Jacob Gottlieb ready for comeback

 Jacob Gottlieb is known by many for his role as an investor in the healthcare sector. He was the CIO of Visium Asset Management which collapsed in 2015 although he was ever implicated in any wrongdoing in the fiasco that caused the collapse.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant parents. His parents were professionals. His father was a professor of economics, and his mother worked as a physician. Both of them were doing well in their respective industries. Gottlieb developed interests in both careers that his parents were in. He intended to know more about economics and medicine. When he finished high school and joined the university, his choices came out; clearly, he took a degree in economics at Brown University and another in medicine at the New York University Medical School.

After his degree, he practiced for a little while in the medical industry but later developed interests to be in the financial sector. He dropped out of the professional and went to the Wall Street to establish a career as an investment manager. With his skills in the medical industry, he went directly to the field of healthcare. He worked with various companies in the industry at the time. He shifted from one to another as the opportunities he was getting kept on getting better.

In 1999, he was working for Merlin, a healthcare investment firm which dealt with public companies, which was created one year prior. At the same time, there was a boom in the technology sector, and companies which dealt with biotechnology were doing very well. Jacob Gottlieb who was working as a portfolio manager at Merlin helped the company to make a 100 percent return in one year. Gottlieb was hired into this company by Stuart Weisbrod, the co-founder of Merlin.

Jacob Gottlieb is now ready to work with Stuart Weisbrod again. There are sisgns that they will be working again after they rented the same floor space. Gottlieb is coming from a backdrop of a case that led to the collapse of his firm- Visium Asset Management– and now he is ready to go back into the industry and try something that will get him back in business.

Tim Duncan And Talos Energy — Risk Takers And Betters On Gulf Of Mexico Oil Revenues

Forty-five year old Tim Duncan is a risk taker at heart. Son of an oil-company man, Duncan spent his growing up years in Egypt, Florida and Texas. Some of his colleagues, however, would say he has the flare and panache of a New Yorker. Jerry Schreller, a managing Director at Citi, who has worked with Tim Duncan for years, states: “For Tim, crises are an opportunity.”

Today Duncan serves as the CEO of Talos Energy, and has proven that this risk-taking spirit can pay off. Recently Mr. Duncan and his ventures with Talos Energy were covered in an article in Forbes magazine (see: “Deepwater Wildcatter: Meet Talos Energy, The New Gulf of Mexico Pure Play” — by: Christopher Helman, Forbes, May 31, 2018 https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2018/05/10/deepwater-wildcatter-meet-talos-energy-the-new-gulf-of-mexico-pure-play/#2da8244352ff ).

The article outlines a number of high risk, yet ultimately profitable, bets that Talos Energy (“Talos”) has made in the off-shore drilling market. Under Mr. Duncan’s leadership, Talos Energy resisted the temptation, exercised by many other oil companies, to make a land grab for easier sources of petroleum resources and revenue. On the mainland in the southern United States lies the Permian Basin. Here new technology, such as hydraulic fracturing, has been applied to old resevoirs to produce new yields, profitably and at lower risk than off-shore drilling. This land race became most pronounced after the Obama administration implemented an off-shore drilling moratorium following the British Petroleum (BP) catastrophe.

In a contrarian move, Duncan founded Talos in 2012. In 2013 Talos acquired the Phoenix field in Gulf of Mexico. His bet was on the Gulf being the biggest oil province in the nation, next to the Permian Basin. Duncan and Talos Energy made some savvy investments, as offshore oil companies like Fieldwood Energy and Energy XXI limped toward bankruptcy. Talos was able to pick up assets for pennies compared to their peak market values.

Winding forward to the present day, Talos has been able to reap the benefits of their seemingly risky investments. President Trump has authorized more off-shore oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, and the future looks bright for Talos Energy.

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Jim Toner: Success Is Based on How You Approach It

The real estate market may have crashed with the recession, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t something to avoid investing in. While many people did lose everything, Jim Toner doesn’t think it was necessarily the market itself that was the problem. Instead, he believes that the crash happened due to a series of bad decisions that many people made. Whether it was purchasing more than they could afford or choosing loans with bad rates, people made some bad decisions.

