Desiree Perez Keeps Things Afloat at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is someone that is truly taking the entertainment industry by surprise. She has become a major player when it comes to sports entertainment and music because she is embedded into Roc Nation Sports and the Roc Nation entertainment division that Jay-Z has created for artist development.

Desiree Perez has become this leader that is giving a lot of people something to see when it comes to negotiating contracts. This is what she has become well-known for in the entertainment industry. She helped Rihanna ink a great contract with Samsung, and she has continued to help other artists gain sizable contracts as well.

Desiree Perez has become a powerful person that takes a lot of pride in negotiating her contracts. She knows how to help her artists and the athletes that are under Roc Nation get the best deals. Jay-Z knew that her skills in this department would come in handy, and that is why she has continued to stay inside of the circle of influence that Jay-Z has. He does not hang around a lot of people and ask for advice. He has a small group that he consults with when it comes to making decisions on business ventures and investing in artists.

Desiree Perez is part of this circle of influence that Jay-Z consults. He knows that she is able to help him build a great roster, and it is even more interesting to see that she is someone that knows how to create better deals.

Perez has made it possible for more people to look at what Jay-Z has accomplished with Roc Nation. He started this company to discover talent, but it is Desiree Perez that has been with him all the way to help this company continue to thrive as Jay-Z pursues other business ventures.

Adam Milstein Hopes To Bring Awareness Of Their Heritage Back To The Jewish People

Bringing joy to the Jewish community is possible thanks to foundations and organizations who focus on building the Hebrew language back and educating others on the values of the Judism religion. The lifestyle of the Jewish community is in threat of the breaking down of the State of Israel however small or large the threat is, there are people there who will make sure that the values carry on. People like Adam Milstein who spends the majority of their free time educating others on the background of the Jewish heritage.

Adam Milstein is working to bring the heritage of the past back to life in current generations. Through programs like SifriyatPijama, the educating of the younger generation through books that are mailed to more than 15,000 families that instill the Jewish values while teaching them the Hebrew language.

The one thing that can be agreed upon concerning the Jewish people is that the people of Israel are bold in their lifestyles and religion. Adam Milstein speaks about how the Israelis turned a very dry, sparse desert area into what considers to be thriving in the high tech world. The people of Israel are still able to take risks while being forced to with hold their many beliefs.

Adam Milstein wants to help the younger generation become more balanced in the Jewish lifestyle. Since the old day’s, many youngsters have strayed from the heritage of their people because of the lack of knowledge that has been passed down over time. The drop in attendance to the Synagogue and less enticing means to bring awareness to the community. Through programs offered through the IAC, more people are learning about their heritage and to pass their knowledge on to generations down the road.

Ignorance is choosing to not learn about the history of your ancestors and if you continue to not become educated, you risk losing yourself down the road. With Adam Milstein working to raise the presence of their ancestors, more people are being educating on the important things in their Jewish culture. There is more to knowing about your heritage than just learning a thing or two about important dates in history surrounding your religions background.