George Soros’ Incredible Acts of Philanthropy through the Open Society Foundations

It is always an enchanting phenomenon to see some of the most prolific and renowned entrepreneurial heavyweights giving back to the society through philanthropy. George Soros is certainly the most classic example of such people with an inexplicable inclination towards making the world a better place through a series of philanthropic acts. His heart-warming philanthropic acts have been facilitated by the humongous profits he garners from the exceptional entrepreneurial career that he has had. Born on 12th August, 1930, George Soros attended the London School of Economics before venturing into the finance and investments world. He worked in myriad companies such as Singer and Friedlander, F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Co. and Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. His proclivity towards supporting and empowering other members of the society was exhibited in 1970 when he founded the Soros Fund Management.

Quite significantly, George Soros scaled the heights of popularity when he launched the Open Society Foundation. This is a multinational entity that encompasses myriad entrepreneurial partners, foundations and projects, and has established bases in close to 100 countries. The foundation’s activities, according to the Open Society Foundation website, are a culmination of George Soros philosophy and school of thought that revolve around respect for individual rights and democratic governance. The Open Society Foundation also ventures to describe George Soros’ first philanthropic endeavour, which happened in 1979 when George Soros offered scholarships for black South African students during the apartheid regime. This was only a tip of the iceberg as George Soros incessant acts of philanthropy extended to other organizations across the globe such as the International Crisis Group, the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the European Council for Foreign Relations.

In 1984, George Soros established the first Open Society Foundation in Hungary as he envisioned exerting concerted efforts towards promoting the Hungarian democracy and fronting the respect of human rights and promotion of free expression. George Soros is known to have made humongous donations to the organization in order to keep it running and maintain its crème de la crème status. It is no coincidence that George Soros has gained a resounding popularity over the past decades as his philanthropic credentials speak for themselves. One of the most outstanding acts of philanthropy was explicated in an article published in The New York Times on 19th October, 2017 by David Gilles. This was an article that underscored how George Soros transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation.This donation by George Soros has made the Open Society Foundation to be one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in the history of the United States. This donation was directed toward facilitating the implementation of the foundations agenda that includes the promotion of democracy and the fronting of human rights protection. Some of the most salient activities carried out by the Open Society Foundation include funding for treatment of Ebola in 2014 and funding an Art and Culture in Roma.


George Soros is one of the most iconic and notable entrepreneurs. This can not only be attributed to his exceptional set of entrepreneurial skills and proficiency but also his incredible philanthropic acts.

The Systematic Talk Fusion

Live meetings have been enhanced through the improved model of the talk fusion. Communications that are conducted on the real- time basis are facilitated by the new application. The system that is famously known as the WebRTC is used by this new application to facilitate communication. The founder of the project announced to his customers that the new application involves broadcasting that is usually conducted online.



The application that was introduced by Bob Reina facilitated conferences that were effected through the video. Presentations that are important to a particular audience have been made convenient through the conferences. Individuals who participate in the conferences are usually around 500 members. The hosts are estimated by the live video to be fifteen for every session. The participants in the program link to their hosts through the tablets that are usually provided by the talk fusion.



The technology that has been employed in the system involves high skills and individuals can record the recordings without necessary downloading the content ( The browsers that are located in the system enable the individuals to acquire the content that has been provided by the system. Time is saved since the files are accessible on the website. The compatibility of participants and their hosts is improved since they can connect to each other easily.


Bob Reina who is the leader of the firm insists that the company has become more competitive in that no other company can surpass its achievements. Bob introduced the software that is used by the company and has been enhanced by the unparallel system that has been employed by the company. Individuals that have specialized in marketing and the individuals that normally use the computers have immensely benefited from Reina’s work the system. Communication among individuals has been improved by the browser that has been added to the system. The audio that is provided by the system is clear making the system efficiently.


Bob Reina initially attended his studies in Florida before becoming a policeman. The founder has versatile experience in the police profession having served number years in the field. Bob’s career commenced after getting a commission from the sales that he conducted. Reina also conducted marketing in the network department after quitting his career as a police.