While investors may have made mistakes, real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner suggests that we all learn from them. it’s okay to fail, many of the best investors in and out of real estate have. What’s important is that you pick yourself up and keep pursuing your goals. Jim Toner has had his own failures in real estate. Some of the biggest mistakes he made were when he was still learning the industry and people took advantage of his ignorance.

It’s important to be honest with yourself when it comes to investments. In order to get back on track, Jim Toner had to make an accurate and honest assessment of everything that he had including health, relationships, and finance. While he still tried to push to reach his goals while experiencing health problems, Jim Toner kept running into problems and was never able to do it until he worked on himself first.

According to Send In The Wolves, people tend to be their own worst enemy when it comes to success. They don’t see the opportunities that lie ahead and instead only focus on the possible obstacles. Entrepreneur Jim Toner admits that sometimes found himself doubting his capabilities and realized that he needed to change his attitude. It’s important to get over the fear that you may have and seize the important opportunities that may cross your path. There is absolutely no reward without taking some degree of risk to get it.

If you work for somebody else, you don’t actually have any real control over what your financial outcome will be. That is why Jim Toner chose to work for himself instead of another person. When you rely on yourself for your financial future, only you can determine if you fail or succeed.

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Matt Badiali’s Twitter Page Has The Latest In Cannabis Futures

Matt Badiali’s recent twitter posts have a common theme, and that theme is marijuana. There have been some major developments in cannabis market that has caused many experts to take a close look. First off Canada is set to be the first G7 nation fully legalize marijuana. Secondly, a new trend stateside is causing cannabis futures to look very good. Both combined together show that marijuana in general is a good resourece to invest some money in. Matt Badiali insists on investing wisely though, because many companies trying to grab a slice of success are not going to make it.

Matt Badilai’s twitter page @MattBadialiGuru is always filled with investment advice. Mostly these come in the form of the articles Badiali posts. In a recent article, penned by Matt Badiali himself for Banyan Hill Publishing he addressed cannabis-infused drinks. The new innovation marries alcoholic beverages with marijuana. According to many drinking cannabis is better than smoking it. The company behind Coors and Heineken, Constellation Brand, is planning on taking full advantage of this trend. The company has been facing low yearly growth and the beverages could bring about double digits. Although only a handful of states allow recreational marijuana, Canada’s full legalization creates the market needed. Constellation’s investment in Tilray Inc., a stateside medical marijuana supplier caused its numbers to surge. It will not be the only company experiencing growth either, as Canada’s recreational cannabis will need more than just Canadian suppliers. The time time to invest is ripe.

Matt Badiali is a geologist with a Ph.D. in earth sciences. He treks the planet to personally examine natural resource operations. He uses his expertise to vet their mining, drilling, and pumping processes to make actionable projections on market futures. He shares his inside knowledge with average investors to aid them in garnering huge returns. Matt Badiali is a master in the natural resource market and constantly brings investment opportunities to light. His intimate knowledge of the market and its little known perks level the playing field for investors with basic knowledge. He is most known for his freedom checks initiative.

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Ryan Seacrest’s World of Entertainment and Charity

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned radio and TV personality. He was born in Atlanta in 1974 and began his career hosting kids’ shows, such as Gladiators 2000 in 1994, Fox Family Channel’s Wild Animal Games, and Click in 1997. He did well in these shows, which led him to his gig at a Los Angeles Radio FM station, 98.7 FM. Ryan has a popular show on the radio station dubbed ‘’ Ryan Seacrest for the ride home.’’ He became famous after joining the American Idol as a host in 2002 and a star search, which was a show aimed at hosting contestants as they audition songs before going to showcase their talent on stage to determine the real American Idol. Seacrest received Emmy Award nominations for his role in American Idol. In 2010 he won the award for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Radio show host Ryan Seacrest has also worked with Christopher Bailey from Burberry to create his clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He started by designing well-fitting suits for red carpet events and American Idols Contestants. The clothing line, which was launched in 2014, formed an exclusive partnership with Macy’s to sell the brand. Distinction consists of sportswear, evening wear, corporate suits, and men’s accessories, such as cuff links, pocket squares, and belts. In 2017, Ryan Seacrest joined Kelly Ripa on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ as her permanent co-host on the ABC show. He succeeded Michael Strahan in the ABC show and commenced on the same day the announcement was made. By December 2017, the show had garnered an average of over three million viewers.

