he spent a good deal of time interning to improve his knowledge even further. Bruno Fagali is highly dedicated to the law industry, regularly spending his free time researching the legal field and publishing his own articles on the subject for others to read and deliberate on.

Bruno runs a successful law firm in Brazil known as the Fagali Advocacy that is staffed with many experienced law veterans. Bruno started up his law firm back in 2016, after earning his master’s degree in law. By this time, Bruno felt he had the necessary experience in order to manage his own company. The various interns he has done over the years taught him a good deal on how the legal businesses run as well. Bruno’s law firm specializes in public law, compliance, and anti-corruption. That being said, Fagali Advocacy will handle almost any clients case if it is something worth pursuing.

Anyone looking to contact Bruno or his firm can quickly find the information they need through his website for Fagali Advocacy. Bruno’s site even has a training program that was implemented for employees following the project with the Transparency Control Council and it is still there today for people to learn from if they contact the firm. The Fagali Advocacy standing strong and the guidelines in place at various firms around Brazil, corruption will be much less of an issue with each passing year.

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