The Role and Acquirements of the Rocketship Education concerning personalized learning

Rocketship rose to fame for being a countrywide collection of the elementary public charter institutions of learning which provides their services to the communities that earn low together with the imposition of stringent rules and regulations alongside the joining of the exemplary schools. Worth noting is the fact that the network in question is unique for not having the profit-making characteristic.

The Foundation’s setting up occurred in 2006 with the principal objective being doing away with the open gap regarding the achievements associated with the acquirement by the learners receiving unfairness in their service across the nation. Ten years are now down from the time the first Rocketship Institution opened. There exists a church located in San Jose in California which served as the venue.

The headship of a critical instructional structure is under the influence of none other than a teacher with technology being a closely linked supporter. It is through the program that the process of learning is personalized to facilitate the appropriate matching between the students and the associated content.

Additionally, the Foundation enhances the catalysis in line with the eradication of the barrier that needs to be broken for an extended period. The facilitation of this is done through giving service amicably not only with parents and districts but also the areas. It is inclusive of societal organizations in addition to other such learning centers.

Even though the Foundation is already well-set within the community, the educational initiative of Rocketship currently undergoes a smooth progress. They have expressed a lot of consistency in their search for the appropriate measures of advancing the quality of the services that they extend to the society as well as the learners.

There exists a couple of lessons that the personalized learning recommends its learning from home. Their decision in line with becoming pioneers regarding customized education already has several different associated headlines. The truth is that demand has a lot of significance associated with the transformation of the system. It is also worth honoring parents’ power. The teachers are the professionals that facilitate the establishment of learning centers that are culturally responsive rather than integrating the students.

Securus Technologies’ impact regarding crime prevention

The objective that Securus Technologies has entails the transformation and provision of other facilities aimed at the development and improvement of the public safety. It is worth acknowledging the fact that it is the leader regarding the offer of technological advancements and solutions in different aspects of justice. They include not only criminal but also civil justice. This is meant to enhance the promotion of investigations as well as security to the entire public. From its time of establishment in the year 1986, it has improved tremendously. As of now, it has created employment opportunities exceeding a thousand.


Additionally, it is a holder of several contracts within the United States. This is inclusive of 2,600 correctional facilities. It is remarkable that its services benefit more than 2,200 people throughout the United States and Canada. In July 2016, the company ventured an excess of $600 million regarding patents, acquisitions, and technologies.


The prison administrative personnel received several customer comments. By solving and preventing crimes, they facilitate safety. Richard Smith is not only the chairman but also company’s chief executive officer. He outlines that the development of the new products happened on a weekly basis with the objective being the prevention and provision of a solution to crimes, enhancing the protection of the inmates, their relatives together with improving the execution of the laws.


It is notable that the rest of the information from the comments assisted Securus Technologies significantly in exposing the corrupt members of staff. This was done through the utilization of phone calls’ information, monitoring and getting any other necessary information from the inmates.


With the improvement regarding investigations and security, the facility has gained a lot of motivation regarding the acquirement their vision. The impact is, therefore, an aggressive set of mind in undertaking their duties assigned. The public safety has gained a lot of enhancement through the transformation of the prison surrounding.


Beneful, the Company that Humanizes Dog Food

Different people around the globe need someone or rather something to count on. This is because at times people become lonely, therefore; pets especially dogs are loved by many. Be it for company or security purposes; these dogs need to be fed to remain healthy and robust. Beneful has tremendously contributed towards that.

Benefulcommercial is a type of dog food items that are manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare. These products include; wet and dry dog food. Since 2001, this product has taken the market by a storm due to its nutritional value just as the meaning of the word Beneful, which means ‘full of goodness.’

With television ads, posters, and even radio, one can notice how the company is passionate of their agenda. Making revenues of up to $300 million is commendable and of course, as a result of their beautiful products. For the dog lovers ad keepers, Beneful is the way to go. Beneful on Walmart.

The Creativity of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is the firm headed up by the creative and classical architectural designer, R. Mishaan. He has been referred to as a design “mix-master,” as he is able to creatively, boldly and successfully combine disparate design elements into settings that are as dynamic as they are beautiful.