Ryan Seacrest has a foundation for children’s healthcare. So far, he has nine centers across different states in Atlanta, L.A, Orange County, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Dallas, Boston, and Colorado. Ryan named Selena Gomez as the ambassador of the foundation in 2012. In 2017, they partnered with the Atlanta Braves to promote the foundation at Sun Trust Park. Seacrest did some voice work for the Atlanta Braves media broadcast campaign known as Welcome Home. Ryan Seacrest serves as an honorary co-chair of the Grammy Museum foundation and serves on the board of trustees of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Sussex HealthCare, UK based care, and support home

Established in the year 1985, Sussex HealthCare is an independent company that focuses on providing care and support for not only older people but also the young adults. Sussex HealthCare has expanded its care services to more than 20 homes located in the southeastern region of UK.

It is managed by two professionals; Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, who have dedicated their full potential in positively impacting the company’s operations. The company has managed to employ professionals who offer intensive care services associated with hydrotherapy, reflexology, and aromatherapy.

Sussex has been highly beneficial to many residents since it extensively examines adequate activities that are beneficial to its members. The increase in demand for more healthcare personnel and the shortage of nurses gives Sussex an upper hand in providing their care services. The firm offers individuals the opportunity to utilize their full potential in their various fields of expertise and enable them to add value to the society.

They ensure that this is met by intensively training staff and giving them the platform to exercise their professionalism. Their staff members are indeed caregivers who provide that their members live their desired lives by offering efficient care.

The staff includes professional chefs who prepare standard meals for individuals with diet problems. The facility rolls out beneficial programs to its members that ensure that they are actively engaged in the society. This includes a state of the art gym, daycare facilities and full care in their residential houses. They ensure that individuals are provided with physical, spiritual, social and even emotional support. Sussex HealthCare has a core belief that even the elderly should be given an opportunity to participate in community services actively.

The company, therefore, has experts who provide intensive care to people who have dementia and offer informal care to the elderly. The firm has also expanded its care to people with neurological issues such as brain injury and spinal cord injuries. This care is offered by expert therapists and physiotherapists employed by Sussex.

Sussex HealthCare group also has various facilities which include numerous residential areas for the elderly, Sussex Healthcare’s Audiology and the Treehouse Educare. These facilities act as relaxing homes and educational centers for multiple individuals based either on their age groups or even their medical conditions. The firme is, therefore, a specialized organization with administration and staff working at their best to ensure that their members live a proactive life.

Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Wes Edens Acquires Soccer Team

Wes Edens co founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Today, he is the current chairman of the firm and has occupied this position for the last several years. Since he co founded the firm nearly 20 years ago, Wes Edens has been able to make the firm one that has set a number of important trends in the field of finance. As recent as the year 2007, Fortress Investment Groups was listed on the New York Stock Exchange after making an initial public offering. It became the largest private equity firm to do this. As of now, the firm is among the most diversified investment management firms in the world. It currently manages assets totaling over $43 billion along with overseeing a clientele that exceeds 1,700. Today, the firm manages a wide range of assets which include private equity firm and hedge funds.

Fortress Investment Group is located in New York City and has office locations in many countries throughout the world as well. It has over 900 employees that work in managing and overseeing various asset classes. There three individuals who currently own and oversee the firm as part of  management committee. These individuals are Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. Nardone and Edens are based in New York City while Briger works at the firm’s office in San Francisco.

Recently, Wes Edens looked to acquire a major professional soccer team based in England. He collaborated with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawaris to purchase a stake in the English team known as Aston Villa. The two of them will acquire a majority stake of ownership in the team at 55%. In terms of amount invested, Edens and Sawariss will put in $39 million American dollars to buy this stake. The team was bought in 2016 by a Chinese businessman named Tony Xia. While relinquishing a majority stake in the team, Xia will still serve as the co chairman as well as on the team’s board of directors.

After acquiring the English soccer team, Wes Edens will add this team as one of the major sports teams he owns. As of today, he is also the co owner of the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. Edens will join a list of billionaires who have purchased professional sports teams in Europe. The Glazer Family, the owners of the Boston Red Sox and also Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich are among the most recent foreigners to purchase major professional sports teams.

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Bruno Fagali Is An Expert Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a well-known lawyer in the Brazilian legal industry that has specialized in various kinds of law, including administrative law. Over the years, Bruno has worked in many forms of law, including public, administrative, and litigations.

