A Force to be Reckoned with: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Being a plastic surgeon is a field in which many do not pursue; especially women. Dr. Jennifer Walden not only pursued this career, she graduated second in her class at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and went on to better the lives of many people. She is only one of about a dozen female plastic surgeons in the entire state of Texas, which is an amazing accomplishment alone. Some things she excels in are breast implants, facial procedures, hair restoration. and body procedures. Dr. Walden is a big name in the business, helping a large number of people feel better about themselves, and appearing on many talk shows.

Her work is fantastic, with very little failure and complications, and she always takes the time to do her procedures properly. A big focus of hers is being a mom to her children, and giving back to the community. She is constantly making time to volunteer and give back to her community, especially those her have not been as fortunate as she has. She is also big on promoting breast care awareness, encouraging everyone to get checked, and believes that her work can help people gain self esteem. Her team is wonderful with customer service, even providing hotel and flight ;ists for all budgets to out of state customers, helping to relieve the stress of making this decision. Overall, her work has proven that,even if you are a minority in your field, you can still be one of the best.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

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