Mishaan’s design office is set in New York, which is obviously one of the most dynamic cities in the world, making it a great setting for the designer. Originally from Colombia, Mishaan began his career in the offices of Philip Johnson. Mishaan’s wide knowledge of fashion, art and architecture give him a broad base to work from, and give his work a special resonance.

A Showplace in New York

Mishaan’s home in New York is a stunning showplace, filled with

some of the incredible pieces he has collected over his career, which now spans over two decades. The pieces in his home range from antiques from the 17th century to modern art sculptures. With his keen eye for design, Mishaan somehow makes them all flow together beautifully.

All of this happens by combining elements and adding in bold artistic statements, like paintings and sculptures from notable artists whose color and originally can heighten a space’s vibrant appeal.

Without a doubt, Mishaan is a designer whose ability to bring beauty and interest to any setting is without parallel. It’s no wonder he remains a top designer in New York, and will be so for years to come.


Samuel Strauch And His Real Estate Career

Samuel Strauch is a graduate of the Erasmus, Hofstra and also the Harvard University. He has a lot of experience and expertise in the banking industry which he joined at an early age. Samuel went to work at his family’s real estate business after graduating which led him to establish his own company known as Metrik Real Estate situated in Florida. The company has exhibited great growth and success and is among the top real estate companies in Florida.

Metrik Real Estate specializes in equity sourcing, management, and development of different properties as well as acquisitions. Apart from being the CEO of his company, Samuel Strauch is an avid photographer.

On a recent interview about his company and life in general, Samuel Strauch stated that when he established his business, the business economy of Miami was flourishing. The area was the ideal place for a solid real estate company. He added that he was convinced that he would achieve success in the real estate field due to his international relationships with people in Latin America. To make Metrik Real Estate a success, Samuel always keeps updated with the current technological advancements and he says that this has been his strategy ever since he established the company. Samuel says that his team is searching for new investment possibilities and comes up with innovative projects that match the needs and wants of the younger generation.

Asked about personal habits that make him productive, Samuel stated that he does a lot of meditation and this gives his mind an opportunity to relax and have a stronger focus on his personal and professional endeavors. Samuel Strauch says that Metrik is committed to giving back to the community and that it raises funds for charitable organizations and also plans activities which are aimed at making its neighborhoods better.

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Lori Senecal, CP+B’s Success Facilitator

Lori Senecal is currently the global CEO of CP+B. She has held this position since 2015. Her main roles as the CEO include management of the coordination of CP+B’s ten international offices, overseeing the company’s growth and expansion as well as ensuring the firm’s continued development.

Before joining CP+B, Lori was employed by KBS as the global chairperson and CEO. Under her stewardship at KBS, she raised the employee population from 250 to 900 individuals worldwide. Because of this, it was named one of the best working places in NYC by Crain’s. Furthermore, it was included in the AdAges’ list of agencies that stand out.

Lori Senecal also worked at McCann Erickson in the position of president of the flagship in New York. Before that, she was the chief innovation officer for another organization called McCann World group. Her tremendous contribution in her various workplaces has earned her various awards in the corporate world. Some of these awards include the AWNY Game Changers Awards as well as a Quantum Leap award for innovation and leadership. Lori was also named among the women to watch by AdAges ‘in 2014.

Under her able leadership, CP+B has transformed into an n inventive, collaborative and aggressive modern global firm which champions the local market, as a result, improving the culture of the agency. All this has fueled the growth of CP+B leading to its recognition by Advertising Age among the innovators of creativity. The company has also obtained other notable awards including Titanium Grand Prix; highest award given for ideas which improve business performance, American Airlines and PayPal and Hershey accounts.

Lori attributes her success to teamwork. She states that she holds meetings occasionally with her leadership team to come up with new initiatives which will improve the firm’s performance. She also states that her leadership style is inclusive. Clients’ views concerning the companies are taken into consideration. These, among other things, play an important role in helping her strategize, come up with new innovative ways and build solutions for current problems facing the company. Generating ideas and developing them into concepts makes it possible to realize a brand and ensure the company stays at the top. You can follow her on Twitter

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