Beneful, the Company that Humanizes Dog Food

Different people around the globe need someone or rather something to count on. This is because at times people become lonely, therefore; pets especially dogs are loved by many. Be it for company or security purposes; these dogs need to be fed to remain healthy and robust. Beneful has tremendously contributed towards that.

Benefulcommercial is a type of dog food items that are manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare. These products include; wet and dry dog food. Since 2001, this product has taken the market by a storm due to its nutritional value just as the meaning of the word Beneful, which means ‘full of goodness.’

With television ads, posters, and even radio, one can notice how the company is passionate of their agenda. Making revenues of up to $300 million is commendable and of course, as a result of their beautiful products. For the dog lovers ad keepers, Beneful is the way to go. Beneful on Walmart.

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