Bruno is fluent in several different languages for his legal affairs, including English, Italian, and French. Bruno joined the University of Sao Paulo in 2015 to complete his master’s degree in law, during which he spent a good deal of time interning to improve his knowledge even further. Bruno Fagali is highly dedicated to the law industry, regularly spending his free time researching the legal field and publishing his own articles on the subject for others to read and deliberate on.

Bruno runs a successful law firm in Brazil known as the Fagali Advocacy that is staffed with many experienced law veterans. Bruno started up his law firm back in 2016, after earning his master’s degree in law. By this time, Bruno felt he had the necessary experience in order to manage his own company. The various interns he has done over the years taught him a good deal on how the legal businesses run as well. Bruno’s law firm specializes in public law, compliance, and anti-corruption. That being said, Fagali Advocacy will handle almost any clients case if it is something worth pursuing.

Anyone looking to contact Bruno or his firm can quickly find the information they need through his website for Fagali Advocacy. Bruno’s site even has a training program that was implemented for employees following the project with the Transparency Control Council and it is still there today for people to learn from if they contact the firm. The Fagali Advocacy standing strong and the guidelines in place at various firms around Brazil, corruption will be much less of an issue with each passing year.

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Steve Richie Apologizes for and Denounces Racially Insensitive Comments

Steve Ritchie in the capacity of the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s sent out a letter of apology to all of Papa John’s customers in which he overtly apologizes for a couple of instances of racially insensitive comments made by the founder of Papa John’s. This person used a racial slur during a conference call and blamed declining sales at Papa John’s to NFL players for protesting during the national anthem (who are predominantly black) and on the NFL’s lack of ability to curb its players from protesting. In the apologetic letter, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns empathized with those who were emotionally affected in a negative way when they happened to learned of these racially insensitive comments; distances himself and the company from this person and condemned those instances of racially insensitive comments, writing those sentiments are not shared by Papa John’s nor its 120,000 employees, who are good, decent, and hardworking community members; and such behavior will certainly not be tolerated at the company.

According to courier-journal.com, besides apologizing to Papa John’s customer, Steve Ritchie writes that he intends to personally assume the duty of repairing Papa John’s tarnished image. These efforts Steve Ritchie intends to take includes hiring outside auditors to inquire into Papa John’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness so as to ensure that these aspects within the company are up to standards; sending out members of the senior management team to get feedback from employees and franchises as to how best to move forward from these unfortunate occurrences; and ensuring that there would be transparency throughout the entire process. Steve Ritchie also ask Papa John’s customers to hold him accountable for these efforts to undo the tarnish to the Papa John’s brand. Finally, Steve Ritchie concludes the letter of apology by thanking Papa John’s customers for being so loyal to the company all these years.

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Milan Kordestani – Passion and Work Ethic Equal Success

Founding a company, being a published author, and becoming a world-class equestrian are accomplishments people usually achieve over a lifetime. Milan Kordestani accomplished all of those things before graduating high school. Currently attending Colorado College, Milan’s latest ventures include co-founding a record label, developing a mobile application for college students, and writing a book for young entrepreneurs.

Kordestani started Milan Farms in early 2015 with the vision of creating a system to raise poultry that would be organic and humane as well as growing pure saffron organically. Currently, Milan Farms produces saffron, free range/organic eggs, and mint. Milan Farms’ goal is to provide honesty to the consumer. They provide transparency in the raising of their animals and use only organic methods for growing their plants. Milan Farms operates on the model of offering pure and honest options without any secrets as to how it was raised. Milan Farms also believes in innovation. They are developing both hydroponic and aquaponic systems for growing saffron.

When he was ten years old, Kordestani was riding a horse that threw him. While many children that age would have developed a fear of horses after something like that, it inspired Milan. In both 2015 and 2016, he won blue ribbons and awards in some of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world. Betts Coup of The National Horseman wrote of Kordestani, “…has natural form, a dedication to working hard and a need to ride challenging, world-class horses, as well as a drive to win blue ribbons… and in a short time, he has achieved major goals in the sport.”

When he has an idea, Milan doesn’t wait or let it fade; he starts on it. Milan believes that passion and work ethic make him successful and passion drives his work ethic. Success happens when he does what is needed to bring his ideas to life.