Kyle Bass Tenders No Faith China’s Direction

At the Milken Global Institute Conference, Kyle Bass confirmed his current lack of faith in China. Likening his opinion to “common sense”, Bass stipulated that Chinese markets were slowly but steadily headed toward an inevitable collapse. He has in the past argued for this eventuality by pointing out China’s current system bears many similarities to America’s market before the 2008 financial collapse. He predicts that being tied up in the market will prove ultimately bad for investors this year, as when the collapse comes, it will result in substantial losses for investors on either side of the fence.

Is Bass correct? Is he speaking altruistically? Or does he have some ulterior motive? It’s hard to tell, because the man is such a smooth one. Examining the evidence, it becomes clear there are definitely variables which tend not to add up. For example, Kyle Bass is from Argentina and has very close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of that country. De Kirchner is so bad with money she’s defaulted the country twice in only thirteen years. Someone needs to tell her that it isn’t advisable to spend a nation’s capital as though it were a credit to her personal bank! But Bass, an economist, completely supports de Kirchner in almost everything she does. That kind of behavior doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering that her political practices are gutting her and Bass’ home country.

It gets even stranger when one learns about CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD is responsible for decimating the prices big-ticket pharmaceuticals can legally sell their drugs for, thus destroying said companies’ stock value and allowing Bass to short-sell like a maniac, getting away with millions like some bandit from a heist film.

So why do people listen to, and trust, Kyle Bass? Well, he predicted sub-prime lending would result in the 2008 economic collapse, and so bet against sub-prime lending. He was right, and sees the same thing in China.

Smartphone Sales In Venezuela Up

Economists like Danilo Diaz Granados are well aware of the crisis that is currently affecting the Venezuelan economy. Numerous industries are strongly affected and watched their profits dwindle over the years. The fact is that the smart-phone market has also been hit by slumping sales. However, those in the industry predict a sharp rise over the next few years. By the year 2020 it is estimated that at least 50 percent of the market will be LTE smart-phones.
Higher Speeds & Technology
People in the industry are predicting major changes in the smart-phone market in Venezuela. They see a rapid improvement in sales that are directly due to the vast improvements in technology. Venezuelans now have access to higher speeds and the latest technological improvements. However according to, 2G is the norm for smart-phones in the country. The prediction is that 3G and 4G will take over the smart-phone market in the country by the year 2020.